KAKUREGA (隠れ家) : The MAK and Kai Stories

Note that these are separate stories merged into one.


PART 1: Zodiac P.I. (co-written with Tenshi Okami)

Angel kept forcing Kurai around the market place as they collected food and items for more cleaning. She smiled as she forced Kurai to grab another bag to his already waited arms.
Kurai sighed at this, “And how am I stuck carrying all these?” then stopped complaining when Angel gave him a nasty look that pretty much meant to shut up or else.

Then all of a sudden as they both bump into these two guys and one of them disrespectfully said, “Hey, watch where the FUCK YOU GOING!! What are you, blind?” And then pushes Kurai to the ground like a sixth-grader and then one of the others said, “Hey, hey, little brother….calm your dumb ass down, man! Damn, Also in public and all that.”

Angel smiled a little, and then started to laugh a little creepy, “Oh? So your suposed to be big tough guys huh? What? You think your part of a gang and should start pushing people around?”
Kurai frowned at Angel as he got up, saying gently and more like a whisper, “Ang…. that might not be the best thing to do….” But Angel was already in the mood to fight if needed.
“Seems like these boys are just little children…..” she commented as she picked up one of the bags and handed it to Kurai.

“Little children?”, the older brother responded, “Yeah right. We’re grown men dammit….but then again, I do like that sass you got there, wolf girl.” Then he was creepily checking Angel out. “Well, miss, the name’s Cain. Rick Cain and over there is my dumbass little brother Darius or just call him Dice.” He then spitted out something that looked kinda nasty. “As you can see, we’re professionals.”

“Professional what? Airhead jackasses?” she asked, frowning, “And I hope you know I an’t interested in some halfbaked babies who can’t seem to think with anything but there dicks and hormones…” she said turning, “At least I know people who actually have class like MAK…..”
Kurai frowned a little, “And what about me?” he asked.
“Like I said…. people with /Class/…” she emphasized.

Then both brothers’ eyes widened once they hear that name. Then Rick responded with, “Wait……what name did you say right there, Holo?”

She glared at him, her tail fraying a little in annoyance, “First off, I am fucken not HOLO! She is a brown wolf….. I’m actually white…. and second, why the fuck do you want to know what name I said?”

Then Dice really insulted with her with this, “Well, my dear Kanokon or whatever the fuck you think you are, MAK is the guy whose ass we’re gonna find and collect him for $6 million.” And then Rick finished the statement with, “Oh, did we forgot to mention that we’re bounty hunters? And you know the whereabouts of MAK….so what is he, your little boyfriend or something?”

“I’m not interested in a relationship first and second, your never getting at him…..” she smiled a little, “Your never finding him, especially with insulting me with all those cracks….” she smiled and showed her rather harsh teeth.

“Oh really?”, Dice said, “I kinda knew that afro-headed fuckhead would never get with anyone….unless he decided to go with the brokendown lynx.” Rick laughed at that comment and also said, “Well, that guy did change blue once. I guess blue balls were part of his power.”

Angel growled even more and actually bit Dice hard, drawing blood. He had a wound that looked like a wild animal bit him hard. She let go and spat out the blood, knowing she wouldn’t get sick from anyone’s blood.

“OOWWWWW!!!”, Dice screamed at the sight of his bleeding arm and then Rick grabbed Angel by the neck and said, “You little bitch!” and then slapped her across the face. “You cross with the wrong motherfuckers, you got me? Plus, MAK’s ass is grass when we find him.”

Kurai growled and let go of the bags, bitting Rick hard on the arm that held Angel, this time his eyes had turned from the gold color to a rather red and demonic color. The bite mark seemed to have a little bit of gray around them as though the skin was dieing.

“LET ME THE FUCK GO!!” He kept swinging Kurai from his arm until he eventually threw him out. “Damn!!! Shit, that hurts!!”, Rick shouted and Dice kept screaming, “You fucking bitch!! We gonna find you and kill you, that guy, and that motherfucker MAK!!!” Soon, both brothers retreated to their car and drove out of there immediately.

Angel growled a bit at them leaving as well as Kurai though he was starting to settle down a bit. Before they left, Angel yelled out, “RETEATING WITH YOUR TAIL BETWEEN YOUR LEGS EH? GUESS YOUR SCARED OF A GIRL, HUH?”
Kurai gathered the bags and they finished shopping, coming home looking a little out of it and a small bit of blood on their bodies from the biting.

Soon after, as they went back into the Hideaway, MAK was the first to answer the door and checking sure that it’s Angel and Kurai at the door and at the first glimpse of them with blood on them, MAK with wide-eyes responded with, “Um….what the hell happened? Was there a bloodbath in the store?”

Angel growled a little as she walked inside, “So….. you have a big old bounty on your fucken head and decided not to tell us before we left for the store?” she asked as Kurai walked in, bags all over him as he tried to carry everything inside. He frowned as he put them all down in the kitchen and then came out, looking beat, “Damnit….. demonblood activating and being a mule for Ang is tiring…..” he said as he lay down on the couch.

MAK gulped and swallowed hard at that statement, “Oh shit. Look, Angel, I thought you knew all about the— I mean, I thought— you see…..after I ran from the Anime Gods, another faction of them called One Blood was after me and….after that, they put a bounty for $6 mil on my head.”

“And how about the two we ran into? The names Rick and Dice ring a bell? Damn…. I can’t get the taste of Dice out of my mouth…. he probably hasn’t washed in like forever……” she growled and grabbed a bottle of ice tea to wash her mouth out.

As she mention the names of Rick and Dice, MAK went into a panic mode as he hyperventilates and thought about those names and what they done to him in the past. “The C-C-C——Cain Brothers?!?”, he said with much fear in his voice and he was gasping and worried about them finding them out. “No, I thought they were never heard from again. This can’t be true. This shouldn’t happen!!” Then he kept questioning why now they came but he knows why.

Angel rolled her eyes and smacked MAK hard in the face to stop him from freaking out, “Your acting like a pressy little girl right now…. cut it out. They arn’t going to find us since me and Akuma got the sheild up and running. They can’t come in because they wish us harm…. and I really don’t think they want anymore ‘wild animal’ attacks on them…” she smiled, her teeth showing again sharp and rather dangerous, “Both me and Kurai had a little fun attacking those dipshits…..”

“Owww! OK!” MAK yelped. “It’s just….those guys got under my skin during my teen years. They are the ultimate assholes I have ever met. Rick is like that slimeball you see at a car dealership and Dice…..he’s worse. Way worse because he’s a dumbass and dangerous. I’m really sorry you have to go through that.”

Kurai rolled his eyes, “Well, that Rick guy is going to have problems with his hand for a bit….. ” he chuckled a bit, “Sometimes I like being a devil……”

“Well, the bastard got what he deserved.” MAK said with no regrets and then he went to get his wallet to pay his share of the shopping but suddenly, a picture fell out of there.

Angel picked it up and chuckled, “A girlfriend?” she asked, smiling, “Alright…. time to tell me about this picture…” she said, her wings flapping a little and making her fly a bit high for MAK to get the picture when he reached out for it.

“Wait! Come on now!!” as MAK went to reach for the picture but couldn’t get to it. “OK, look, she is an old childhood friend of mine. We knew each other since we were 9. OK? Can I have the picture back now?”

“Come on….. you made me talk about my picture before…. a little more info might be better….” she sat down on top of the bookshelf, and studdied the picture as though she was a bird being curious about something, “She’s pretty cute….”

“OK. Her name is Kai. She’s been one of my best friends ever since 4th grade. We became good friends since her folks know my parents.” MAK then reminisce about his good times with her and brought in the bad news after that. “Then when we were 16, her parents had to move out of Eastin City and the worst thing is my dad and mom split up at the same time. So that was the last time I ever saw her.”

Angel shrugged as she threw him the picture, “Oh….. well its not as bad as my story, but I’m sure you will see her again…..”

MAK sighed and said, “Angel, it’s been 6 years since I seen her at all. I don’t even know if she even remembers me at this point. She probably has a new life, new friends, possibly a boyfriend or so.” And he muttered this last sentence silently, “And the worst thing about it is I actually did have a crush on her and I never told her.”

Angel sighed, “Just think of it this way, What happens every time in anime and Manga when a guy has a girl that suddenly leaves when he was little…. she normally comes back and ends up on his doorstep…. Just like Zodiac P.I.”

“OK…True,” MAK said, “But I can’t just expect somebody to be knocking at the door right this instan—” Then he heard a knock on the door and soon the guys checked the security cam to see who it is.
Angel laughed a little when she heard the knock, “What are we in, a anime?” she asked, getting down off the bookcase and flying over to the door, “Hello?” she asked sweetly, knowing whoever it was didn’t want to hurt them.

The girl at the door was looking out for any danger and as soon as she was noticed, “Excuse me, but do you know where I can find some lodging at? I only have enough to last me a 2 days and I need to find a place to stay.”

“Come on in…..” she said gently as she opened the door, “Kakurega is always open for anyone who needs a place….” She used the Japanese name she and MAK came up with meaning hideaway.

“Well, thank you.” She said, “I really appreciate the hospitality, Miss…..sorry, but I don’t know your name yet.” She politely asked.

“I’m Angel…. This is mine and my twin sister, Akuma’s home. The two boys over there are just freeloading…” she said pointing to MAK and Kurai, “Kurai and MAK……”
“HEY!!! I’m no freeload—” Then as MAK stopped in mid-sentence as he took a glance at the girl and a sudden realization came to him. “Hey, um….have you ever stayed at Eastin City before?” She answered with, “I stayed there once. Why do you want to know?” Then MAK took off his glasses so she can recognize him a little more. “Wait, I remember you……..MAK, is that you?”, she said and MAK answered, “Kai?”

Angel fell over laughing at this while Kurai and Akuma blinked, looking at them. “HA I KNEW THIS WAS GOING TO FUCKEN HAPPEN! ITS JUST LIKE A THE MANGA!” Angel yelped out through her laughing.
After the laughter of Angel, MAK then looked at Kai and said, “Wow, Kai, I haven’t seen you in a long while and the years have been good to you.” Then Kai said, “And I see you happen to grow a beard, have glasses and gotten taller.” MAK then blushed at that last part, “Well, yeah, I have grew a bit over the last couple of years………”
Angel got up and rolled her eyes, “Time to leave…..” she said as she shooed the other two out of the room, “Lets leave the love birds alone….” she said, then smacked Kurai when Akuma grabbed him on the ass. She then pulled Kurai’s limp body out of the room.

Part 2: Beginnings

“So, MAK, how’s things been going since your parents split up? Your mom doing okay?” Kai asked him but MAK didn’t want to think about the last words he said to his mom ever since the Blue Leaf discovery and so he said, “Yeah, she’s doing fine since the split.” And then he smiled as if that was a piece of cake. Kai looked at him weird for a minute and also said to him, “Hey, did you ever hear what happened to those asshole brothers, um….what were their names again?”

“Oh yeah, Rick and Dice, those assholes….” He tried to go without flinching for a minute there. “Speaking of which, I heard back then, those two have been messing with you since I moved.” MAK then went without a word exchange to her and Kai did suspect something about his reaction but she sighed and added, “MAK, just be glad that we aren’t within an earshot of those guys. Personally, I’m glad I didn’t have to stick around them but for you, I was afraid for. I mean, the stories I heard about them, their hustling kids out of their money and hooking up with these girls left and right. If I ever met them in public, I just want to slap the hell out of them for the cause of it.”

MAK then chuckled and said, “Yeah, I’m glad that they aren’t around that much anymore.” Even though he heard from not too long ago. “So you want me to show you around the house and where you’re sleeping at?” Kai then said, “OK. Sure thing.”

So MAK is showcasing the house and explaining to Kai, “Well, you see, we only been owning this house almost three weeks now, so we’re still sort of new ourselves…even though I cleaned every nook and cranny in here.” Kai then said to him, “Well, y’all got ourselves a very, very nice deal on this place with it being secluded in the forest, no noisy neighbors, riffraff, none of that shit. Just relaxing in peace and enjoying the scenery.” And after that MAK went and show Kai what room she’ll be sleeping at and she liked it with the comfortable beds, the arm chair and with the window view. Soon Kai went to try out the bed and sigh in relief on how comfortable it is.

“Hey, MAK?” Kai asked, “So what’s the deal with you and the owner…Angel?…gasps…are you two dating?” Then MAK had to correct her on the situation, “No, me and her are just good friends, that’s all and we are also anime reviewers.”

“Hmmm…That’s very interesting. How long you been doing it?” Kai said and with that MAK replied, “For about 2 years now.” With that, Kai responded with, “SWEET! But hey, I actually did think y’all two were dating from the looks of it….unless it was that other guy that was dating her.” “Wait, you mean Kurai?” MAK said, “Actually, he’s with her sister Akuma or something like that. Either way, the girl is really horny with the guy.” Kai laughed very hearty at that comment but MAK really had to ask this question, “Well, what about you, girl? You got somebody to love?” Ignoring the obvious pop song reference, she hesitated to answer that because it felt like she had some bad experiences, “Maybe we should ignore that question for later…..but can I see your room though?” MAK didn’t know what to make of that but he agreed to show her his room.

So MAK then decided to show Kai his room, which he custom-made himself with a light of LED lights that makes Tron: Legacy look like a $10 laser show compared to his room.  “Oh my god, I always did say you were a much digitalized guy. How much did you shell out of this and do Angel and the others know?” Then MAK had a sneaky grin on his face, “Well, the thing is, as of now, only you and me know about these Tron-esque lights.”

Kai spotted a suitcase on his bed, not knowing that inside there is his Blue Leaf material and that was the last thing that MAK wanted Kai to know. He wanted to teleport there quickly but that would’ve blown his cover anyway, so he decided to distract her with something quick. “WAIT!!!” he shouted without hesitation. “Huh?” Kai said, “Is something wrong, MAK?” He shook his head in saying ‘no’ and she then turned her head to discover her and MAK’s favorite videogame called “Shell Crisis: Journey of the Core” and the squees from Kai came in full swing. “Holy shit!! Where did you get this?”, as Kai was fully overjoyed at the sight of this. “I thought this game was forever out of print. We got to play this!!! NOW!!” MAK was relieved that she didn’t see the Blue Leaf and eventually join her in playing the game, but in the meanwhile he’s going to have to answer some of his own questions: Will he ever tell Kai about his other “identity”? How we will encounter Rick and Dice with them knowing his powers? And of course….will the others find out about him wasting money on LED lights for his room?


In the early yet sunny morning at Kakurega, MAK was feeling a bit under the weather as he had developed a slight cough and a sore throat overnight. He looks at the alarm clock and he groans as it goes off, “Oh, come on…….” As he said that, his voice was sounding hoarse and deeper than usual, “Dammit, I hope I didn’t caught what Angel got the last few days.” He then coughed like he hacked a lung out of there and the more he coughed, the worse it got but he manages to stifle himself and reduce the coughing to a minimum.

Ever since Kai moved in, much to MAK’s happiness and chagrin, he has to hide his Hybrid powers from her and not use as much Blue Leaf as possible in order to keep it hidden from her. He does plan on telling her soon enough but he doesn’t want anybody else (i.e. Angel, Akuma, Kurai or anybody else) to spill the secret for him accidentally and speaking of Kai, she happened to just came in from her walk around and just noticed MAK and his coughing and hacking, “MAK, you doing okay there, man?” MAK kept on coughing while trying to reassure her that he’s fine but obviously, he wasn’t. “Well, it doesn’t look like it. You’re actually looking pale and…feels his forehead…you’re also very warm in the head. Oh no, you need to rest today. Your anime reviewing will have to wait until you get better.”

“Come on, Kai, I’m not tha—“, then MAK had to go to the bathroom immediately in need to vomit and lots of involuntary noises were heard the minute MAK reached for the toilet, “OK.  I really am that sick!!” Soon after that, MAK got back into the bed while Kai was helping taking care of him and as that happen, MAK tried to sneak some Blue Leaf to cure him a little bit so Kai would think he was improving and as he did, the TV was turned on and a local station was spotlighting Rick & Dice Cain for being the top bounty hunters in Eastin City, despite them being bitten by “wild animals”, as the news report it and MAK sneered at that comment, “Wild animals….yeah, fucking right. Rick & Dice….forever the assholes you both are.” MAK then thought of what Angel & Kurai told him about their run-in with them and how MAK never told them (well, never told Angel about the bounty, Kurai knows about that, though) about those two.

Then Kai came into his room with the thermometer, “Do you remember all the times you took care of me when I used to be sick a lot? Now it seems like I’m doing you a favor after all these years.” Then Kai smiled as she got the thermometer ready to take MAK’s temperature and feel his forehead again, noticing the slight difference from that last time. “Wow, MAK, you are a fast healer. Your temperature is decreasing back to the regular.” And without her noticing that MAK used a little of Blue Leaf to make him feel better, he also thought that he should tell her right away. “Look, Kai, the thing is that why I suddenly got better is that—-“Then he got interrupted by Kai noticing the Cain Brothers promo ad on them promoting a nightclub, with them surrounded by loose women and lots of drinking.

Kai then aggregately sighed at the image of those two and said, “You know, for a couple of bounty hunters, they don’t know shit about keeping a low cover.” MAK then shook his head at that remark. “And to think, these fools, who used to pick on you, rob you, humiliate you, and beat up on you, are now the fucking law? I swear, the more I hear about these guys glorifying them, the more it makes me…..feel jaded.” Then MAK asked this question to her, “Kai, do you think that I can’t protect myself from them?” Kai stood silent as she thought about it, “Because that one time, I didn’t get robbed by them….even though Dice and his boys chased me all through town but this truck crashed, which separated me from them but yet that truck did offed two of his boys.”  “Well, damn,” Kai said, “That was fucked up.”

Then MAK needed to reassure Kai of his protection but then, something moved from the shelf as MAK moved his hand towards Kai’s shoulder. “What was that?” Kai said, “That just moved by itself.” MAK then hide his hands from sight and acted like he didn’t know either, but then he said, “But I know this. I know you were worried about me when you moved. I know this but Kai…..I can manage to take care of myself but I’m glad that you care for me so much, Kai. I really appreciate that in you.” Kai then smiled at that remark and hugged him for that and said, “I’m very glad to hear that, MAK, because I do care about you, too, and I’m really glad that you’re my friend.” And then she said under her breath, “And hopefully we can be more than friends, too.”

Part 4: The Real HYBRID BLUES


One afternoon on a clear day, Kai went to the market store as a favor to everyone in the house and that she wanted to contribute to something while she lives there.  “I wonder if the guys like this type of coffee. I probably surprise Angel to it, who knows? She might like it.”

As she smiled with hope for that, she suddenly spotted a familiar face, or at least, familiar to the rest of the crew and not one that Kai wants to meet anytime soon and it was Rick and Dice Cain at her sight. “Oh, fuck!! Why did I have to shop here, especially when they happen to appear here?” She then needed to get out of their sight so they won’t spot her and then Dice noticed something, “Hey, Rick! You see something by the aisle?” Rick looked around the aisle for what Dice was talking about.

“What do you mean?” Rick said, “You’re seeing things, little brother, it’s just some regular-ass people shopping.” Dice then looked irritated, “I know that, fool, I meant that I saw some girl looking at us and then avoiding us.”

Kai then went to the other aisle, thinking that she led them astray but after not looking the other way, she would eventually run into them, “Ahem!!” they both said as Kai screamed at the sight of them. “Just who in the hell are you? Do we recognize you before?” As Kai looked at them, hesitating to give them an answer without mentioning MAK, she easily said, “No. I’ve never seen you before but anyway, got to go, BYE!!!”  She was about to jetted out of there then they instantly now recognize her face.

“Oh wait!” She then stopped at her tracks and thought to herself, “SHIT!!” and then Dice said, “Aren’t you that girl that one of our crew was dating at the time?” Kai then gasped at that remark, bringing back bad memories of that time and then Rick and Dice suddenly remember one specific detail about her and suddenly now was the time to worry, “Oh….you were also friends with that motherfucker…..MAK, is it?……Oh wait, you are his “wittle” friend that always hangs alongside him!! I mean, a girl like you hanging around with a fucking loser like that? What a fucking charity case!!” Then they laughed and laughed at her face.

Kai really didn’t appreciate that remark towards MAK and she really gotten angry over that and then slapped Dice, “OK, you know what? Yes, I’m friends with MAK and guess what? He’s a better friend and human being than the two of you assholes combined!! You fucking jerks have the nerve to pick on a guy like him all through high school?” Rick then laughed at her about that, “Um…did you left the school at 10th grade, meaning you left him there?” And then Dice finished that statement, “So wouldn’t that be your fault that he’s like this?”

Then Kai slapped him again and said, “You think it was my choice to move out of Eastin City? You think I wanted to leave most of my life and friends here? YOU THINK I WANTED TO ABANDON MAK THERE WITH FUCKERS LIKE YOU?!?!? I  WOULD NEVER WANT TO DO THAT TO ANYONE I WAS CLOSE TO, ESPECIALLY MAK!! EVER!” After she calmed down from yelling at them, they offered a rebuttal to her response. First, Rick said, “If you never wanted to leave him, how come you never talked back, email, text messaging, or whatever the fuck people communicate nowadays?” and then Dice said, “I guess you two weren’t that close after all, especially since MAK got those powers of his.” Kai then looked at the two strangely and vaguely confused, “Powers? What are you talking about, powers? MAK isn’t some superhero. We would have told—”

Then she was interrupted by them as they show him in action via iPhone with the powers and as she watched it, she couldn’t believe it. Her best friend possesses these powers beyond her existence and then after that, they are footage of the two of them being attacked by Angel and Kurai. “Oh, did I forget to mention his friends are the one that attacked us? You did notice the bandages, right?” Kai was also shocked by that, too, but she didn’t want them to know that she knows them, too. “Wait, you know them, too, and that your boyfriend here is wanted for $6 million bounty?”

After seeing that, too, she had to run from them, while tears were streaming down her eyes, knowing the full truth about the people she was staying with and how painful it was not knowing much about MAK the last few years.


Meanwhile, at Kakurega, MAK was still practicing his combat mode with the Blue Leaf as the others weren’t there that day, meaning he now had the time to do it. Suddenly, MAK heard a car approaching and he checked the security cams and notice that it was Kai coming home from the store and as he went to help her with the groceries, she looked more unusual than how she usually is. MAK then asked her if she needed any help with the bags, but she didn’t respond to him and just said to him, “Just help with the bags and don’t bother me.” MAK was surprised to hear Kai, of all people, to say that and as MAK went to her and said, “Do you find everything on the list okay?

“I found them just fine!” she sounded a bit irritated and was trying to fight back tears again. Suddenly MAK noticed it from a distance and was about to ask her but she did said, “Before you say anything, let me see it.” MAK then looked confused at that remark and said, “Um…see what?”

Kai then angrily said, “You know DAMN WELL WHAT I WANT TO SEE!!!” She then pulled MAK’s sleeve to see the glowing blue marks on him, from all the times he had to inject the Blue Leaf in his system and after that, “MAK, just show me already.” MAK then tried to look like he doesn’t know what she’s talking about, “What do you mean?” However, that made Kai angrier, “DON’T PLAY DUMB WITH ME! JUST SHOW ME YOUR POWER ALREADY!” But she couldn’t fight back the tears and let them flow, “OK. I know all about what you really are, MAK or Hybrid or whatever you’re called nowadays.” As much as MAK didn’t want to see Kai cry or more pissed off, he has to show off his powers to her and so he did.

“So Rick and Dice were right…..” she said with a sad slight in her voice, “…..we’re not that close after all.” And with that, she began to cry her eyes out as she was heading for her room and slammed the door and to cry in her pillow to muffle the sound.

“KAI!!” MAK said as she knocked on the door, “Rick and Dice were there? What did they do to you, Kai? Because I swear on my life, I’m going to get those motherfu—“Then Kai opened the door and grab MAK into her room, slapped him and said, “LOOK! I get that they are still the assholes but you, on the other hand, didn’t even bother to tell me about it!! Not even a mention!!  I thought we were friends!! We should be able to tell stuff like this to each other. Also, you’re wanted for $6 million? Just what the hell did you do to have these people, including the Cain brothers after you? And now that I know this, I feel like I offer nothing when it comes to here like how Angel and Akuma can cast spells and both are angel/demon wolves, Kurai is a devil lynx who has almost the same powers as them and now, you can teleport yourself and use it to fight off your enemies and as for me? I’m the typical sidekick/damsel-in-distress member of the group.”

She then continued to cry on the bed and MAK really wanted to comfort her and so, he went to her and he said, “Kai, I know saying I’m sorry isn’t going to help much but I didn’t know what to say about this to you. I was scared that I was going to lose you twice in a row and after what happened in 10th grade, I don’t want that to happen again and as for the $6 million bounty, yes, they are people after my head but luckily Angel told me the house can protect us against whoever wish us harmed so, we’re safe here.” Kai then wiped the tears from her face as MAK continued,

“And for us not being close? True that we don’t try to communicate after you moved but it doesn’t mean I don’t think of the good times we’ve shared and that I didn’t know how to use any of those sites back then.” Kai then begin to chuckle a little at that remark, “OK, OK, I’m not much of a social networking person myself.” Then MAK still continued, “Also, when were you ever the damsel-in-distress? Most of the time, you saved my ass from trouble. You were my savior from time to time and vice versa. We look out for each other, which is what most people should do in a group and that’s what we do here. Sooner or later, you’re going to find your strength and use it well.”

Suddenly, Kai began to smile a little bit, but MAK knows that he’s not off the hook with the secret, “And I should’ve told you about the secret earlier and this wouldn’t have happened and I want to promise you that I will never keep any secret from you ever again, because the one thing I hate to do is lose you as a friend.” After reassuring Kai that, she then have to something to MAK, “Well, MAK, I think both of us have one more secret that we need to air out.”

MAK then have clear the air more with, “Wait, if you meant with how I got the powers, it was from that story with the trucks and the chasing and—“Kai then interrupted him by covering his mouth, “Not that, but good to know. I meant the other thing that we both have to confess about each other.”

And soon as she mentions that, Kai then grabbed MAK’s hand, then she sweetly whispered to him, “Can you please put your arms around me?” And suddenly, Kai closed her eyes and then she kissed MAK on a full passionate lip lock and as she didn’t want to stop, she then said, “I think both of us have been holding back on that.” MAK then smiled at her, saying, “You felt that way about me, too?” Kai smiled and nodded “yes” and soon he began to kiss Kai on the lips as they both embraced another kiss.

© 2013 KI2 / Studio Katana / Kakurega Project.  All Rights Reserved.

Original sources: http://mak2hybridmedia.tumblr.com/ & http://angelsreview.tumblr.com/Story

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