Blue Hybrid’s Top 10 Favorite BOONDOCKS Episodes

WARNING: There will be many uses of the N-Word during this top 10 list but it’s going to be within the context of the show. If you are not accustomed to that word or disgusted by it, I suggest you leave this link right away but here’s another reason. I will discuss spoilers of the show and if you have not seen any of the episodes; like I said, I suggest you leave but most of the episodes and then come back. We cool? OK, we cool.

You know, I haven’t done a top 10 or top anything list ever since I did the anime song list back in May and I think I’m long overdue for another one and the topic this time is around what I like to consider one of the best adult-animated sitcoms in the making and to me, possibly the most influential animated series I’d watched. It started off as a daily comic strip that ran through 1996 to 2006 and was originally supposed to be on FOX but looking at the show now, it wouldn’t feel right at FOX since I think executives would’ve tone it down and be less of what they are now. My peoples, I am talking about The Boondocks.


Yes, from its main characters to the anime-influenced art style and animation to the humor it brings, The Boondocks is definitely not only one of my favorite adult-animated series, but my favorite overall TV series. Period. I know people tend to look at it mainly through a surface view and would call it racist and demeaning and offensive but in actuality, it tells it like it is and doesn’t bullshit with who they are satirizing and at subtle with who they are poking fun of and yeah, it’s racist but it doesn’t come from hate or in a vile state, unlike other shows that just do it for the sake of their existence and cheap laughs.

It did what no other animated black sitcom did: satirize African-American culture right and from what happened in the past with the show, not afraid to pull any punches but not going on and on about the same gag like some couple animated sitcoms do. *coughs*most of Seth MacFarlane’s material*coughs* and most of those episodes happened to be on that list……but which one?

Anyway, most of the episodes I’ll pick are either the funniest episode from the most controversial or to something that actually made me reevaluate my life as a black man and question whether the subject is brought out and here we go with the top TEN!!!

10. “Let’s Nab Oprah”

Ed Wuncler III and Gin Rummy, whenever they are a duo in these episodes, you can definitely guaranteed for some laughs from them. Yeah, this isn’t the first episode that we’re introduced as one, but I think this is the funniest episode that centers around those two and how they desperately want to be known as a threat but then again when one half of you is the grandson to the richest and well-connected realtor of Woodcrest and also they really suck when it comes to that. Hell, Gin Rummy said that it took them 22 minutes to rob a bank and as he quote, “It took us an episode of Sein-fucking-feld to rob a bank!!” I got to give big ups to Charlie Murphy and Samuel L. Jackson for playing these characters considering these are the blackest motherfuckers to voice white characters on this show and I think if someone else played them, it wouldn’t have been as entertaining or funny as they are. Oh, and I did like the use of Madvillain music in some of the sequences, especially “ALL CAPS” during the Huey vs. Bushido Brown fight.

9. “The Color Ruckus”

OK, sometimes Uncle Ruckus can be a funny side character in the show but this is that rare time where he has an episode centered on him that is ACTUALLY FUNNY!!! I mean, he can be really racist in a funny way but it can be overdone, tiresome and just really offensive, like that awful country western singer episode or that second banned BET episode, which I didn’t hate but I just don’t want to watch it again or better yet, that doomed Kickstarter of The Uncle Ruckus Movie, which never made its goal and that’s a good thing because no one really wanted that. Anyway, the episode here goes back to Ruckus’s roots and explain the way that he is and why he’s like that. They have gotten The Color Purple and Curious Case of Benjamin Button references down, especially when his father Mister kept beating his ass for whatever reason (breaking that vase, having fun, wanting to be shit) and it somewhat make me sympathize with Ruckus……but not all the way though.

8. “Granddad’s Fight”

Ahhhh……the episode to started it all, i.e. The Stinkmeaner Trilogy and of course the introduction to one of the most infamous characters of the show, Colonel H. Stinkmeaner, and the root to how this all started and it all started because of a Nigga Moment. A nigga moment is when a person (particularly African-American) react to some really stupid misunderstanding such as stepping on somebody’s sneakers, mainly Nikes or Adidas, and the way that whole thing escalated into this big showdown between Granddad and Stinkmeaner and Huey foolishly thinking that Stinkmeaner was like Zatoichi, the blind swordsman, when he’s really just an old blind man who loves to talk shit and being an asshole to everyone and thus……well, dead. But he did return…….

7. “The Story of Thugnificent”

Have you heard the song, “Booty Butt Cheeks” in past episodes before season 2 premiered? Well, on season 2, that is when the first appearance of its rapper, Thugnificent, happened. I got to admit, I love this character from the get-go, because you know at the time around 2005-2008, there was a popularity emergence of Southern (mostly Georgia-related) rappers like T.I., Ludacris and some other rappers that are probably irrelevant now and he is the embodiment of those rappers from his upcoming being from Terra-Belle, Georgia to having a bunch of people from his old hood and Macktastic and Flonominal, who he met from the label group, in his clique Lethal Interjection. Yeah, it does plays the old “out of control rapper living in the very white with some pretentious black people” angle and the results of that were good, especially the diss record “Eff Granddad”, a Boondocks-related classic song in the making.

6. “The Story of Catcher Freeman”

DJANGO……I mean, CATCHER!!! OK, OK, OK, looking back at this episode and at the time, there were trailers of “Django Unchained” popping up on the internet and seeing the movie (yes, I still liked it), I did think for a while that this is probably what happened if Catcher Freeman had a live-action adaptation and as for this episode, this one has the most funniest lines I’ve heard in the show, mostly during the first two tellings of the Freeman tale but I got to give it up for when Huey told the most accurate side of the story where I got my humor fill. Donald Faison as Tobias (in all three versions) gave me the most laughs throughout, especially in the first and the third version of the story. (“No!! You lyin’ black bitch!! That wasn’t a week!!”)

5. “Pause”


Everyone knows that this show isn’t afraid to pull any punches when it comes to targeting specific people, especially for this one being Tyler Perry. Yeah, I (and I know I’m not alone on this) think the guy is a terrible writer, actor, and director. A good businessman but an awful writer and the fact they actually lampooned and satirized his work made me respect this series even more. They pretty much showed how typical A Tyler Perry production (or in the show’s case, a Winston Jerome production; Ma Dukes=Madea, finding talented black actors who are mostly out of work to be in his works,) is and how and why people are attracted to it, like a Christian cult angle and the whole “Is he really gay?” thing since he loves to cross-dress all the time, playing a 80-something year-old southern Black woman and how Granddad manages to give him all he’s got…PAUSE!! Yes, Pause, one of the most controversial episodes of The Boondocks and also a favorite of mine and many others.

4. “The Red Ball”

This is where the anime fan inside of me is really interested in this particular episode, mostly because this is very similar to an episode of Samurai Champloo called “Baseball Blues”, where the Americans challenged the Japanese to a game of baseball where the Japanese are the protagonists or much like the Stephen Chow movie, “Shaolin Soccer” only this time, it’s the Americans who are the good guys and the Chinese are the antagonists. This episode was hyped up when the preview of it was first aired and we were expecting both an action-packed and funny episode out of it and since I only speak for myself, I was very satisfied with the final product.

3. “Stinkmeaner Strikes Back”

Stinkmeaner is back, bitches!!! Yep, not even Hell can handle his ass and now he haunts the living by possessing the body of one Tom DuBois and where do I start from this? From the lines of “What did you say, nigga?” to “Fuck your court, nigga!!!” to “Read, nigga, Read!!” and “These things strike fear in a nigga’s heart. A job application.” This episode up the ante from the previous Stinkmeaner episode and to me, it got nowhere to go but up at this point.

2. “Return of the King”

Looking back at this episode, this really puts me into perspective. What would have happen if Martin Luther King Jr. would’ve survived being shot in 1968 and lived to see the world progress after the Civil Rights Movement and notice some of the black foolishness, the way of the 24-hour news network can make you an enemy of most closed-minded Americans, advertising your likeness just to sell whatever people are selling, and notice what you try to accomplish in your time, changing the world for the better and see how so many people take advantage of that? That and also people really got offended when they heard MLK (or just Kevin Michael Richardson in his MLK voice) saying the word “nigga”. I’m not one of those people that got offended. Hell that was the best part of that episode because if I was in his shoes and all the shit I did for them turn out like it did in the episode, I’d be pissed off, too. Anyway, “Return of the King” is one of those episodes where I can laugh and made me ponder about “what if”.

  1. “Stinkmeaner 3: The Hateocracy”

Yep, you probably should’ve seen this coming from the previous entries as the final installment of the Stinkmeaner Trilogy ended with a bang by introducing the Hateocracy, which consists of a violent Redd Foxx, Ninja Jimmy “JJ” Walker and whoever the fuck that other one supposed to be, the one with the wig either Florida Evans, Thelma, or somebody. Yeah, these are some dangerous motherfuckers and just by fighting them, you are guaranteed that you will die. Hell, this episode has the balls to kill off Bushido Brown. You heard right. Bushido Brown dies in this episode and you know what, I’m glad they did now that you think about that. It was an unexpected move to do that and also Bushido Brown isn’t really that relevant aside from “Let’s Nab Oprah” so I expect no one to care any less but damn, I was wrong. People were fucking shocked at that moment but hey, what’s done is done and it is also the perfect end to this trilogy and it shall forever be closed, because doing another one wouldn’t feel right.

And so, that is my top 10 Favorite BOONDOCKS episodes. You got any favorites that I missed? Just leave a comment or tell me your favorites.

Also, I’m very pleased that NEW episodes of The BOONDOCKS are coming to Adult Swim in 2014, although there is no specific air date at the time of writing this list, I’m still excited for the triumphant return of this show.

And until then, this is MAK2.0 aka Blue Hybrid, bringing all the elements in one format.


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