Anime Discovery – TIME OF THE SEASON Winter 2014 Edition: NORAGAMI

A god who is not quite a god or anything god-tier. Or just a bitch made version of a god. Exactly, now that you think about it, he’s not even close to being a Based God.

Director: Kotaro Tamura

Animation Studio: Bones

Streaming:, Hulu

Licensor: FUNimation

Plot Summary: Yato is a minor deity who lacks even a single shrine. In order to build his own shrine, he scrawls his cell number on the wall of a downtown bathroom telling people he will help them in exchange for a 5-yen offering, becoming a self-styled “delivery god.” Hiyori, the daughter of a respectable family, is almost in a traffic accident, but is rescued by Yato. This causes her to become a “hanyou,” a person who can easily lose her soul. She chases Yato down, and they begin to work together. Yato also finds a boy named Yukine who becomes a “sacred treasure” that can be used by a god. The three of them battle “you” who bring harm to humans as Yato’s hidden history is gradually revealed.

Thoughts on it so far: This is actually a last minute decision to add on the list of Winter 2014 anime to watch because I really didn’t have much of an desire to watch it as many others did but I have heard some positive things about the series and I’m open to anime with supernatural themes with a bit of comedy, much like Soul Eater and Blue Exorcist and after watching about 3 episodes of this, I’m surprised. This show is actually quite enjoyable and funny. The character of Yato is quite the loser even if he is trying to get God-status and I’m going to admit, he can be fairly unlikable but at the same time, you can enjoy his presence on-screen and doesn’t come off as an irredeemable jerkass. Hiyori is that character who experiences that she is now someone that easily lose their soul and quite frankly, I’d do anything to get myself back to normal or just to not lose my soul. There is a few action moments in the show to mixed with some of the comedy and while it isn’t an action-packed show, it doesn’t leave me apathetic. I can actually get with this show and as for the animation, it feels more like an A-1 Pictures anime than a Bones anime, which the latter is in charge of animation and while I said it is reminiscent of Soul Eater and Blue Exorcist, it is moderately appealing and civilly animated.

And I’m going to CONTINUE WATCHING. This is definitely a surprise for me considering I wasn’t going to check out in the first place. You should be watching this if you happened to like supernatural themed anime.

And until next time, this is MAK2.0 aka The Blue Hybrid, bringing all the souls out of you…..wait, that’s a bad thing. *puts soul back inside random person*

Also, next on the roster is……..


I’m not gonna like this.

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