Anime Discovery the Third: This Ugly yet Beautiful WORLD – #59

It is almost 4:00 A.M. in the morning and Hybrid was feeling weary after being beaten and dragged into a car but luckily someone saved him at the last minute but unfortunately for him, the person that saved him is also the one that was some revenge on him. “Hey, Hybrid, you awake?” that voice answered. “Yeah”, he responded, “I’m not going to get raped, am I?” “No.” the voice said then a light shined on the guy and in case you didn’t know from the beginning, it was Pancho and he said, “But you will get hurt!” Then Hybrid’s eyes widen in the shock of him wanting to kick his ass. “Hey, man……did the wounds heal up pretty well?” He nervously chuckled as he tries to teleport out of there but has no Blue Leaf in him and then he prepared for the worst. While the screams of Hybrid getting the shit kicked out of him and with him saying “STOP!! Please!” Ani & GSXR are planning what town to seek out the crew next and to concentrate from Hybrid’s screams. “NOT THE PLUNGER! THIS ISN’T NEW YORK!! A RUBBER DUCKY? (*squeaky*) Why me?” They were weird out the whole time, especially on the rubber ducky *squeaky* but they thought out the next location and it was somewhere on the other side of the world….albeit they all have to journey into This Ugly yet Beautiful World.

Welcome back to the world if anime studios Gainax and Shaft were actual people in the real world that they could conceive a lot of unique and weird kids of their own. Now I’ve already ventured through Mahoromatic before and I know what content to expect from these two studios.

Takeru and Ryou are high school students who work doing deliveries for the former’s uncle. One night, the two go to investigate a mysterious light in the woods only to find a young girl. Takeru and Ryou are attacked by an alien, which is defeated when Takeru transforms into a powerful and strange looking beast himself. The girl, whom the boys’ name “Hikari” (light), is taken in by Takeru when she confesses to having no memory of who she is.

They are later joined by Jennifer Portman, an American scientist with an interest in the boys and Hikari; Ioneos, a shape-shifting robot loyal to Hikari; Kuon, a little floating alien; and Akari, Hikari’s “sister”. The series follows the daily lives of its characters as they learn about the human condition and face the incoming monsters.

Now upon watching this series, I started to notice a trend within the show, such as taking in an unknown possibly non-human young girl into your place, the main male characters somewhat hate their current life based on stuff in the past (very horrible things), robots are involved, the kicked-in sci-fi element, an older but annoying character who drunks a lot, a harem of girls who crushes on you, the tsundere who’s really has a crush on you, the other alien girl also completely unknown of Earth’s customs.

In fact, this is more like the twin of Mahoromatic. Unfortunately, this is the ungrateful/unimaginative twin who can’t think of anything significant besides basically being a copycat to the older source. The story is very generic from the get-go, if you know much of Gainax or Shaft properties.  The characters give or take, are basically the anime stereotypes we know but hell, I don’t love them that much. Takeru is the miserable pessimistic yet turns a little optimistic teenager who’s often lazy & unmotivated but can transform a powerful primal being……but only for a few episodes that’s ever mentioned. Ryou is Takeru’s best friend who captured the hearts of many girls at his school (including Sakurako and Amika – yeah, that’s all they get for character description) and always has this feel-good position whenever about something and also his sister Kimi, who is the stereotype of kid sister who knows way too much of their age…..and yet I don’t give a damn. Mari is the typical tsundere character, who is also in love with Takeru and oh yeah, she’s also his cousin.  Then comes the lone foreigner (or American) Jennifer Portman, who I swear is more like the molesting teacher in Mahoromatic or Misato & Ritsuko in Evangelion but more annoying, drunk, and not that funny. She’s just being unbearable whenever she appears. There’s also Shinichi Asakura and Daijirou Matsumura, who always want to fulfill their sexual fantasy ever since meeting Hikari and they are really just beating (or in this case, fucking) a dead horse with that stereotype.

For the animation, what did you expect from Gainax and Shaft? Fan service is all around the place from her, but that isn’t why the anime isn’t that great and the budget constraints do show many times here with speed lines, weird and awkward movements, and often contrived pacing. The opening theme is actually very intense and has the dramatic feel set for the show while the ending theme is too much fluff and no twist. BGM is marginally okay but nothing home to write about. The dub by ADV Films was decent but some of the voices just felt too irritating, especially from some of the female characters (mostly Jennifer), but other than that, there was nothing noteworthy of the dub but passable.


FINAL VERDICT: This has the same elements of the other Gainax/Shaft series, but this is just pure laziness and dribble from beginning to end.  I can’t recommended this series unless you want to experience déjà vu but shorter. Personally, I suggest you watch Mahoromatic over this but unlike this, it has a better, more interesting story and a better lead female character.

Unfortunately (for you maybe), This Ugly yet Beautiful World gets the ugly grade of

Planet Tyro Rating: NOT FEELING THIS 3/10




*squeaky* “Will you stop with the squeaking?” Ani said, “It’s getting very frustrating.” Then Pancho walked out of the room, with a satisfied grin in his face, “What? I’m through with my revenge and now I’m cool with him.” GSXR said, “Then why were you still torturing him with a rubber ducky? *squeaks* STOP THAT!!” Pancho said, “Oh, I was just doing that for fun. *duck squeaky*” Then Hybrid appeared from behind and said, “We need to get into deeper beyond our grid. I heard that somewhere there are safe havens hidden in places like Puerto Rico, United Kingdom, Greece, South Africa. We just need to gather the rest and place ourselves there but we got to do it by going into the digital grid.” Then Hybrid pulled out 2 laptops with helmets that have 4 USB plug/outlets ready for the others and preparing for explore within their limits……..and speaking of going into the grid……..

And until next time, I’m MAK2.0 aka The Hybrid, bringing all the elements in one format.


THIS UGLY YET BEAUTIFUL WORLD – animation by GAINAX/SHAFT , distributed by AeSIR HOLDINGS (formerly ADV Films)

THE MIND OF THE HYBRID ONE – my Tumblr page.

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