The Anime Discovery Christmas Special THE SEQUEL: Itsudatte My Santa (Anime and Manga)

NOTE: This review takes place after this story……..

Well, welcome back to the world of Ken Akamatsu, the guy who made a manga series that I was very annoyed with, spinning off into an anime series that I reviewed over a year ago and I really hated the hell out of that show and can’t understand why people like this but then again I reviewed the Christmas Special and that was less painful but still bad nevertheless.

Now given that this is only an OVA that lasts 2 episodes, I’m already considering to be better than…..well, you know, and I’m going to try my best to not much mention much of Love Hina, since this could be a whole different set of property than what I already seen of Akamatsu with some similarities to his past work.

An unlucky boy named Santa was born on Christmas Eve whose parents don’t even care about meets a Santa-in-training girl named Mai. She is determined to wish him the best Christmas he will ever have and its gets even better when they fall in love with each other. Mai, a Santa in training, appears in front of an Unlucky boy named Santa, on Christmas Eve, promising him, she will make him happy for one night.

Well, I can tell you this: future and soon-to-be parents, if you ever name your kid Santa, they got every right to hate you and for leaving your kid on Christmas Eve, another reason for them to hate you (although in the show, that reason is mentioned but that is SPOILER territory that I won’t go into) so anyway, the first episode is a bit cheesy and sometimes serviceable considering a kid being left alone on Christmas time and you wonder why he really hates it. You could say he should took advantage of his parents being alone and he acted like a little angsty bitch boy and you might be right but either way if it would’ve gone that route, it would’ve been worse and far more disjointed and that’s not saying much as some of the comedy and drama elements are very disjointed.

One moment, you have Santa telling you about his horrible past and then the next, Mai gets into a fight with the Yakuza over for some damn birthday cake. However, that main problem only lasts an episode out of a 2-episode OVA and the second episode really seems pointless. I mean, as cheesy and annoying as the first episode was, at least it had a plot and storyline. The 2nd episode was just another standard beach episode with some rehashes of what I saw previously. It becomes blindly redundant and over repetitive as if the writers felt lazy and didn’t bother to expand the first storyline to fit into the 2nd OVA episode.

Well, for characters, there are some basic anime archetype characters like Santa being the angsty whiny boy character type and there’s Mai, the energetic trainee girl who tries to lift Santa’s spirits although it turns out in the story, she would end up being the romantic opposite of Santa and I did expect some Akamatsu female traits in her, much like Naru, fortunately she wasn’t as unlikable and irritating as Naru but not as smart as her (although Naru isn’t really that smart in the first place). Them as a romantic pair…….It seemed like they were just putting that together at the last minute and never develop any actual thought into it. Then in the second episode (or at the end of the first one) introduce the typical tsundere character Sharry and it’s definitely what I expect from this type of character although as bland and atypical they are, I wasn’t exactly raging in anger. They are just mostly boring characters for the part.

Animation is courtesy of TNK and if you don’t know who they are, well, it wouldn’t matter as they don’t make much good material anyway although their well-known stuff either involves high school, boobs, and sometimes murder (i.e., High School DxD & School Days) and this is mostly dull animation. Possibly even worse than what XEBEC did with….well, you know….it has the amount of and even on a 2-episode budget, this feels mighty cheap and I did suspect them re-using the same animation in the beginning of the 1st episode into the 2nd one.

And you know what? To save me and yourself some time, the music and the English dub from FUNimation is just awful (and by that, I mean the script either it be the Japanese or English version is dull and awful). First, the music is somewhat festive but nothing I would remember of the spot and I really didn’t like the theme songs that much, especially where they would scream MY SANTA!!! At some point. Then about the dub itself, Chris Burnett’s voice really didn’t work as Santa as he was whinier than the character itself and as for Britney Karbowski, she wasn’t exactly better either although for both of them, that’s more of the script’s fault than the actors.

Oh yeah, and as for the manga, it is a one-shot and it is just like the first episode, meaning that whole other episode in the OVA was very, very, very pointless. Granted, it stuck to its true task and not stray away from its objective but if the objective in the anime seem fruitless, what makes you think the manga is going to be any different. It’s just like that first episode of the OVA. As for the artwork, it is Ken Akamatsu art style and it is what it is. It does compliment it and that’s all for that.

FINAL VERDICT: This isn’t exactly rage-inducing but this is still quite bad. The writing is all over the place with a much lack of the primary focus into the story and like the Love Hina Christmas Special, I wouldn’t give it a pass because it wasn’t like its predecessor (although My Santa was only a one-shot manga). I would not recommend this for the holidays whatsoever. Hell, I would actually say watch the Love Hina Christmas Special over this…..yes, the one time I say watch anything Love Hina over this.

Does My Santa deserves a big lump of coal after its presentation?




ITSUDATTE MY SANTA is available to own on DVD via FUNimation and streaming options are on EVS and (both in sub and dub).


And until then, this is MAK2.0 aka Blue Hybrid and I wish you a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa and mostly a very safe Happy Holidays to all of you.


ITSUDATTE MY SANTA – animation by TNK; distributed by FUNimation Entertainment

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