Anime Discovery II (MARVEL MAY EDITION): Avengers Confidental: BLACK WIDOW & PUNISHER – #109




And unfortunately, it’s not the last Marvel Anime series (yet) but it is another animated movie, much as Rise of Technovore but the main attraction is actually two other Marvel characters; one that has been getting a lot of recognition recently since her appearance in Iron Man 2, The Avengers, Captain America 2 & also her own movie coming down in the works at Marvel Studios and the other character…….well, he got 2 movies, (well, actually 3 movies but I don’t think nobody cared for the Dolph Lundgren version) the 2004 one that was decent and the other one, the reboot of the character was a violent good time (it just didn’t do that well) but a following for that latter movie.

Frank Castle is The Punisher, a veritable force of nature when it comes to vigilantism.

Natasha Romanoff is Black Widow, a sexy former Russian spy who now works for S.H.I.E.L.D., a supranational law enforcement agency directed by Nick Fury.

The efforts of her and Fury to track an organization peddling advanced weaponry based on proprietary S.H.I.E.L.D. technology back to its source inevitably come into conflict with Punisher’s methods when he opts to just kill off the ground-pounders responsible for bringing the weapons onto “his” streets. Despite the fact that he and S.H.I.E.L.D. have dramatic ideological conflicts about how to deal with the world’s evil, Frank eventually finds himself teamed up with Natasha on an infiltration of a secret base run by Leviathan, a major worldwide terrorist organization. What they discover there dramatically escalates the threat level, though, as well as bringing an old flame of Natasha’s back into the picture.

And…….this might as well be a repeat of what I said about Rise of Technovore but yet, the storyline in here is basically on-par with that movie and yet while it’s still mediocre, it’s slightly better than Technovore but not by that much. The plot of this is mostly so-so with the whole terrorist organization Leviathan planning to sell S.H.I.E.L.D. technology to whoever is the highest bidder. Generic plot is what I got to say for this but hey, it’s there and I just gotten used to it but researching most of these characters while watching the movie, why does Black Widow and Elihas Starr (known as Egghead to most Marvel Comics fans) have this tragic romance angle in the movie? Pardon me since I don’t follow much of the comics but the whole ‘my love is not good enough for you and so I plan to betray SHIELD and joined the other side to get you to love me EGGHEAD STYLE’ is rather hokey and superfluous with the typical anime tropes that are very noticeable and distracting.




Character-wise, I can say for the Punisher that he wasn’t just a glorified cameo like he was in Technovore but I felt like he didn’t have much to do in here aside from being the straight-forward badass that he is and also not that complex to deal with and before I go into Black Widow, I just going to say that I know going in this, I’m not going to expect the Scarlett Johannson Black Widow in here since I know that’s what people were going to expect but she is mostly the archetype of cold-hearted tough girl with the aforementioned bad romance added in there. Oh yeah, you see IRON MAN!!!! Well, actually, it’s Tony Stark not in his armor but that’s fine. HULK!!!!! HAWKEYE!!!! THOR!!!! And teen genius Amadeus Cho, who really wants that kiss from Black Widow. So yeah, it’s all “meh” from here.

Animation…..yeah, yeah, yeah, Madhouse did this once again and you know their style of animation and art and it’s 50/50. Character designs are the same as the other Marvel Anime projects so I’m basically telling you nothing new here and the same can be said for the musical score, which is already heavy hard rock scores that get either too redundant and the worn-out orchestral scores we always hear in these Marvel Anime shows.

The English dub does have a lot of talent behind the characters but the execution as a whole was mostly stiff in some areas. Mainly being Jennifer Carpenter (best known for playing Debra Morgan in TV’s Dexter) as Black Widow and Brian Bloom as Punisher, although it’s more Carpenter than Bloom. John Eric Bentley is rather alright as Nick Fury the second time around and other established voices such as Grant George, Kyle Hebert, Eric Bauza, Kari Wahlgren and Matthew Mercer give it their all with the scripts they got handed.

FINAL VERDICT: Yeah, what did you expect for me to say about this? It’s average…..very average for a Marvel Anime movie and I perfectly much just told you that you might as well give this a rent or something if you got a Redbox or Netflix around somewhere.


And Black Widow and Punisher got their confidentiality check with an




AVENGERS CONFIDENTAL: BLACK WIDOW AND PUNISHER is available on DVD & Blu-ray via Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. Streaming options are pretty nilch unless if it comes on Netflix soon enough.


And until then, this is MAK2.0 aka The Blue Hybrid, bringing all the Marvel goodness in one format.



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