Anime Discovery the 4th Cycle #81/Kakurega Project – Garzey’s Wing



You know, this isn’t just going to be a review, this is more of a warning sign of what not to do in an anime production or if you intend to watch this (and I know some of you curious enough to watch it will), you might as well be drunk enough to stomach through this one.

Garzey’s Wing is infamous for having a minimally explained plot, so most ideas of the purpose must be extrapolated. The protagonist Chris is abruptly whisked away to a parallel world called Byston Well while his physical body remains in his home world. Chris’ spiritual manifestation travels to a new world, where he is thrust into a rebellion. Chris is told that he has a mystical power called “Garzey’s Wing”, which causes large wings made of light to come out of his ankles, allowing him to fly and run quickly.

OK, let’s just get this out of the way right here right now, because this might as well be a FINAL VERDICT considering I don’t much to say about this and it’s that……this show is absolute straight-up shit; the most confusing and mind-numbing anime OVA I have ever seen. I felt like I wanted to fall asleep from how unfocused and confusing the story is, whether if it’s the plot holes that I couldn’t be bothered to count or how the main character Chris is in the world of Byston Well and in the real world, too. They say his spirit is in there, but when he’s awake, he’s still in that world and I tried to figure that out but I would lose more IQ points if I did than I already did for the past 90 minute runtime.

I couldn’t make a lick of sense of what’s happening in the show as if they were even trying to confuse me on purpose and it worked. I really didn’t care about any character of this show and why should I? They felt more like actors in a low-budget stage play that your friend’s in and are too embarrassed to be associated with them. It also doesn’t help that all of them are practically annoying especially Falan Fa, that Navi from Legend of Zelda wannabe fairy whose voice gets more irritable every time she speaks.

The artwork and animation is so damn bad….I mean, I know it’s vintage circa the 90s but I saw anime like Evangelion, Berserk, Battle Angel Alita & especially Cowboy Bebop that had vintage animation but at least the animation for those shows (yes, especially Berserk) were better than the atrocity that J.C. Staff, one animation company that I was ready to forgive for Eiken, but it’s not going to happen anytime soon, unless I get an anime title from them that’s actually better….and yes, J.C. Staff have done better titles than this.

The music is very generic and forgettable and the ending theme song is also forgettable as I just skip through it to get to the next episode and while the music is done by Shiro Sagisu, who has done better work than this, it’s nothing to spark an interest of and of course the English dub ……. This thing is the three P’s: Pathetic, pitiful, and piss-poor. Why can’t anybody get that sometimes overacting isn’t always the solution to be entertaining? The lines from the actors sounded very forced and awkward as if the ADR director just told them to ham it up as possible as they can, but the problem with that is this anime is supposed to be taken seriously as the director intended but who would take this shit seriously?

Like I said, this show is awful….I mean, very awful. I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy (Well, maybe if I wanted to mess with them.) I’m sure this anime is way out of print and it needs to stay that way……forever.


Therefore, I’m going to clip of their wings and give this a…..

1/10 – Clownshoes



Until then, I’m MAK2.0 aka The Hybrid, bringing all the elements in one format.


GARZEY’S WING – animation by J.C. Staff / distributed by US MANGA CORPS.



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