The Anime Discovery Christmas Special: Love Hina Christmas Special SILENT EVE


Well, it’s the month of December and you know what that mean? / Everywhere you see will have the colors red and green. / Why yes, it’s Christmas, can’t you tell? / You should know the temperature should be cold as hell. / Unless you live in the other side of the world and you’re in luck. / Then, congratulations, you’re warm, you lucky fuck. / While the rest of the world and the festive days were delighted / there seems to be one guy whose spirit is sadly misguided and nearsighted / that guy’s name happened to be “The Hybrid”. / A stressed-out anime reviewer is he / Nothing could possibly get him to smile and glee / The reason why you ask for his displeasure and why he’s not pleased / His next anime review job is “Love Hina: Christmas Special Silent Eve” / He hated the TV series as he watched it the first time / Having anger and disgust channeling in his blood like fine wine / He can’t believe he was to do another one again / Wishing if he did drink much, he would have a bottle of gin / There was also a note showing who is the cause / The package came from the one they call “Claus” /Hybrid wondered, “Why did he send me this shit?” /“Did I do something to be put into the naughty list?” /He said, “Fine.” Then he packed up and set for his goal. / The Hybrid is now traveling all the way to “The Pole”. / Should he take a car, a bus, or a plane? / No, man that would be lame. / As he can transport everywhere as he please / he just took a hit of those Blue Leaves.


If you couldn’t tell by the first few paragraphs and the last time I reviewed an anime, I really hated Love Hina for its very sophomoric and juvenile ways of bringing humor that’s dumb but ends up being painfully dreadful to deal with, alongside the awful main characters Keitaro and Naru, with their so-called romance and him finding the girl he supposed to meet in Tokyo U. Now since I already review the show, I’m going to do this review differently. This is going to be an in-depth review, meaning I will basically tell you the whole special but mostly bringing out the important aspects of it and skim through the fat to get to the meat and yeah, there will be spoilers so if you haven’t seen the special yet, you might want to skip this and watch that. If you don’t mind there being spoilers, then sit back and enjoy…..well, this. But first, let’s get the plot synopsis out of the way. The winter has begun in Hinata. X-mas is coming up. There are rumors about this special Christmas Eve: If someone is going to confess his love on this Christmas Eve, any wish will come true. Keitaro decides to confess his love to Naru. But he isn’t the only one confessing on this Christmas Eve…


Less than a second, he was there already in a flash / But first, he has to kick that guard’s ass / He came with a heater ready to shoot and aim / Then Hybrid transported first and decked him right in the brain / Then there were a thousand elves and helpers ready to fight and scrap / But Hybrid just transported out of there, so it’s a wrap/ and the elves responded to “We’re in deep crap.” / Hybrid appears in the scene and charge without a pause / as he goes for the jump on old Mr. Claus / He lunges down and his eyes look surprised / He only found some trap in a disguise / Then came the bullets lunging towards the Hybrid / Coming in like slow-mo like he was watching The Karl Urban Dredd / Then he was jumped himself by a man dressed in red and chrome / And then both him and Hybrid head-butted their domes / Kicking, punching, and scratching is all that enter their zone. / The fighting dies down and then Claus revealed himself, stopping the shy / And no, his name’s not Santa, it’s merely Sentai.

(Yeah, Santa has a brother that lives in a place called the East Pole, which is where he gets his imported toys made at and then Sentai ships it to him earlier or either have the regional Clauses to deliver for him. Yes, Santa has other replicas of him made, he isn’t exactly as young as he thought he was and this point is where I stop rhyming altogether and get to the review.)

In the beginning, Keitaro has this dream of his younger self playing on the playground with his intended crush he promised to meet in Tokyo U, that may not be either Naru or Mitsune, and the kawaii levels of that will irritate a person if they can’t stand it and then him, Naru, & Mitsune all woke up from the same dream, as if they were dreaming the same thing. Anyway, they are doing the usual of studying to get into Tokyo U. until Keitaro said that the rumor of professing to your love on Christmas Eve that any wish you want will come true, meaning Keitaro will eventually do that to Naru, who’s acting more like a pouty bitch than usual, even when she saw Keitaro and his two dumb-ass friends doing part time work in the cake shop. I mean, what she got to be mad about that for? One of the prime examples why I can’t stand this character of the series and speaking of intolerable characters, Su & Sara went around snooping for Christmas presents in Keitaro’s and the other rooms, although I can’t blame them for that, but unfortunately this is where the main plot kicks in.

They both found a letter that Naru wrote to somebody and now they assume that letter is meant for Keitaro because the word “love” happens to be on that letter and yet, they couldn’t be bothered to read the whole damn thing, meaning they need to keep this from Keitaro…..which didn’t last that long as Shinobu told him all about it and he is now dancing with glee, the little moron he is, and then as he continues his celebration on the roof, he slips and falls, but not to his death, it was only a sprained ankle that came out of it. He confesses to Naru about his love but she felt more uncomfortable than before, which leads more worry to Keitaro.

OK. I also have another problem with this as I do with the series. It’s all centered on Keitaro and Naru’s love life too much. It’s like if the other characters really don’t give a damn about their own lives and just snoops around theirs all the time just so they won’t get too bored with themselves. Why can’t they let them be? Hell, even Motoko, the one character who annoyed me in the series, make that statement and her levels of crazy have been turned on this time around, which is exactly a good thing but she doesn’t get too much screen time anyway.


Well, in short, the letter was actually meant for Seta and the whole group seemed shocked. Maybe if Su & Sara went the whole damn letter, the assumption levels wouldn’t went too high on this, leaving Keitaro to be confused and possibly heart broken, not like I give a fuck about his problems.

Oh, Mutsumi shows up, asking Naru if she’s going to confess her love to Keitaro but she doesn’t, Mutsumi now wants to do it but Naru objects to that, saying that she’s not the girl that Keitaro made a commitment to and yet either is Naru, which leads me to this question: WHO THE HELL IS THE DAMN GIRL ANYWAY. So far, watching this damn series, we think that girl is either Naru or Mutsumi, but the series proves that wrong and you know what? Who gives a shit about that anymore? If Keitaro can’t be bothered to remember or even ask the girl’s name before, he wouldn’t have been in this mess.

Did I forget to mention all of that I wrote only happens in the first 20 minutes, while the rest is them finding their way to each other or home? There is also an appearance (or at least, animated appearance) of the author of the series, Ken Akamatsu, thrown in there for some reason, mostly for Shinobu and Kitsune to help sell more of his books.

Not many things happen for me worth telling you about, except Keitaro could’ve just forget about Naru and go for Mutsumi but like I said, she’s not the little girl that Keitaro promised to and in the end, they all found each other and everything was hunky-dory and Naru, once again, kicks Keitaro’s ass out of orbit but at least, it was done one time around there.


So, I told off Sentai about why he sent me that anime to review and how exactly my year went with the runaways, the murder, the various kill shots, the troll that made brake my promise to not review anything over 26 episodes, and my 3-week cut-off from the grid. However, as Sentai listened to him, he replied that his year did suck in some levels, but what about the good things that happen? He mentioned the fact that Hybrid’s anime review posts have been going up in numbers, he appeared in his first podcast and then appeared in another one. Actually, you’ve been in a podcast 5 times now this year, you’re being a little bit more social, and…..what else is to say? Sure, some of your personal life sucked this year but who knows for the next one? It was a mixed bag for you, same as either last year but more approved. Hybrid thought deep and hard about that and yep, he came to a realization and he apologized to Sentai for attacking him on his front and after all that, Sentai give him a gift in return but tells him to open it after he gets home and then Hybrid said his goodbye and transported back home and quickly open the envelope and it was a movie ticket to see Django Unchained, a movie Hybrid has been looking forward to all winter and then he spots another letter, but it’s from Santa.


Dear Hybrid,

I think I have created a mess here, you see, Sentai meant to send the Love Hina Christmas Special to another reviewer and I accidentally put your name on there and I know of the incident that happened with Sentai. Yep, Santa does know all and don’t you forget it. That ticket Sentai got for you was a sincere apology but remember this, Hybrid, if you stop being so damn pessimistic all the time, even though you bring excellent points to be that way, maybe some things might be smoother for you next year. Plus, the other package I sent for you, that’s the real thing I want you to review……..

So, have a Merry Christmas to you, Hybrid.

Signed dearly, Santa Claus.

So Hybrid opens the package to see what anime he is going to review next and it turns out to be………wait, I’m not going to reveal it yet, mainly because most of you know what’s going to come next. Oh yeah, the final verdict.


FINAL VERDICT: This was not as bad as I thought or expected it to be, however, it doesn’t mean that I like Love Hina. It is still a bad special in the terms of further characterization, only still focusing on Keitaro and Naru and mostly a plot based on assumption and misleading information that someone could have cleared up in a minute. The annoyance level was thankfully down around here as the characters don’t always be hitting things, but I think it is played down due to it being a Christmas special. It’s as bad as Twilight: Eclipse was bad but had some redeeming factors.

So what rating should I give this?


Planet Tyro Rating: NOT FEELING THIS

Yeah, it’s not that bad as the series, but is still pretty much bad.


Well, this is the end of Anime Discovery 2012. Tune in next time to know what anime I’m going to review for the year 2013 and possibly go into more future and possibly unplanned projects with people.

So, until then, I’m MAK2.0 aka The Hybrid and I wish all of you to have a safe and Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa, Winter Solstice………..or I can just say Happy Holidays to everyone and to all.


LOVE HINA: CHRISTMAS SPECIAL – SILENT EVE – animation by XEBEC / distributed by FUNimation Entertainment


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