Anime Discovery V2 Finale (The One Blood Saga), part 3: Desert PUNK

Well, as we last left, everyone was transported into a passing airplane while unfortunately Jon has been gunned down by One Blood, leaving Hybrid remorseful and fully aware of what his capabilities of keeping them from being killed. The stress and guilt was eating at him so much, he decided to inject more than the recommended dosage of Blue Leaf whether One Blood strikes again. Then Hybrid spotted someone checking in the back and needed to hide quickly so he won’t be spotted and he noticed who it was. It’s Habib, the one guy Hybrid met during the MADHOUSE scandal and he quite gave him a scare that time and as he makes a quiet escape, something went haywire with his power and then he appeared in front of Habib and the first reaction to that is…..him smacking Hybrid for that scare the last time. He asks why he is in the plane and if he’s going to do some more strange shit with his powers but Hybrid was feeling too melancholy to explain and he told Habib all about what happened. After 20 minutes of explaining everything, Habib came to the conclusion that Hybrid fucked up dearly, he was an idiot but understand him being remorseful and regretting his earlier actions and needs to counterstrike quickly and not get anyone else killed. Habib agreed to help him attack One Blood and begin to ready the weapons but he also asked where the others at? Then Hybrid remembers where he transported them to……and he suddenly remembered it was near a vacant desert……and it leads to our next review DESERT PUNK.

When first knowing about this anime and reading/watching other reviews of the series, it’s a space western that much akin to Trigun and there are some major comparisons to that show, which we’ll get into later and believe it as looking into Desert Punk, you’ll recognize some similarities to it.

In the future, Japan is a wasteland. In the Great Kanto Desert, scattered humans eke out a living in the hot sand. Among them, a short-statured man they call “Sunabozu (Japanese version)” or “Desert Punk (English Version)” – real name being Kanta Mizuno makes a living as a bounty hunter. Like a demon of the sand, he seems unbeatable. Yet, like all men, he has a particular weakness for the opposite sex.


For characters, Kanta is a selfish, arrogant, sex-addicting, boob-obsessed, crude short perverted asshole…….and that’s what I like about him. Yeah, most of the traits I sometimes loathe in most characters, whether in animation or live-action form within my heart and he’s the protagonist but at least he’s being straightforward with his intentions. He isn’t trying to be the hero of the wild west of Japan. He’s doing this to survive by any means necessary although sometimes he can mess it up by being his somewhat normal self. Then there’s Kosuna – real name being Taiko Koizumi, the later apprentice of Desert Punk as he defeated her old apprentice The Shimmer Sniper and she begged him to be his apprentice and he accepted her offer……mostly after she shown him a picture of her large-breasted mother….or some woman that she claims to be her mother. Yeah, she’s whiny and seems like she can’t handle being a mercenary but as the series progresses, her character strength and motivation grows.


Speaking of big breasts, there’s Junko Asagiri, known as “The Vixen of the Desert” and the female rival and sexual desire to Desert Punk as she often uses her sex appeal to get her way and every other time, DP tries to cop a feel of her very large breasts and yes, he does get slapped and beaten for that. She does contribute the fan service part of the series but it never gets that risqué or close to a Hentai. It’s more eechi but not so annoying, you’ll get turned off. There is Rain Spider, who is equivalent to DP when it comes to combat and he is not to be fuck with when you tried to run away from him and he’s quite humorous in his scenes, especially that one particular scene. There are other supporting characters like the Machine Gun Brothers, who are childhood friends to Desert Punk but they even know that he’s an asshole and there is their sister Natsuko, who is also DP’s childhood friend and (you guess it!!) wants to fondle her breasts especially when they were young and you wonder why the Machine Gun Brothers would want to kick his ass.


Now the show’s perverted humor and okay timing has been made a staple of this series and it did a decent job of delivering on that but halfway of the show, it completely does a 180 and the tone changes in some areas, just like Trigun. However, somewhat like that aforementioned series, the execution of changing the tone did a little hit or miss. For example, the first opening theme completely fits the first half of the series much like the opening theme for Trigun fits for the first half of the show but once the serious episodes begin, that theme feels so inappropriate and out of tune. The second opening theme of Desert Punk just got out of the way with showing “Tits and ass” at first and then “Shit gets real, y’all”. The animation was done by Gonzo and this was actually done with a budget that didn’t run out of money that fast. There might be small hiccups that are hardly noticeable and has the post-apocalyptic/western clash that looks like it came out of Mad Max minus the Thunderdome. The background music plays some orchestral sounds for the action & serious dramatic moments while most of the time it plays something that sounds like it’s coming from a soft core porn but it’s passable at best. The FUNimation dub was an earlier but satisfying effort with actors like Eric Vale as the title character. Luci Christian does sound a bit whiny as Kosuna but it feels more suited within the character and Kenny Green surpasses all expectations as Rain Spider. Other actors such as Callie (or Stephanie, I don’t know which) Young, Jamie Marchi & the other FUNimation extras are very acceptable in their parts.

FINAL VERDICT: It’s rude, crude, unabashed, shameless, and yet it’s hilarious. Yeah, most of the characters (especially one in particular) you don’t know whether to like or question or loathe but it’s so unconventional that you wouldn’t really care less about it. For most people that would be fans of eechi titles, this one is something I would say to check out but I wouldn’t rush to get it just that quick.


So this Desert Punk gets the ultimate rating of:





As it turns out as Hybrid was transporting the rest of the crew, he sent them into a vacant desert where no one could track them and would be put out of harm’s way but as it turns out, Habib is flying near where they’re at and that’s where he’s stopping at as he drops Hybrid off with the others. However, as Habib begins to take off, a gun was pointed at his head and suddenly it was One Blood that appeared and now he was wrapped into this, too. Why? They needed a plane for some unexplained reason and they figured that they found a ride and their captives; they hit the jackpot and then execute their plan to snuff them out. Kris then kept a hidden gun in his person and while nobody is looking, he disarms a gang member, took his gun and shot him in the kneecap twice and then in the torso three times. The leader then shot Kris in the leg almost got him in the head but Hybrid grabbed him, took his gun, and shot him in his foot. Soon a barrage of bullets flying fast past everyone and now it’s coming down to that moment of truth.

The final showdown will be coming in the final chapter of the One Blood Saga and next time’s review is…..

And until then, I’m MAK2.0 aka The Hybrid, bringing all the elements in one format.


DESERT PUNK – animation by GONZO / distributed by FUNimation



THE MIND OF THE HYBRID ONE – my Tumblr site.

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