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Iron Man (film)
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For some time now, Marvel has completely taken the cinematic world by storm when it comes to their movie adaptations and the fact that they aren’t dependent by only one of their comic book characters (i.e., Batman and/or Superman) or one certain director who shall remain nameless but who would have thought back in 2008 when the first Iron Man movie was released, it would be build up to the other movies like Thor, Captain America and especially The Avengers? Or that Marvel itself would become their movie company, which is owned by Disney now after Paramount sold the movie rights to them (who practically own almost everything)? But let’s get into the review of the Iron Man & Iron Man 2.

IRON MAN: Tony Stark is the complete playboy who also happens to be an engineering genius. While in Afghanistan demonstrating a new missile, he’s captured and wounded. His captors want him to assemble a missile for them but instead he creates an armored suit and a means to prevent his death from the shrapnel left in his chest by the attack. He uses the armored suit to escape. Back in the U.S. he announces his company will cease making weapons and he begins work on an updated armored suit only to find that Obadiah Stane, his second in command at Stark industries has been selling Stark weapons to the insurgents. He uses his new suit to return to Afghanistan to destroy the arms and then to stop Stane from misusing his research.

IRON MAN 2: Now that Tony Stark has revealed to the world that he is Iron Man, the entire world is now eager to get their hands on his hot technology – whether it’s the United States government, weapons contractors, or someone else. That someone else happens to be Ivan Vanko – the son of now deceased Anton Vanko, Howard Stark’s former partner. Stark had Vanko banished to Russia for conspiring to commit treason against the US, and now Ivan wants revenge against Tony – and he’s willing to get it at any cost. But after being humiliated in front of the Senate Armed Forces Committee, rival weapons contractor Justin Hammer sees Ivan as the key to upping his status against Stark Enterprises after an attack on the Monaco 500. But an ailing Tony has to figure out a way to save himself, get Vanko, and get Hammer before the government shows up and takes his beloved suits away. And can he figure out what a mysterious figure named Nick Fury wants with him?

Now with on the first movie, I really love it!! I think out of all the superhero and/or Marvel movies that I love, this would be one that would be on top as it is a perfect blend of action, drama & comedy with all in a light-hearted tone that was needed at a time where most movies centered around superheroes or any relation to it are now trying to be the next Dark Knight, which was released in the same year as Iron Man and that movie is great as well but, hey, who says that those movies only have to exist?

For the second movie, it was…..OK. Not a lot of people gave it that much good reception but it’s more mixed and some people in the few probably hated the movie but to me, I still find it to be watchable and I watch that movie many times without bitching about it. To me, I think there was too much of the comedy aspect in some parts they seemed more troubled than what they appeared to be.

For performances, Robert Downey Jr. owned the role of Tony Stark/Iron Man with being a douchebag character that you really want to root for. That’s the best thing about him as Iron Man, especially for an actor who had a troubled past in his days but now, RDJ is known to be one of the few actors that movie geeks and/or comic geeks worship and I, for one, am proud that an actor like him got a second chance and to not screw it up. Other performances in the movie were all around excellent from Gwyneth Paltrow as Stark’s assistant Pepper Potts did a great performance for her being someone to look after Tony and making sure he doesn’t screw up much, Terrence Howard as Tony’s friend & liaison Lt. Colonel James “Rhodey” Rhodes and Jeff Bridges as the main villain of the movie Obadiah Stane.

However, in the second film for performances, there was a change-up in one role, that being the part of Rhodey, which they replace Terrence Howard with Don Cheadle, although if they were going to replace Howard, they could’ve replaced somebody that looked a little like him and no, I don’t have a problem with Cheadle’s performance, as I thought he was remarkably done well in there. Mickey Rourke and Sam Rockwell didn’t make much leeway in their roles as Ivan Vanko & Justin Hammer, respectively, as it felt like extended cameos or if they posed a major threat at all, but that last part is especially for Rourke. As for Scarlett Johannson as Black Widow……not much of a staple until her part in The Avengers but still okay and she’ll never escape the sexual fantasies of many fanboys….and girls. Yes, I bet that even fangirls envision her in…..Well, you know. I don’t need to mention it.

For the action sequences for how strong they are, the first movie got that locked down as the second only had one action sequence that really got your engines revving and that scene is near the end of the movie. Battle sequences for the second one also felt weak as if they wanted to get through with it and then spout out more exposition leading to the you-know-what movie that I’m sure everybody saw, so there’s no reason for me to mention that. Special effects were great for the first movie and second one, too, but it did felt like there was too much special effects.

FINAL VERDICT:  Yeah, see the movies. Both of the movies are excellent, despite the second being just okay. In fact, see all of the Marvel Cinematic Universe Movies if you planning to marathon them and continue to support them as well….if the movies don’t suck, that is.

Iron Man – BETTER THAN SEX; 10/10

Iron Man 2 – High MATINEE; 8/10

And until then, I’m MAK2.0 aka The Hybrid, bringing all the elements in one format.



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