Anime Discovery the Third/The Kakurega Project – Murder Princess

If you want to know the full storyline written by Angel and myself, THE LINK IS RIGHT HERE!!


I got a feeling with anime that involves princesses, the people behind the shows and/or movies want to use their princess characters for more than just to look pretty, useless, or a damsel in distress….then again that might happen only once or twice around in anime as far as I know. However, this one I’m reviewing today is not like most princess stories or anything involving the word, “Princess”.

In the land of Foreland a coup d’état has occurred and the princess, after witnessing the death of the King, is on the run. She meets with battle-hungry bounty hunter Falis, and with a twist of fate they both switch souls, making Alita the maid of the now princess Falis. Named for her bravery in confronting the enemy as ‘Murder Princess’, Falis must continue to be the princess as well as confronting any new opponent that comes to her way.


To me, this is what happens when you mix in “The Prince and the Pauper”, only you would replace prince with princess and it has the look and feel of an low-budget action flick plus the basic style of any Bee Train produced (or inspired) girls-with-guns/assassins show (i.e., foreign land or settings, two main female leads, mild yuri undertones) and yet this is the show that would appeal to me and I ended up liking it and the OAV coming in total at 150 minutes does manage to not waste any time with unnecessary backstories or characters that you wouldn’t bother to remember or give a shit about.

For characters, I felt like it had some decent likable characters thrown into the mix but along with some minor annoyances. The relationship between Falis/Alita & Alita/Milano was decently developed with how the one looks up to the other for protection, although if they switch bodies, did they switch brains or abilities and also some things you ought to expect when you trade places with a princess and a maid. Then you have the sidekick characters of Dominikov & Pete Armstrong, who worked with Falis and they were OK, basic sidekick characters to one of the main characters and then there is Ana & Yuna, robotic bodyguards to Dr. Akamashi and they are the “moe” characters with weapons and they really nerve no purpose aside from being all “kawaii” and crazy, in other words, I guess the doctor must like little girls…..and now it’s pretty damn creepy.

BEE TRAIN!!!! Yeah, after I mentioned them many times in this review, yes, they did the animation for this and it was good. It was a bit more like El Cazador de la Bruja and a bit of Noir but thankfully less like .hack//sign & Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom as there was plenty of action animation to not be missed but it doesn’t overshadow most of the plot. Musically, it almost felt a misplaced with the opening theme as well as I enjoyed it a bit, it really doesn’t fit within some of the tone of the series, although the ending was nicely done.

And last but not least, The FUNimation dub was an enjoyable dub to say the least with great performances by the two leads Colleen Clinkenbeard (she’s the one who voiced Yoko in XXXHolic) and Monica Rial although for a negative, as much as I don’t mind Carrie Savage’s voice and her as a voice actress, hers was specifically annoying voicing the two androids. For the rest of the cast, they handled their roles very competently and the dub overall was adapted well from the original Japanese version.


FINAL VERDICT: Out of all the Bee Train shows that I have watch so far that they made, this is definitely one OAV that actually deliver what they got in a short amount of time and it’s also something that really appeals to me and my taste in anime and yes, this is an anime that has a taste that appeals to me. In other words, if you like this kind of anime, get it and watch it.


And The Murder Princess gets the count of

SOLID B. – 8/10


And until then, this is MAK2.0 aka The Hybrid, bringing all the elements in one format.


MURDER PRINCESS – animation by BEE TRAIN / distributed by FUNimation ENTERTAINMENT.


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