(Hy)Lights #14: Kanye West – YEEZUS

Original Date: June 17, 2013

Look at that album cover, huh? Yeah, you know you like that shit. You love that glorious cover of just the CD and a red tape that just say “Yeezus” on it.

OK, truthfully, the album cover does look more lazy than Lupe Fiasco’s last album but if it’s for creative purposes, then it’s somewhat creative….it just doesn’t fell like it to me. Anyway, what is “Yeezus”?

Yeezus is the 6th solo album by Kanye West to be released June 18, 2013 and the thing about it that not everybody knows that much about it coming in 2013 or it might’ve just been me who didn’t know shit about it. It started last month in May where Kanye tweeted on his Twitter, “June Eighteen”, but what was the date for? Many speculate it to be either his next album or the birth of his baby with Kim Kardashian (Actually, the birth of that baby was the weekend before Yeezus was released but then again, why should I care about that?) but it was the former.

He was been doing some promotion for his album, performing his singles on Saturday Night Live but when it came to pre-orders, there was some earlier but that was kiboshed at the last minute…..although the week before released, there was a leak of it on the internet that I assumed everyone got their hands on.



The production work and the tracks are pretty diverse and experimental as of Kanye’s other works post­-Graduation but fortunately, it’s leaning towards a better effort than 808s and Heartbreak and more fitting than My Dark Twisted Beautiful Fantasy and speaking of diverse, the people he had featured on production is that, from Ackeejuice Rockers, Arca, Daft Punk, Mike Dean, Gesaffelstein, The Heatmakerz, Hudson Mohawke, No ID, Rick Rubin, RZA, Travis Scott, Symbolyc One, TNGHT & Young Chop


My favorite tracks on it include, “On Sight”, which was produced by Daft Punk and since they already impress me with their own album this year, this is the cherry of Daft Punk’s sundae; “New Slaves”, as it got that hypnotic beat that keep me tuned in; “I’m in It”, which was decent at best and yes, the RZA produces this as well so, of course, I’m going to like it; “Send it Up” was an alright effort; “Guilt Trip” is reminiscent to the 808s album but mostly the better parts of that album and the best track for me was the last track on the album, “Bound 2”, which is more soulful in its own experimental sound than it already is. Honorable mentions include “Hold My Liquor”; with surprisingly a solid verse by Chief Keef (although I never listened to his music but I’ve heard not-so-good things about him), “Blood on The Leaves” & “Black Skinhead” are other good tracks but it’s not something I would listen to all of the time.


FINAL VERDICT: This is basically the 808s & Heartbreak album, but it’s more improved with less auto tune, making the album more experimental, has that abstract feel to it and it never feels out-of-place as felt like Kanye was really focused on this album more than anything. The only nitpick I got from this album is that……it felt too short. I would have been fine if he included 3 or 4 more tracks in there because 10 songs and the album runtime being 40 minutes just felt empty to me, like there were some other songs that sounded better than before. Then again, some albums are probably better being short good ones than long, painfully bad ones and Yeezus was one to own.


I just hope nobody has the courtesy of giving an album some inane name and……wait….*goes to internet*….Jay-Z’s newest album is going to be called……..MAGNA CARTA HOLY GRAIL!!!???!?! That sounds like some Assassin’s Creed, Fate/Zero shit.


Oh well, until then, this is MAK2.0 aka The Hybrid, bringing Yeezus in one CD with no cover and some tape.




THE MIND OF THE HYBRID ONE – my Tumblr site.

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