Anime Discovery the 4th Cycle: BERSERK the Golden AGE Arc 1: The EGG of the KING – #77

Sometime later after getting ready, The Hybrid with the help of the FATES sneaks in to the Anime Gods’ palace and as they scoped the place around, there was a massive bound of bodyguards surrounding the place and his plan is to de-immortalize and murder them one by one. ”Well, well, well…..” Hybrid said, “Looks like I found my first target.” He never did bother to know their names considering they never said it to him, so he called him, “AG1” but he did recognize one of them, even from afar and soon, Hybrid cloaked himself with his stealth mode, having the FATES to stun the bodyguards as he passes them. He got in the place but he didn’t want to sneak in, kill him, and leave without a trace. He wanted to face his adversary and off him by his sight. “AG1….I come for your ass and your immortality.” He screamed that out loud for everyone to hear and then he closes the doors so no one can come in. “I came to do what I should’ve done a long time ago.” And speaking of re-doing something, the journey into the world of BERSERK continues with THE EGG OF THE KING.

A land of war.

For a hundred years Midland and Chuder have fought one another. Guts is a wandering mercenary, taking advantage of the war to make his living. In his wanderings he catches the eye of Griffith, the young leader of an up-and-coming band of mercenaries. The meeting isn’t a happy one. Guts kill some of Griffith’s men and Griffith stabs Guts in the chest. But Griffith is taken with Guts’ skills, and duels with him to force him into his mercenary corps, the fabled Band of the Hawk. Years pass. Despite his hot temper and frequent clashes with Griffith’s lady lieutenant Casca, Guts has made his place in the Band and grown fast friends with the brilliant and ambitious Griffith. Through siege and raid, against man and immortal demon, assassin and scheming noble, Griffith and his band rise ever victorious through Midland’s ranks. And always at his right hand is fierce Guts, trusted with all the dirtiest and most dangerous of his tasks.

You know, I actually have something to tell you about me looking into the series and the movies….well, the first movie and the fact that I watch that first even before heading into the series. I know that the movies are more manga-centered as it covers as the film states The Golden Age Arc and I know for a fact that the movies is parallel to Berserk TV episodes 2-10, only with slightly advanced animation and speaking of that, the animation has switched from Oriental Light & Magic to Studio 4°C and like the TV series, there is some bad flaws to it, such as it can look a bit clunky and jarring at times and the CG often clashes with the background, making it look more fake than it already is, however, some characters do look more detailed than the TV series and the backgrounds are slightly more appealing to look at.

For the story and those who have already seen the show, this is more of a cliffs’ notes version of what happened in the series, only bringing the important details and nix the unnecessary and unnoticeable parts although I feel less interaction with some of Griffith’s crew and possibly even less for Casca. I know that in the later movies, they might be featured more into the limelight but it felt like they were just there for…..well, just there. Characters and their traits are the same in here as in the TV show so no going through that again.

Musically, the score was done by Shiro Sagisu this time around and it was a pretty good score, maybe not as much as Susumu Hirasawa but he did help with the theme song of the movie and the song is good and all, but it will never be a “FORCES” or “Guts’ Theme” in my eyes.


And for the English dub, Viz Media actually got the original cast and crew from NYAV Post to do the dub and while I think since the show’s dub was hit or miss, the movie’s dub is well-done, bringing back Marc Diraison, Kevin T. Collins & Carolyn Keranen in their roles of Guts, Griffith, and Casca respectively and even Collins as Griffith has made more of a better effort in this edition.

FINAL VERDICT: I guess that if you want to know about Berserk in general aside from the manga but you wanted to be in a shorter length, then the movie is designated towards you. However, if you already seen the series, then you probably would think differently about this. It’s still a good movie but for approximately 80 minutes, it feels slightly minuscule for something as epic as the name of Berserk.


Therefore, The Egg of the King gets the stamp of….

SOLID B. – 8/10


“Do you really think you can just come in here, get past my guards someway, and then have the nerve to try and kill me?” AG1 said, “Hybrid, you fucking idiot!!! It will take more than just more bullets to end the life of an Anime God. You are a very foolish man to try this and yet….after we attack some of your friends, put a price on that head of yours and discourage you over and over again, you still try to attack us? WHY IS THAT?” While AG1 was giving his speech of how Hybrid is an idiot, he was too busy mixing something up inside his pocket. “Are you daft or deaf? What in the hell are you doing while I’m talking!?!?!?” Then Hybrid said, “Well, while you were talking about nothing at all, I managed to mix a little something like….” And then Hybrid threw some liquid right away AG1’s face and then a strange gray glow was arising, “WHAT THE HELL IS THIS? SOME SWAMP JIZZ OR SOMETHING? What-wha-wha-what’s HAPPENING TO ME?” AG1 screamed as he begun to go under the liquid’s power. “It’s the power that relinquishes your powers as a God. After that, you are just as mortal as me, meaning that you’ll eventually die…..and by eventually, I mean a few seconds.” And soon after the liquid sucked up AG1’s powers, Hybrid uses his new telekinetic powers to use the swords that AG1 had hanging in the room and stabbed him everywhere in his body and lastly, Hybrid picked up a sword and then said, “You are no longer my ruler. Not even a god can take me down.” Soon he beheaded AG1 and threw the corpse down the balcony where everybody can see it and a note pinned and said, “I’m coming for you!!” and with that, Hybrid with the FATES vanished to get to their next target, preparing for a battle they will never forget and speaking of battles they’ll never forget……


And until then, I’m MAK2.0 aka The Hybrid, bringing all the elements in one format.


BERSERK: THE GOLDEN AGE ARC 1 – THE EGG OF THE KING – animation by Studio 4°C / distributed by VIZ MEDIA



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