The Hybrid’s Top 5 Disappointing Movies of 2012

Original Date: December 28, 2012

Well, it’s that time of the year again where many “Best of” lists appear to be on both the screens of TV and the internet and while most of 2012 had some great movies to watch and bad ones that you want to avoid, too, and much like the so-called apocalypse, there are movies that could have the potential to be great or even alright but ends not with a bang or even a whimper, but with a “pffft” and that is what today’s topic is about as I’m going to list out the Top 5 Disappointing Movies of 2012. Why top 5? Well, it’s because I am not that damn picky or easy to please and after all, I am a man (or hybrid) of different tastes.



5. THE CAMPAIGN (or No, this isn’t Indecision 2012; that was funnier)

File:Campaign film poster.jpg

Well, I actually had a little bit of hope from this comedy, seeing how it would fit during this year’s election coverage of who would be the next president and from the trailers; it looked like it could be a raunchy and humorous time. Now, one of the bright spots from the movie is Dylan McDermott as every time he is on-screen as Zach Galianafakis’ character’s campaign manager Tim Wattley, I chuckle my ass off but for the rest felt like talent was just wasting away. I can’t feel any conflict between Will Ferrell and Galianafakis as Ferrell is mostly the jackass who just seems very, very annoying and while they try to play Galianafakis as the underdog and the one you should root for but he’s just as irritating and annoying as Ferrell but even worse. The Campaign would have been a better comedy but ends up falling on its ass too much.




4. ABRAHAM LINCOLN: VAMPIRE HUNTER (or Wait, this isn’t the Daniel Day Lewis adaptation)

You had a crazy yet fun premise. It’s Abe Lincoln as a vampire hunter, killing and cutting vampires left and right and while some of that did happen, something went horribly wrong in the middle of this movie. The movie can sometimes drag and can often take itself way too seriously at peak times. Most realizes the failure due to the script, which was written by Seth Grahame-Smith, the same author of the book from the same name and also this year’s Dark Shadows, which also has Tim Burton a part of it, too. Benjamin Walker, Anthony Mackie & Rufus Sewell play their parts well but everyone else was either dull-sounding or very, very weak. It could have been the movie that revamps the vampire genre as the fearsome and frightful creatures they are but its bite was as sharp as a snapped-off pencil.



3. BRAVE (or Just to Get Back your Rep)

File:Brave Poster.jpg

Well, it’s not worse than the travesty known as Cars 2 but people usually expect very high expectations from Pixar but I guess after 2011, it hadn’t changed as people still expect the best and they were disappointed with what they got, especially me but I had medium expectations of this, considering I knew that Pixar could struggle to get on top again and this year they struggled a lot. I did find the main character Merida, Pixar’s first female leading redhead hero, quite likable and often relates to most people. Unfortunately, it lasts for the first 30 minutes because after that, it all went downhill from here and finds her to be kind of a bitch at some parts and the rest is mostly the usual Pixar schtick they spread that plays off well but sometimes, it’s very predictable with the plot, especially around the 2nd act. Brave is not as bad as it is but it was unfulfilling.





File:The Amazing Spider-Man theatrical poster.jpeg

Spider-Man, Spider-Man, This is the dark version of Spider-Man because Sony didn’t want to lose the license to the movie rights to Marvel and the fourth one was scrapped and so they had to rush into production of that movie quickly, which is one of the reasons why it was so lackluster. They wanted it to have the same feel to the movie as the Nolan Batman movies but the Sam Raimi Spider-Man movies are very light-hearted albeit goofy and sometimes half-assed but at least, they were entertaining to watch. In here, this Peter Parker (not Spider-Man) was represented as an arrogant and selfish teenager, the plot is just a rehash or remix of the first one, the villain du jour (The Lizard) wasn’t really that important to care about. Hell, even Topher Grace as Venom was more of a serious threat than he was……Maybe.  But, yes, this film is did not live up to its name and quite frankly, that might haunt you for the rest of their life.




1. RED TAILS (or Black Pearl Harbor that also has Cuba Gooding Jr.)

File:Red Tails Poster.jpg

Yeah, I really wanted this movie to be good once I have heard about it and it did have some good talent (I don’t really care for George Lucas) behind the screen but the problem with that is they are only well-known for directing and writing TV shows (Anthony Hemingway – directs TV episodes of Treme, True Blood, Community, etc.; Aaron McGruder – creator of THE BOONDOCKS; John Ridley – TV writer, co-wrote Undercover Brother & Three Kings). The film was about as cliché as it gets and most of the characters you actually give a damn about aren’t exactly a presence on-screen, especially with the one who has a girl he’s waiting to come home to and all of you should know what happens to that kind of characters and the others are just the same but not much in a black stereotype kind of way, but just annoying. Like what most people said, it felt more like a made-for-TV movie and there was already one of that and I’m sure that it’s better made than this. In closing, Red Tails had potential to a better film despite having what’s-his-face attached to this but sadly, the more he’s brought up, the less credibility this film gets and suffers for it.



Well, that is one list down and two more to go….


Until then, I’m MAK2.0 aka The Hybrid, bringing all the elements in one format.


THE MIND OF THE HYBRID ONE – my Tumblr site.


THE CAMPAIGN – courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures

ABRAHAM LINCOLN: VAMPIRE HUNTER & RED TAILS – courtesy of Twentieth Century Fox

BRAVE – courtesy of Disney/Pixar

THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN – courtesy of Columbia Pictures Industries Inc.

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