Stories Beyond the HYBRID: A-M-O-R-E

(Story idea by Berko / written by The Blue Hybrid)

One early morning out on the road while driving, there’s a mother talking to her daughter about the new boarding school she’s attending and how she’s not taking this transition easy. The daughter stares at the road with a depressed look. “Allison……..Allison……ALLISON!!!” her mother shouted. “Huh?” She said. “Allison, I’ve noticed all week you’ve been dreading going to this new school……” her mother tries to emphasize with her. “Well, I guess you can read me correctly, don’t you, Mom?” Allison said with a little snark. “OK, yeah, I’m dreading this day.” “Sweetie, I’m sure you’re gonna be fine. These things take time and before you know it, it won’t be much of a problem anymore.” As her mom tries to turn the situation into a positive light and Allison was still somewhat puzzled, there were another car behind them with its headlights off for some reason. “Mom, I don’t know about this. I’m not even sure about—LOOKOUT!!!!” She screamed as the car was rear-ended by the car behind them and then the car flipped over about 4 times before it landed near a ditch. The paramedics arrive at the wreckage in a matter of time, got the two of them into intensive care ASAP.


After a few hours, Allison wakes up in a hospital bed, noticing her bruised and badly injured body with some bloody wounds treated. Then a nurse comes in the room, saying to her, “Hello, sweetie, you doing okay?”   Allison said, “Not really…..I think I’m still hurting from that accident. Um, is my mom doing okay?”

However, when Allison asked her that, the nurse had a depressing look on her face as she already know what happens to her mother. “Now….” She went to look at the girl’s name on file. “….Allison, I hate to be the bearer of bad news but…” A pause of unpleasant silence comes, leaving Allison to guess what happen. “What? WHAT?!? What happened to my MOM? She’s still there, isn’t she? NURSE!!!”

The nurse still said nothing as the look on her expression was more evident that the mom is clearly dead. “She died on the way here. We tried everything to keep her alive but unfortunately, luck wasn’t on our side.” Soon, Allison started to have tears coming down her face as she heard that and she then began to cry into her pillow, screaming “NO!!” and sobbing out loud that the whole hospital hears her. “I can’t believe it….” She sadly said, “She’s really gone…….she’s dead and it’s all MY FAULT!!” Then continues to sob.

The nurse looked confused from what Allison said, “Wait, how it is your fault? If anything, it’s that other driver’s fault that this happened to you and your mother.” Allison then explained that she was nervous about going to this boarding school and her mom trying to calm her down but she was very unsure about that and came to a realization that might’ve been her last words to her and that made the thought even more depressing. “Excuse me, Allison?” The nurse said, “What boarding school were you attending?” “Our Lady at Stellar Artois.” She said, “Why do you ask?” “Because….you are actually in here.” The nurse revealed as Allison looked confused over that. As it turns out, this is their hospital wing of Stellar Artois. “So my first day here is spent at the hospital of the school I was about to go to?” She was about to get up but she felt an immense sharp pain in her legs.

“AAAHHHHHH!!!! My legs!!!”
“ALLISON, don’t try to get up or strain yourself too much!!” The nurse said, “Your legs are beyond damaged during the accident! It is dangerous for you to do any activity in your state.” “Have you tried to call my dad?” Allison asked. “I’m sure he should know about this.” “I’m sorry, sweetie, we couldn’t get a hold of him.” The nurse said. “WHAT!?!? But he should’ve been notified of this!!! His own daughter is in the hospital and his wife is dead!!! I think that—“

“Allison, I’m so sorry for what you’re going through and wish none of this would happen to a sweet girl like you.” And with that sentiment, Allison returned that with trying to hug the nurse and she did what she can do at the time. “Thank you,” Allison said.

“You’re welcome, sweetie.” The nurse said, “We should be scheduling surgery on your legs soon; it’s gonna take some time but we’ll put you on some painkillers for now and you should be on bed rest right now. I’ll be checking on you daily if that’s all right w—“ Allison interrupted her with saying, “Thank you, umm…uhh…..I don’t know what to call you.” “Oh, just call me Lucy, sweetie.” The nurse said. “I’ll make sure to take care of you.”

“Thank you, Lucy.” Allison said with somewhat with a shimmer of hope.   So, a month goes by quick and Lucy’s been acting like a mom to Allison from giving her some advice about the usual ordinary things, to spoon-feeding her some Jello, giving her something to drink and acting very nurturing to her. Basically, Allison recalls this before because when her mom was alive, she used to do this to her back when she was younger. It was starting to freak out Allison as to her, Lucy was acting too much like her mom and she wanted to get another worker on her but it seems like there was no one else there but Lucy as she’s the only one Allison sees on a daily basis since arriving at the hospital.

“Excuse me, Lucy?” Allison asked, “How long does it take to schedule my surgery? It’s been over a month and I haven’t heard anything from a doctor… fact, any doctor.” Lucy then said, “Well, there has been a lot of patients needing surgery that was in here before your arrival, sweetie. But I’m sure you might get a turn soon.” Then she patted her on the head for the hundredth time or so as she’s starting to get annoyed with that and the whole “Lucy is like her mother” thing. “Um, Lucy?…” Allison said in a muffled voice as she’s being smothered by Lucy, “…Can you ease up on the hugging for a bit? It’s starting to—“ But Lucy interrupted her by checking Allison’s schedule and it was time for her to be put under her usual dosage of morphine to ease some of the pain she’s feeling in her legs. That moment always happens when Allison questions what day she might finally get surgery but it’s becoming more apparent that her legs are virtually useless as she never even gotten to focus on walking on her own.


A lot of time has passed since the incident and it wasn’t looking too good for Allison and that’s both physically and mentally. For mentally, she has been envisioning that Lucy was gaining weight every time she walks in the room, becoming bigger and most of all, just like her mother and as Lucy gotten bigger, Allison was becoming weaker and weaker; mostly due to the aforementioned never trying to get up and walk out of the room for once but she decided that enough is enough and that she’s plan to learn to walk again.

“OK, I heard nothing from doctors, nothing from Lucy or anything aside from the usual ‘oh, you’re still going for surgery but it’s gonna take forever’, but I’m gonna use my legs today even if I die today.” And she then got out of her bed and the first thing to happen is……. *CRACK* ………she was still unstable due to not walking for so long. She wanted to scream from the excruciating pain but she didn’t want to attract any attention and from the looks of her, she still has that walking skeleton physical appearance of her; mostly suffering from atrophy. In her mind, she is screaming her ass off from that. Then most of the time, she would just crawl and whimper in that order to her room and strangely enough, no one heard her scream because they would have been some people coming for her help.

But luckily for Allison, Lucy was the first (and only one) to notice her in distress. “Oh my!! Allison, sweetie, are you all right?” She said with enough care and proceeded to carry her back to her room. “Now I’m glad you’re starting to walk on your own but next time, you need to see me before doing that so nothing like this would happen again.” Allison remained silent but not due to hating her (she doesn’t by the way) but she didn’t have the will to speak at that moment. Lucy took a look at her and said, “Wow, dear, you are in need for some nourishment. Lucky for me, I packed a little extra for lunch.” She got out her lunchbox (or sack or whatever) to dig in. Allison, of course, asked if she can have some of her food and Lucy was willing to give her some. “Why of course, Ally. You’re welcome to some of my food anytime.”

And, so for the next few days to weeks, with Lucy giving some of her food to Allison, she was slowly getting some weight back in her and was learning to walk on her own. Mostly practicing / re-learning how to walk again. “Hey, this hurts less now.” Allison thought. “The pain doesn’t suck that much…..and it’s the perfect opportunity for me to escape tonight.” She kept on walking around the room but only the room as Lucy warned her not to repeat what happened last time. Allison questioned why but the question was overall dodged……for now.

Later that night, Allison went along with her attempt to escape. First, she had to make sure that the coast is clear and she got herself a crutch in case her leg gives. She begin to charge at the door quietly but it seems that she hasn’t gotten enough muscle to break the door. Most of that bed rest can do that to you. She tried again and again and again……well, up to 9 times and after the 10th, she just decided to give up then. “OK, breaking the door isn’t going to help. I need to think of a plan to get out of here……but first I need to rest. Ow!” But then she heard some footsteps coming her way and suspect that it was Lucy and Allison quickly got into bed so she won’t suspect a thing.

“ALLY!!” she screamed, “Allison, what was that noise? I heard it all the way down at the office.”

But first, there was something Allison didn’t notice on Lucy and it’s that she has the keys to the door and she had to quickly figure out how to get them unnoticed but then figured out she’ll notice so that plan’s kaput. And what may seem like a mood change out of nowhere, she was starting to act like a little girl the moment that a syringe was present in the room. “Ally?” Lucy said holding a syringe, “Is something going on here?” “No….” Allison said as she was hiding from the needle and Lucy has beginning to notice that. “Oh, what’s the matter, baby…..are you scared of this needle?” She shook her head and react in the most babyish way. “Needles scare me. It looks like it’s gonna hurt.” “Sweetie, I know it can looks it at first but I swear it’s gonna be okay the next. It won’t be so bad”, Lucy said. Allison didn’t look so sure but then right aside her, she sees a teddy bear right there. “Um….Lucy? Whose teddy bear is that?” “Well, it’s not really anybody’s bear.” She said, “You want it, dear?” Allison shook her head and Lucy gave her the bear to hold, maybe assuring her that everything could be alright and she clings on to the stuffed bear, Lucy gives her the anesthetic and Allison did felt a little prick but didn’t hurt as much as she thought it was. Lucy was expecting Allison to fall asleep right away after the shot and to her appearance, she did…….well, at least that’s what Lucy thought.

The truth is….Allison was faking being asleep as earlier she only got 1/4ths of the anesthesia shot and injected out the rest. Soon, she was being moved into a gurney and wheeled out of the room and she needed to keep her eyes shut and not make any suspicions around them. They stopped somewhere and all she hear was the voice of Lucy and some other nurses or doctors / doctor’s assistants talking some doctoral technical details that Allison couldn’t get a grip on. She kept telling herself in her mind to not open her eyes but soon the room was silent although she really seems unsure of it but she risk that chance and decided to finally open her eyes.

It turns out that she is located inside a basement, although she asked herself, “Wait, since when hospitals have basements?” and in the basement is an ordinary cellar with two doors with no sign telling her which way to go. She partially remembers which one she came in because the other door leads to a long cellar way down.   She sits up and get out of the gurney and began pulling her IVs out. She screamed in a silent squeal but kept her mouth as she bleeds but there is pulse machine to detect if she’s alive or not. She starts to walk but still a bit drugged and feeling most of the pain in her legs and it grows even worse as she got close to the door. “Finally, I’m almost there. I can get out of he….” She took an immediate pause due to the blinding sunlight upstairs.

“AAAHHH!! I’m so close!!” She starts to up to the top, running normally than she did before and as she got to the threshold, her legs felt more tingly than they should and then just like that…….

Her legs burst. “AAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!” She screamed with a blood curdle in her voice, but as they burst, they wasn’t any blood or gore shown because as it turns out her legs were mechanical. They was never anything on there to work on, at least past tense but now it looks like her legs have blown out and she’s back to not walking.   Allison screams out loud from the reaction of that but she doesn’t feel any physical pain from it but mainly the pain that everything she knew was nothing more than an illusion, and speaking of illusion, Allison looks behind her to see…….her mother.

“Mom? MOM!!! Please!!! Help me, Mom!! MOMMY!!!” She cried with tears falling from her eyes. “MOMMY!!! I’m scared.” Then exhausted from the trauma and some blood loss, Allison started to lose consciousness and fainted. Then Lucy picks up Allison, carried her and takes her back to the cellar. “Sweetie, it’ll be okay.”


©2014 Berko / The Mind of the Hybrid One & KMFA

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