(Hy)Lights #10 – Second Generation Wayans (first impressions)

Original Date: January 19, 2013

Well, we all know that BET has been doing well in their scripted program division for  shows like the transferred from The CW The Game (which only gotten worse since last season), Let’s Stay Together (it was alright), some other show that I’ve forgotten or didn’t care about and most recently, The Real Husbands of Hollywood, which was a surprise to me, seeing how I didn’t it was going to be funny in the first place but I was proven wrong but for the next series, will this one prove me wrong?

After all, this series has the involvement of the Wayans…….


….All right, all right, all right!!! I know the Wayans have been a pain in most people’s ass since the Scary Movie franchise (and they did helped spawned Seltzerburg, so I can’t vouch for them there), White Chicks, Little Man & Dance Flick but in my opinion, I didn’t mind most of those movies…well, except Dance Flick, this was shit and the Wayans aren’t exactly masters of comedy but they have made some enjoyable movies, depends on which Wayans brother (or sister) you like but this series Second Generation Wayans is based on the new generation of Wayans coming out since it looks Shawn & Marlon isn’t doing much….well Shawn isn’t but Marlon, however…..hey, I didn’t see A Haunted House so I can’t talk shit about that.


The whole point or plot to the series is that the next group of Wayans (and Wayans adjacent) is trying to make it out on their own in Hollywood and the entertainment business in general but they feel like the reason they wanted them is to get closer to their more famous siblings and they can’t be taken seriously.

Now, who are the next Wayans anyway?


Well, first off, it’s Damien Dante Wayans, who is known for writing and directing episodes for Damon Wayans’ Sr. past series My Wife and Kids and you also remember him from the Jamie Kennedy movie Malibu’s Most Wanted playing gangbanger Tec. In the series, Damien is the playboy type who has a way of spending too much money and has a lot of women, even had a past on-and-off relationship with Regina Hall (from the Scary Movie franchise and she was also in MMW).

Next up, it’s the really lesser-known Wayans, Craig Wayans, who was just mainly a writer for most of his years, doing material for The Wayans Bros., My Wife and Kids, Scary Movie 2, Dance Flick and being production assistants for many Wayans-involved projects. Well, he isn’t much of an actor since he’s been in small parts in the past. Now in the series, he’s the type that wants to do right by his son while going through problems with his baby mama.

Then, here’s the next gen of David Alan Grier of the group, George O. Gore II, who you should know from My Wife and Kids playing the big-headed dim-witted son Michael Kyle Jr. (or just Junior – on another note, he was in New York Undercover). He is also trying to make it out on his own through going to UCLA and making it as a producer for them.

Other characters include the assistant Maya, played by Tatyana Ali; Rochelle, the crazy ex-girlfriend/baby mama played by Letoya Luckett and in the first episode, Marlon Wayans makes an appearance to tell them the pressures of being a Wayans in Hollywood, DeRay Davis makes a cameo and apparently Kevin Hart also does as well, although that might a coincidence since it aired after Real Husbands of Hollywood.

I do like the show’s premise of making it in Hollywood can be hard especially when you’re the sibling or just related to your more famous relative, although you think that’s how they got the show in the first place and I don’t know if the show might survive unless they add more of the famous Wayans just for a cameo or to give advice to the new breed. Who knows? Maybe Damon Wayans Jr. might make an appearance since he’s making a name for himself via Happy Endings.

Although, the flaws in here are very visible and cliché, such as the baby mama drama, while being somewhat a nice change of pace, it felt more of a cartoon than actual drama and Damien’s relationship with Regina, which you know will go downhill from here as far as the series is concerned.


FINAL VERDICT: This is something way different than the Wayans’ usual work of comedy but more of the lines like a black Entourage, if you look at it that way. Some parts can be funny but not LOL funny and it can have a hint of dramatic elements. It’s not a perfect series but it’s something that I can watch from time to time.


However, I still think Real Husbands of Hollywood was the better series of those two as being a comedy and something I didn’t expect to be funny.


Oh yeah, here’s my initial score of both first impressions overall:

Real Husbands of Hollywood – 8.5/10

Second Generation Wayans – 7/10



And until then, I’m MAK2.0 aka The Hybrid, bringing all the elements in one format.




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