(Hy)Lights #6 – Com Truise

Original Date: August 31, 2012


Some of you may be wondering did Tom Cruise just switch the first letters of his full name to magically become an electronic music producer.

Well, no, not really.

 You see, Com Truise, or by his real name, Seth Haley, is an electronic music artist whose style of electronic music is very influenced by the 1980s, mainly for the heavy usage of synthesizer. Truthfully, I first heard of him when listening to the Tron Legacy Reconfigured album (some of the Daft Punk score pieces being remixed by many different electronica artists), which he contributed to the remix of “ENCOM Pt. 2”. I did think that the remix was basically on Haley’s alley. The track does remind of the rampant activity of the universe of Tron, both the 1982 and the 2010 film that was implied.


In fact, in his music video from “Brokendate”, there are some references that lean towards the media of the 80s from their “Terminator”-like title sequence and end credits to their Tron-like video game-esque sequences.


Then recently on the Adult Swim Singles Program 2012, he released a single entitled “Chemical Legs”, which I surprisingly mistaken it for “Chemical X”, i.e. something like the Powerpuff Girls (Well, that was the first thing that popped into my mind.) This is also the third-best song I heard from the ASPP 2012 (2nd – “Spiral” by Wye Oak & 1st – “Between Friends” by Flying Lotus) but here is where the criticism of an artist that has potential kicks in.

Now, to me, it’s just that whenever I heard most of his songs, they remarkably sound the same, thinking the song never even ended. Now for me, it gets repetitive but I don’t found it to be very tiring or the need to turn off or change the tune. I get most ‘80s inspired music often sounds like that, which is the reason why I loved the music in the movie Drive (which is a great movie and that everyone should see….and the soundtrack, get it, too.), but it’s something different than the usual stuff I find in most electronica and/or house music.


I hate to be noticed that electronica music, like most of hip hop/rap & R&B music in 2006, might be going in a downward spiral, even though it’s a genre that I really gotten for about 4-5 years ago and the fact that most of the electronica music I like nowadays is instrumental, mainly because I hate it when people just have to sing over someone else’s lyrics and it also something to think with as crazy as I sound but yeah, most of the music I like is instrumental (i.e., electronica, hip-hop, film scores) but I do generally like the vocal parts, too, just not as much.



He released an full-length album in 2011 entitled “Galactic Melt” and what I think of the album as a whole is that it’s a very enjoyable album that does have the same style that might be abused too much but nevertheless, I would recommend this album to many fans of electronica music and possibly the same people who saw that Toonami promo with them using “Brokendate” as the audio. So, yeah, Tron & Toonami actually got me into Com Truise and I hope you get into it as I did.


Well, that’s the time I got for now and as always, I am MAK2.0 aka The Hybrid and I speak for my damn self (and maybe I should get a newer sign-off motto).



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