The Hybrid’s Top 10 Best Movies of 2012

Original Date: December 28, 2012

Well, now that I went through the disappointments and the worst movies of them all in 2012 but now, we have finally getting to the moments that most people are waiting for….or those that give a damn, the best movies that had us talking, the ones that had us reliving our favorite moments and scenes about those movies we discuss mostly on a daily basis for film buffs everywhere, whether they are casual, intermediate, or hardcore, for the year of 2012. This year in movies really did brought its A-Game, even in movies that were exceptionally okay (or were rated as MATINEE in Spill Terms) but before we get to that, here is the Honorable Mentions that didn’t make it to my list but are still worth mentioning, not in any particular order:




Well, as somebody that doesn’t have much of an interest in horror movies, this one is pretty entertaining, coming from director Drew Goddard and writer-producer/one of the many kings of the fan boys Joss Whedon and I can see why there is massive hype surrounding it, with the meta element and I have gotten to love that in mostly anything. It’s gotten to be overhyped when it was released but in my opinion it’s still a good movie to watch with your friends.


File:Magic Mike.jpg

Who would’ve thought the movie about male stripping would be better-acted, well-directed by Steven Soderbergh and perfectly executed than the one about female strippers? Especially when Channing Tatum, an actor who I really didn’t care until this year, delivers a great performance as the titular character along with Alex Pettyfer, who manages not to suck this year and Matthew McConaughey, who is getting the respect as an actor that he rightfully deserve. Ladies will love it regardless but anyone should have the time to check it out.



Another horror movie that was actually good and this one is co-written by C. Robert Cargill aka Carlyle of this very site (and as Massawyrm of Ain’t It Cool News, too). This movie actually did give me scares watching this especially with the images of families being hanged and killed off can mess with your mind. There is also the exceptional performance from Ethan Hawke as he portrayed a flawed but reasonable main character who really just bought a house to more research for his book. This movie is worth seeing period.



I would say Ben Affleck is no longer the tabloid target he was before but I think it was already proven with his other films Gone Baby Gone and The Town and this time is no different. He excels at this movie from his direction to his acting. There is definitely some well-deserved Oscar buzz going on there and all the other performances from John Goodman, Alan Arkin & Bryan Cranston. Now if this movie didn’t entice you that much, well you can……you know what? No. I think that phrase has worn out its welcome.


File:The Grey Poster.jpg

Well, it’s not Taken 2 and people would actually be glad it’s not that as the movie was very intense and thrilling as having Liam Neeson wasn’t intense enough. Although the wolf-fighting element wasn’t really much, I would’ve liked it more if Neeson actually was punching a wolf but this is meant to be taken seriously so there’s that. It’s definitely more of the better films this year that featured Liam Neeson.


Every Bond fan I know will love this movie for its action, the intriguing plot and mystery of it, and the fact that it surpassed that last movie Quantum of Solace, which left some longtime fans disappointed but this movie is equal to Casino Royale to being the better Bond movie but I really dug the Adele theme song.



You see, Tyler Perry? This is how you do a romantic comedy that has some black people in it without them mentioning that they’re black. They didn’t feel like the stereotypical jackasses that most people expect from these movies. They are more like real characters, people that you would know in real life and not being played for melodramatic effect plus it’s actually funny, enough to make me laugh thinking about it.


File:First official poster of MWIF.jpg

WU-TANG! WU-TANG! Okay, this movie is pure excitement and action from start to finish. We all know some things like fake CG blood, crazy fight choreography, and minimal effort in acting will appear in this movie and yet it’s still fun to watch. Sure, The RZA is not much an actor but for a first-time director, he is actually decent in that role and shows his love for old-school kung-fu films and as always his music will forever rule worldwide.


File:Ted poster.jpg

Seth MacFarlane isn’t always been on my good side. Some of the recent Family Guy has been fair or just sucked, American Dad is actually good and The Cleveland Show sucks rocks but for this movie, this is a good effort from him with Mark Wahlberg is more funny here than he was in The Other Guys. MacFarlane’s performance felt more like he was Brian Griffin mixed with Stan Smith, Giovanni Ribisi was a bit creepy, Mila Kunis was exceptionally well and Joel McHale always know to play the douchebag role right, even though I wish he didn’t do It all the time.


File:Looper poster.jpg

This movie was insane from beginning to end, as in; do you really think that Joseph Gordon Levitt would grow old to be Bruce Willis? I like the whole time traveling is considered to be illegal in the future and of course, when you loop back through time and try to change your past to better your future. Every scene of acting and action were phenomenal, especially that kid actor who played Cid and honestly, he really creeped me out.



And now, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, pimps and pimpettes (why the hell did I say that?), it is now the time for what I believe are the best movies of 2012, which also means that someone is going to disagree with this list, like any other list people made in the past, present, and of course, the future.



File:ParaNorman poster.jpg

From the guys that made Coraline made a movie with horror elements that can appeal to both kids and adults, especially with a kid that can see dead people and a certain character that nobody would have expected to be gay (I won’t spoil anything if you haven’t seen it.). One thing that bothered me about the movie is the whole “He’s a freak, let’s ignore and make fun of him” phrase. However, it still ranks as one of the best animated movies this year but not the top one.


File:Lawless film poster.jpg

This movie is about as dark as it can be about the prohibition era in the 1920s in Virginia. It’s definite that Tom Hardy had a great year (or great 2 years) as a notable actor (with the exception of This Means War); he delivers a substantial performance as one of the leads. Shia LaBeouf manages to have some acting credibility and not scream, “OPTIMUS” or going “NONONONO” anytime he’s in danger. Also great performances from Jason Clarke, Jessica Chastain, Gary Oldman and even Guy Pearce, even if he acted like a cartoon character.



The Dredd movie people have been waiting for, especially after remembering the 1995 Sly Stallone movie and how cheesy and so bad it’s good but still bad it is and after seeing it, the fans have gotten their answers and the result of it is looking good from here. It’s small-scaled and gritty like the comic it’s based on was meant to be and Karl Urban, Olivia Thirlby & Lena Headey really shines in their roles and for the first time since its inception, the usage of slow-mo is actually plausible than just using it for the sake of using it.


File:Chronicle Film Poster.jpg

A found footage film that isn’t exactly a found footage film and is still better than any found footage film released today. It’s one where the characters are actually likable, well-relatable and you actually give a damn about them when something happens to them. There is also the fact that this film didn’t cost that much to make but still looks better than any big-budget movie released and not to mention the very, very obvious Akira allusions to the movie if you see or understand the references. The point is that Chronicle manages to be making a tired format of movies be entertaining and well thought-out.


File:Rise of the Guardians poster.jpg

Yep, this is hands-down not only the best animated movie from DreamWorks but the best animated movie in 2012 overall. When they say this movie is the animated version of “Marvel’s The Avengers”, you better believe it is when they say it because it is so true. The plot may be a bit predictable, at least in the end, but it had a simple premise that was played well and exceptionally well-paced with strange but approved voice-acting from Chris Pine, Hugh Jackman, Alec Baldwin, Isla Fisher & Jude Law.


File:Dark knight rises poster.jpg

It was a really perfect end to Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy despite it not leaving much of an impact like The Dark Knight did, as many people always shouted about everywhere on the internet. But like the last film, everything was stunning from the acting performances of Christian Bale (despite Bruce Wayne being more utilized than Batman), Joseph Gordon Levitt, Tom Hardy, Anne Hathaway, Marion Collitard, Michael Caine, Gary Oldman, Morgan Freeman, and many others too much to name. It may not be the #1 choice of mine, but it’s still a damn good flick in 2012.


File:The Raid Redemption.jpg

Adrenaline…..insanity….bad-ass fighting moves….people actually breaking their bones…..they were delivered this year in the package of The Raid: Redemption. Man, I really love this movie so much. I get nobody really cared about the plot or if there was little to begin and people are comparing it to the recent version of Dredd since that movie had the same style as Raid but either way, I still like both movies equally. But for Raid, the action was very thrilling and satisfying, what little acting was okay, and the music by Mike Shinoda and the ending songs are the very top moments of awesome in this movie. This is definitely a must-see for long time martial arts fans.



File:Django Unchained Poster.jpg

See? I told you this was going to end up on my ‘best of’ list sooner or later and despite all the controversy, all the drama that’s been talked out, and there is also the “N” Word-gate (or n****gate), I still enjoy the hell out of this movie. If I had to repeat myself in this, I’m just going to sum it all up. The acting from all the major characters ranging from OK to Oscar worthy, the music used in there ranges from terrible to amazing, some scenes are brutal to watch but not enough to turn me away and every other moment made me got filled with excitement. This is something I need to get on Blu-ray when it comes out.




Yes. The one comedy from this year that many people wouldn’t expect to be funny or even good at all and it was an adaptation from an ‘80s show and people were already hating on the basis on that and after that, the rest is history. First, I got to say that Jonah Hill & Channing Tatum really brought out the gut-busting moments in this film with having their type roles switch with Hill being the cool guy and Tatum the outcast. But yet, the other performers really excel as well including Ice Cube, who I really wanted to star in something good for once this year. There are also great comedic performances from Dave Franco, Rob Riggle & DeRay Davis as well and it goes to show you that whenever you release a comedy in theaters, don’t show the funny parts in the theater many times and save it for the actual movie itself.




I don’t know if this was very predictable to pick or this seems like what everybody is going to pick. I mean, last year I picked Attack The Block as my favorite movie of last year but this movie was not only the highest grossing movie in 2012, putting Marvel’s movie division as the top of the food chain in comic-book movies, this movie was a real fun ride to watch and something you want to experience over and over again. That’s part of the one of the reasons why I love going to the movies and watching movies and it’s something like this that left a smile in my face after seeing it. That’s the magic this movie and all the others worked on me.


So, despite the bad and disappointing movies released, it was still a great year for movies all around 2012 and let’s hope 2013 is just as good as 2012 and so, until then, this is MAK2.0 aka The Hybrid, bringing all the elements in one format…..and Happy New Year.


THE MIND OF THE HYBRID ONE – my Tumblr site.




CABIN IN THE WOODS & DREDD – courtesy of Lionsgate

MAGIC MIKE, ARGO & THE DARK KNIGHT RISES – courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures

SINISTER – courtesy of Summit Entertainment (Lionsgate)

THE GREY – courtesy of Open Road Films

SKYFALL, THINK LIKE A MAN, LOOPER, THE RAID: REDEMPTION & 21 JUMP STREET – courtesy of Sony Pictures (Skyfall & 21JS – Columbia/MGM; TLAM – Screen Gems; Looper – Tristar/FilmDistrict; TR:R – Sony Pictures Classics)

THE MAN WITH THE IRON FISTS, TED & PARANORMAN – courtesy of Universal Studios (Paranorman – Focus Features)

LAWLESS & DJANGO UNCHAINED – courtesy of The Weinstein Company

CHRONICLE – courtesy of Twentieth Century Fox

RISE OF THE GUARDIANS – courtesy of Dreamworks Animation (Paramount Pictures)

THE AVENGERS – courtesy of Marvel Studios (Walt Disney Pictures)

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