ANIME DISCOVERY: Time of the Season Winter 2014 Anime Wrap-Up

Well, the winter anime season came and went and surprisingly, I’m impressed with most of the shows that I carefully chose to give first impressions and watch, although I did dropped a few or either put them on hiatus and I did watched one show that I didn’t review firsthand mainly because I’ve heard some mixed things about it and decide to watch it later on. As I said before, I have only watched up to a medium of 10 shows plus some Fall 2013 shows that were still airing at the time (mainly 4 shows).


And with that settled, let’s get into what was the GOOD, the OKAY, the MEH, the BAD and the DROPPED.



Nobunaga The Fool & Buddy Complex

Now while I may dropped these shows, I didn’t dropped them just because they were awful (with the exception of Super Sonico) but with Nobunaga & Buddy Complex, I really can’t get into those shows as much. With Nobunaga The Fool, I really couldn’t care less or grasp that much into the plot or characters and the same can be said for Buddy Complex, which is far less interesting as it’s just another mecha anime that Sunrise came up with. It felt like a slightly inferior version of Valvrave The Liberator and that show wasn’t any good in the first place.



Super Sonico: The Animation

Now, I did dropped Super Sonico after 3 episodes because it is a rather boring show mostly just to pander to the moe girl-loving otaku crowd and for the dudes to wank off to. I get with slice-of-life shows that it’s living the ordinary life but there might be something extraordinary with the characters and the settings but none of that is present in this anime.



Nisekoi, Pupa

Nisekoi is still running as it got 20 episodes and people said that it either reminds them of Love Hina, people get nostalgia on the brain when it comes to this, and people know it’s very cliché but it doesn’t mean that it’s funny because it’s really not. Some of the time, it has some whimsical moments but the cringe worthy moments outweighs it and flat-out dull. The main guy Ichijo is an idiot, Kirisaki is the typical absent-minded tsundere bitch character that think we supposed to like or sympathize with her but really don’t, Onodera is more of a likable female character that might be the other girl or not…..I don’t know. Point is, the show is bad but not much for me to dropped it. For Pupa, I say the length of each episode both strengths and weakens the series overall. It strengths as you can easily marathon 4 or 5 of these out of boredom but the weak point is that 4-5 minutes an episode can’t carry an overall story but the story itself isn’t that much grand and it just feels like another incest anime but with horror elements in it and that last episode doesn’t help much either.



Hozuki’s Coolheadness (Hozuki no Reitetsu), Sakura Trick, World Conquest: Zvezda Plot, Nagi No Asukara & Log Horizon

So with Hozuki, it is a mixed bag for me as some of the comedy I liked but I really didn’t care to put it as first priority watch but I say that the show knows its audience very well and for those people, I think they’ll enjoy this show. For me, its fine but I couldn’t care less about going back to it. Sakura Trick….is one of the shows that I didn’t review firsthand but decide to check it out and yes, it is a yuri show and for most of it, it’s rather fine. There isn’t that much blatant fan service as some of you probably predict although there is a swimsuit episode and the relationship between the two girls is very much PG-13. It’s nothing too raunchy or risqué but I wouldn’t say its fun for the whole family. As for World Conquest, it is basically a competent version of Squid Girl but with more action and the cuteness that most people will love. I like it for the most part although I felt as the animation could have been wackier than expected. Hell, this seems like SHAFT should have worked on this instead of Nisekoi. Nagi no Asukara & Log Horizon, 2 holdovers from Fall 2013, is on the higher scale on this part, being actually pretty good with Nagi being a well-animated coming of life drama series with great animation and good cast of characters and story, although it was slow throughout the middle and Log Horizon being an RPG videogame anime series that does treat its surroundings like a videogame and doesn’t make it too overly dramatic nor too slow (although it didn’t really kept my attention that much) or too ill-advised in the story and characters department. It’s actually something I wouldn’t mind seeing again but that time, I would see it again dubbed and… case you didn’t hear, a second season is coming soon, so more Log Horizon for all you loved it.




Nobunagun, Noragami, Wizard Barristers, Samurai Flamenco

OK, I’m glad I stuck with this Nobunaga anime than the other one because it’s mainly because I find the main more of an interesting character than the one in the other show. There is a good amount of action happening there. Plus, I really did like the humor of the show more than what went on in The Fool and it also helps that the show has a kick-ass opening theme. Noragami has a pleasant surprise from Bones (although their other effort this year was better in my eyes) as I didn’t expect it to be this good. Albeit, it felt like it should’ve been more than 12 episodes but then again it ended on an okay note and didn’t drag out too long and falter. The ideas of it are well-thought and the characters got me into the show as well. Wizard Barristers is a better upgrade from last year’s Gailiei Donna as Umetsu and Studio ARMS have delivered a competent and fun anime, despite some animation mishaps. It did felt like the Phoenix Wright anime that most people wanted and it has a few of Umetsu’s signature style that I grown to like and it worked from time to time. And as for Samurai Flamenco, the first 11 episodes I really thought it would be a top anime for me and while it isn’t, the show is still pretty fun albeit it got so much twists coming out of its ass, I’m surprised it isn’t sore and some twists did felt out of the blue and others really hit close to home and the last few twists in the later episodes can be a bit depressing but still, Flamenco is still a very enjoyable show.


And now, the top 2 shows that are THE GOODS and are the top anime of the WINTER SEASON and they are:






That’s right. Trigger and Bones has made two great anime series to come in the Fall 2013 / Winter 2014 season and yes, they are nonsensical most of the time and they are the ones that doesn’t take itself too seriously, but guess what? That’s what I loved about them because these two anime allowed me to have a good time with the show, with the main characters being typical but awesome (Space Dandy, Ryuko Matoi) and the side characters being lovable and funny as they are (QT, Mako). It didn’t always need to have animation to just look good as Space Dandy did have that but are very consistent with it and most of what people called animation flaws in Kill La Kill, that’s what makes them good. I don’t see many anime doing that as these two shows did and actually be funny and engaging. Once again, this is worth the hype and I’m glad I watched these shows. (And also, I’m glad that Space Dandy is indeed coming back in July and also doing the Simuldub with Toonami as I thought the dub was all good.)


KILL LA KILL & Space Dandy, you have earned my HALL OF FAME and THE HYBRID SEAL OF APPROVAL!!



1. (tie) Kill La Kill / Space Dandy – both an 9.5/10
2. Samurai Flamenco – 8.5/10
3. Noragami – 8/10
4. Wizard Barristers – 8/10
5. Nobunagun – 7.5/10
6. Log Horizon – 7.5/10
7. Nagi no Asukara – 7/10
8. World Conquest: Zvezda Plot – 6.5/10
9. Sakura Trick – 6/10
10. Hoozuki No Reitetsu – 6/10
11. Pupa – 5/10
12. Nisekoi – 4/10
13. Super Sonico The Animation – DNF (3/10) Dropped
14. Buddy Complex – DNF (Hiatus / Might Drop)
15. Nobunaga The Fool – DNF (Hiatus)


And that is all the time I got. Hopefully Spring 2014 anime can be just as good…..or it can suck.


I hope it doesn’t

And until then, I’m MAK2.0 aka The Blue Hybrid, bringing all the elements in one format.



FUNIMATION: Space Dandy, Noragami, Nobunagun, Buddy Complex

SENTAI FILMWORKS: Super Sonico: The Animation, Nobunaga The Fool, Hozuki’s Coolheadedness, Sakura Trick, Log Horizon, Wizard Barristers

ANIPLEX OF AMERICA: Nisekoi, World Conquest: Zvezda Plot, Samurai Flamenco, Kill La Kill.

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