Anime Discovery the 4th Cycle: BERSERK The Golden Age Arc II The BATTLE FOR DOLDREY – #78

As soon as word got out that Hybrid de-immortalize one of the Anime Gods and then beheaded him, sending a message to the other ones that Hybrid will not rest until every one of them is killed by his hands. Next up, he went to find the second Anime God or as he calls him AG2 but unlike the last time, there were a lot of security armed with infrared goggles, Red Mist bullets, regular guns, pretty much the whole nine yards of taking Hybrid down. AG2 signaled them to start firing as he saw the Hybrid approaching the facility. The bullets seem to slow him down and as it looks like he’s taken down and the guys are about to reveal his face, it was a fall guy. Startled, AG2 looked nervous as angrily ordered to have the whole place on battle lockdown…..and the battle is still going on, just like in the world of BERSERK: THE GOLDEN AGE ARC II: THE BATTLE FOR DOLDREY.

Griffith’s words about true friends still resound in Guts’ head. They haunt him on the battlefield and in his downtime, making him question his moves and motivation. This doesn’t stop him from fighting for Griffith as the Band of the Hawk joins the other forces of the king to take down Doldrey, a nigh impregnable fortress that has never been successfully besieged. In between battles, Guts continues to ponder where his life is headed if he sticks with the Band of the Hawk, strengthens his bond with woman warrior Casca, and ultimately makes a decision that will have a great impact not only on his future, but on the rest of the Hawks’ as well.


So, if you’re like I and you watched the first movie before the series but you managed to watch the second movie after (or at least the dub version that aired on Neon Alley), the events taken place mostly resembles of episodes 11-19 with a few parts that might have been skipped over, most likely the events that happen in episode 18 but it doesn’t stray too far from its narrative with a few scenes that involve the characterization of Casca, her past, and her dealing with the misogynist warrior she went up against….oh, and the way she deals with him in the end is very satisfying, that is, if you thought what happened in the series wasn’t deserving enough of that guy.



Characterization does exist in here but mainly for the main three characters, that being Guts, Griffith, and Casca and for the other members like Corkus, Rickert, Pippin, Codeau, etc. are merely just side characters doing whatever in the background and there were some slight changes in characterization, especially Griffith in the last 25 minutes of the movie, but if you already know what happens in that runtime, you don’t need me to explain it.


The animation is just about the same as the last movie, as while Studio 4°C continues to struggle with their problems of CG usage in the movie as it still looks like an early computer demo of the movie rather than the finished product and the music is still as epic as the last movie and the series, the theme from last time is still here although the end credit music has a change in instruments for the first half.


The Viz Media/NYAV Post dub is on par with the last film although I thought in the first half, Carolyn Keranen’s performance as Casca felt less energetic than she did in the TV series, but mostly in the scenes where she’s being confronted by Guts. Marc Diraison’s performance was more light-hearted as Guts than the last time and the unimportant characters’ performances, as forgotten as they are, rate from OK to acceptable.

FINAL VERDICT:Well, I don’t have much to say as I already did say it in the last review but if you want to know more about Berserk in under less than 10 hours, the movies are a good deal. This one does have all the action and battles from the series but missing a few important details that can make it incomplete to others. Still, I would give it a watch and then a potential buy.

So, what are the results for the Battle of Doldrey?


Solid B. – 8/10





“Well, well, well…..” a mysterious voice said in the dark, “Your precious traps, use of Red Mist, and gunfire didn’t work against me.” As he comes from the shadows, it was Hybrid who’s holding all the ammunition in his hands and quickly loaded and as he began to fire, he said, “You got any last words, fools? Oh, and…..” After that pause, he threw some of that liquid to AG2’s face and he, too, was about to his powers, the same way AG1 did and now he’s mortal and powerless, Hybrid then begin to aim at him and then smirk as he said to him, “2 down—“Then he kept shooting AG2 until he had drop dead from the gunshots and the shock, “—2 to go.” And after that, he grabbed the sword he kept in his coat and begun to hack AG2’s head, then he torched the place with gasoline, symbolizing another message to the remaining ones.


And now, the following review for next time requires to either doing one of the two things:


And until then, I’m MAK2.0 aka The Hybrid, bringing all the elements of one format.


BERSERK: THE GOLDEN AGE ARC 2 – THE BATTLE OF DOLDREY – Animation by Studio 4°C & distributed by VIZ MEDIA



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