(Hy)Lights #20 – MISFITS


Now potentially with a show like Misfits, you might say that this is something that’s been done before, a premise that may have been done many times before in other series and that one factor that may seem like it’s been done before is the superpower element. I repeat, the superpower element, not the SUPERHERO
element (that I will get into in a second) because while it involves around people getting superpowers from mysterious surroundings, it doesn’t mean it’s going to formulate into, “Oh, we got these superpowers!! Let’s be heroes and save the world and all that righteous bullshit!!!” No. I’m not sure many shows done this although I thought of one show sort of similar, being Heroes and notice how after they had a good first season, the latter three were not so hot and yes, I know about the reboot and I don’t give a shit about that, so there.

The start of the show begins with these five (well, actually six but one rage quit) misfits doing their community service for their various misdemeanors and crimes. You know them as Nathan, Kelly, Curtis, Alisha & Simon and one day while doing their work along with their probation boss Tony, they are caught in the middle of this freak storm and after that, they discover that they have superpowers.

And yes, I just describe most of the pilot episode.

Now, after discovering their powers, they pretty much have to deal with them and you may think with these powers that life might get better or they’re going to transform into superheroes? Well, guess what? If you go into this series with that mindset, then you are either a fool, you’re going to be disappointed, or you’re basically not thinking about this right away because for one thing, they still have to do that community service especially considering the events of the murders of Tony and Gary from going public, at least from their new officer Sally.

Also, their powers…….while you may think getting them may be a great idea at first, eventually it’s going to be a curse.

First off, it’s Simon (Iwan Rheon), who is the shy one of the group and how with him, he wants to fit in and make friends but often feels ignored and his power is invisibility although he can’t really use it in a whim. Sometimes he doesn’t know to do it or people can’t be looking at him when he’s doing it.

Alisha (Antonia Thomas)  is known for being the wild party girl, wanting to fuck everything and body and her power is forced sexual frenzy by contact (by a simple hand touch) and while to some (and me at first) think that power is somewhat great at first, eventually it begins to feel more as a curse than a blessing and it is an awkward curse at some times.

Curtis (Nathan Stewart-Jarrett) is a disgraced athlete who got caught with illegal drugs on him and his power is time manipulation and you think that’s going to make his life better? FUCK, NO!!! Considering when he does change time, you know things are going to get worse no matter how you may try to change it and let the past be the past.

Kelly (Lauren Socha) is the tough-as-nails girl of the group but however, she is very insecure on what others think of her, which led to her power being telepathy, reading minds and while reading minds can be sneaky good, the truth heard from doing it and what they really think of you does add in that factor.

For Nathan (Robert Sheenan)…….well, you don’t really found out about that until the end of Season 1 as his power isn’t really revealed. Hell, the show stated that he didn’t have a power which did pissed him the fuck off.

OK, first thing about the overarching premise is that it works with the right writing and comedic elements and serious moments that fit onto there without clashing into a jumbled mess and Misfits worked that out because if it were some other lesser show and they’ve done it but with less impressive results, I would’ve pass on that. Most of the characters you feel like you wouldn’t like them but most of the time I did find them entertaining and I care about what’s going to happen to them, even Nathan, who I thought was annoying at first and I wanted to choke the fuck out of him but I make it known that he’s actually a well-written humorous character and the same can be said about the others. I can even relate to some of them or emphasize with what they are going through.

Now I can say that for the first three seasons but what about the latter two? The 4th season which I heard bad things about and for me…….I don’t find it that bad, it’s just more underwhelming than the first three.

Oh yes, I did forget to mention that this show has a interchangeable cast, as in, some characters you know and love will either leave the show by either killing them off, but I’m not going to spoil that because some of you want to find out for yourself but I will say this, by the last season, there is zero original characters from the first season and speaking of that……..

Rudy…..I was afraid Rudy  (Joesph Gilgun) was just going to be the replacement Nathan of the show and while it did felt like that to some parts of the third series, he actually became his own character and I will say that his growth as one is one of the good highlights of Series 4. His power in the show is emotionally induced multiplication and thus they are two sides of him which in my opinion does contribute the character development in him.

As for the other new characters, mostly Finn and Jess (I got no qualms with Abby. I like her just fine), I don’t hate him and I’m not going to compare them to the earlier characters but their arcs and what they’re going through……I couldn’t care less about them as much. They’re OK characters, just nothing that pops to me but if I was going to compare them, they felt like Simon and Alisha 2.0 and I really don’t want to say that’s what they are because I do feel that there’s more to them than that. Seth……I forget that he did appear in the Christmas special and have a relationship with Kelly but like I said with Jess and Finn, he’s an OK character, just not a standout from me.

FINAL VERDICT: Misfits is one truly unique show that uses the superpower element in more of a realistic and believable way. The writing is top-notch even if they have their weak moments and the show does have its weak moments but not enough to put me off by them. Amazingly the show is 37 episodes in the span of 5 seasons and it didn’t felt overbearingly long or have unnecessary filler. The show is a great watch and I will recommend that you check out the show.

The series is available to own on DVD & Blu-ray, albeit they are some imports. For streaming purposes, Hulu is streaming all 5 seasons for free.

I give Misfits the superpowered score of:


Giving it a High SOLID B.

And until then, this is MAK2.0 aka Blue Hybrid, bringing all the superpowers in one ASBO person.

MISFITS – courtesy of Clerkenwell Films/ E4

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