Anime Discovery the Third: Blue EXORCIST – #68

As the Hybrid is awaken from his coma, he noticed Professor Chaos, Ani, GSXR & Pancho gathered in a bunch reading the files about Hybrid’s past, as his alias of MAK, and as soon as Hybrid got up, he instantly collapsed to the ground and the others heard it as well. “Hey, hey, HEY,” Professor Chaos said, “How long have you been up and can you still even walk?”, Then Hybrid responded with, “Apparently not long enough. Now what the fuck are you guys reading over there?” The rest of the crew looked worried as they are keeping something very secretive of him. He first went to Pancho and tried to get some answers out of him but Pancho remained his poker face intact and didn’t give anything away, soon he went to GSXR and she also told Hybrid that nothing is going on there but as soon as it got to Ani, Hybrid wasn’t going to be fooled and just teleported out of her way and looks at the notes of his past and as he looks, his reaction wasn’t a happy one. “OK, some of you got some explaining to do later.” And with that, his body glow blue out of anger and just ported out of there. Speaking of something that glows or have flames of BLUE…….


So, a show about somebody going after Satan and the person who wants vengeance happens to be his son? Well, of course this idea isn’t new but it’s something.

Humans live in the world of Assiah, demons in Gehenna. The two dimensions are not meant to interfere with each other, but demons still possess creatures in Assiah in spite of this. The humans who can fight these demons are known as exorcists. Rin Okumura is a boy who bears the curse of being Satan’s illegitimate son. His foster father sacrificed himself to save him from demons. To avenge his foster father’s death as well as to prove himself, Rin decides to follow the path of an exorcist.


It’s just not original which most people have been saying about this show, that is the same type of shounen series that all have seen before but does it mean that it’s terrible? Maybe to some, but it’s not about them. The story may have been done before but it did entertain me as it goes around.

That being said, the show does have a bit of religious tone and I am not a religious guy at all but it didn’t get too overbearingly religious as it’s also more like Hellboy in a way but let’s not get carried away.

For the characters, there is very cookie-cutter, run-of-the-mill characters in the show like Rin, who wants to overcome his chances of beating Satan but while training he’s all brawn and little brains, would charge into an attack without knowing a strategy but Rin can be a likable character and goofy in a good way into later episodes albeit he has to keep his secret hidden from mostly everyone. Yukio, Rin’s brother, does get more interesting as the show goes along as he never jokes or bullshit around about his studies of being an exorcist and I do like the relationship between Rin & Yukio as brothers as it wasn’t too feely-sappy but it wasn’t angsty as most people make it out to be. Two other interesting characters in the show are Mephisto Pheles, the Chairman of the True Cross Academy and he’s always bring his eccentric personality whenever he is on screen & Shiro Fujimoto, the foster father of Rin & Yukio and a priest at the Southern Cross Monastery and while this character was killed off in the second episode, he does appear in flashback sessions of the show that gets us to know him as a character. Other characters like Shiemi Moriyama, Izumo Kamiki, Ryuji Suguro, Renzo Shima, & Konekomaru Miwa are okay as well but they happen to be very stereotypical and run-of-the-mill character tropes like the forced romantic interest, tsundere, the rival kid who would turn to be a friend later on, the playboy & the smart kid, respectively and there’s Shura Kirigakure, an Upper First Class exorcist under the guidance of Shiro and she is mostly the fan service character of the show and honestly, it needed that.

For the animation, A-1 Pictures, the offshoot animation production company of Aniplex, did want most shounen shows can’t do well and that is make great fighting scenes in the animation and visuals itself. The art style is very much like Soul Eater in terms of the designs, especially the True Cross Academy outlook. The music was a bit okay with the first opening sequence “Core Pride” by UVERworld, that grew into me and the same can be said for the second OP “In My World” by ROOKiEZ is PUNK’D, but I liked the first theme more. For the ending themes, as much as the first ED “Take Off” by 2PM didn’t fit, I actually liked it (I don’t know why but I do) and the second ED “Wired Life” by Meisa Kuroki was more fitting with the tone of the show. The background music is very orchestral sounding in all the right places and it was remarkably decent.


For the Aniplex/Bang Zoom! Dub that debuted on Neon Alley, when it was announced that Bryce Papenbrook and Johnny Yong Bosch would portray the main characters, I initially thought Bosch would be Rin but I’m glad he was Yukio as Bosch in a reformed character like him would be better suited and not be type casted as much and Papenbrook was good as the character of Rin; Sam Riegel was excellent as Mephisto, Kirk Thornton as Shiro excelled at being a good father figure and character and as for Christine Marie Cabanos as Shiemi, while I dig her voice, it sometime becomes too panicky in a non-panicky situation. Kira Buckland as Izumo nailed it with the character’s bitchiness intact, Wendee Lee as Shura remind me a lot of Faye Valentine…..well, mostly in the sound of her voice and the way she dresses and Stephanie Sheh as a demon cat? That’s an automatic win for me.


FINAL VERDICT: Now this show isn’t groundbreaking or new, the execution was handled pretty well in my opinion. It’s not the best that can be offered in this genre but compared to stuff like Naruto & Bleach, this is a good choice but I will say that you should probably watch Soul Eater but I would recommend this series to you, too.


Does Blue Exorcist got me fired up to 10? Well, it’s more like…..

Solid B. – 8/10

Hybrid was running far, far away from Chaos’ place and felt like he wanted to give up and then the rest of the crew kept chasing after him but he kept using his power to evade them and screamed, “You LOOK into my files? MY PERSONAL LIFE? How in the fuck dare you?!?!?” Then he threw some garbage at them, mostly hitting Pancho and for retaliation, he threw some back at Hybrid but he misses and Hybrid even counter throw some garbage. As he kept running on top of buildings, he stumbled in front of a guy standing in the way, wearing sunglasses and he said to him, “Excuse me, are you the Hybrid?” Then Hybrid got frustrated even more, “Look, I don’t care what you want from me. Just the fuck out of my w—“ Then he got interrupted and the guy said, “My name is SOTY 16 and I have come to warn you of a threat.” “Let me guess, THE FATES?” Hybrid said, “I heard more of my equal share of them. Now will you please get out of my way?” Then SOTY16 put a sleeper grip on him and proceeds to carry him back to whatever he’s from, despite Hybrid being a tall and obviously big guy and with that, he manages to grab the other three and got them out of the GRID and instantly arrested all of them, put them in bags and driven them into an unknown facility for human beings with extraterrestrial powers, which has all the fixings for the next anime to review……


And until then, I’m MAK2.0 aka The Hybrid, bringing all the elements in one format.




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