Anime Discovery V2: Jyu-Oh-Sei (Planet of the Beast King) – #45

PREVIOUSLY ON SONS OF ANARCHY ANIME DISCOVERY, Now everybody is going to need an ambulance (well, except myself & Lucky). Oh and where was Neon the whole time?

Well, Neon was guarding the roof in case Nu was to try the aerial route and while he was doing his job for the past 2 ½ hours, he notices somebody on the roof doing parkour and quickly assumed that it was her and then Neon went to check it out but only after he leaves, Nu actually did came from the roof and whom Neon did discover at that time, they were not a friendly and soon Neon got knocked the fuck out.

After some time, Neon awakens and on his left, he finds an unconscious Jumper strapped to a chair and he is not looking very fortunate since it resembles that he’s been trapped for some time now. His eyes looked bloodshot and very tiring and when Neon tries to wake him up, he was screaming “PHOENIX! PHOENIX! LET ME OUT OF THIS PLOT!!!” forcing Neon to calm him down but control his heart rate at that but then one person came in to the room with a screw driver and the sign imprinted on his arm that says “JYU-OH-SEI” or PLANET OF THE BEAST KING.

So…this is somewhat a fascinating sci-fi anime title from Studio BONES, the guys that brought you Wolf’s Rain, Eureka Seven & Xam’d, based on the manga series written and illustrated by Natsumi Itsuki.

On that, the plot of the series is that three hundred and fifty years have passed since humans first settled the Balkan star system, located approximately 150 light years from Earth, where a number of planets have been “terraformed” to resemble Earth. Two 11-year-old twins, Thor and Rai, live on the space colony Juno until they come home to find their parents have been murdered. The unknown assassins drop Thor and Rai on Chimaera, a secret planet used as a penal colony where day and night last 181 days each and the planet are marked by extreme weather patterns.

In other words, the plants dominate the ecosystem of the planet and have many defensive techniques as well as carnivorous varieties as a hazard to the people. In the society, there are 4 groups of humans called “Rings” that plays as governs via the Ochre Ring, Sun Ring, Blanc Ring and Noire Ring, which are based on skin color. Each ring is led by three people: the Top, Second, and Third, with the Top as the leader.

On characters, there isn’t a strong point on that faction. For example, take the main character Thor (yes, his name is Thor; I’ll spare the Marvel jokes and there is also the usage of names from Norse Mythology i.e. Odin, Loki, Heimdall) who at first seem like a weakling and eventually grow to be a stronger character than he was. Rai, on the other hand, isn’t much of a highlight considering he was annoying, whiny, and did slowed Thor down at some times and also was the first to die by the plants. That wasn’t really much of a spoiler; he gets killed off in the first episode. Tiz is an interesting character but there isn’t much motivation from her besides that she wants to marry Thor and have his children since on the planet since women make up 20% of the population and the chosen mate is not allowed to refuse. Third is a bit of a shifty character and it seems like he really can’t be trusted and without revealing anything, we can’t really be sure upon that. The other characters aren’t worth mentioning considering some get killed off quickly and/or we either don’t know much about them, making us not really care for their lives.

The series is only about 11 episodes and for me, the pace is a little too quick. I get that there isn’t filler and that is a plus but most of the time, they would leave out some important details that could’ve help the series progressed but it’s very flawed on that detail, much like Eden of the East and their follow-up movies.

The animation by BONES is actually good. The jungle scenery and sets has a realistic feel to it and the character designs are a bit jarring, especially with the designs of Thor and Rai, which I first assume was effeminate males although that design isn’t exactly new and then again, their child versions are voiced by a female voice actor so there’s no harm done. The background music was okay at the time but I really didn’t like the opening theme that has a taste of ‘90s boy band music and I really detest that kind of music but the ending was much better suited for where it’s at.


FINAL VERDICT: This was an okay series that really should’ve extended its episode count by at least about 3-4 episodes or even some extra OVAs. The pacing goes rapid and leaves out some details that could’ve been used for later. Some characters you can’t really care about when most of them might die after an episode or two or we just forget about them until the next time they appear. I would say to watch this, just to past the time.


So, Planet of the Beast King has earn the rating of



So, as that person enters the room and Neon was ready to fight for his life and as the guy waved the screwdriver and what he did was…..unscrew the locks out of Jumper’s chair and release him cautiously and then nothing else. He was free to go and Neon seems really puzzled about this. He wondered why Jumper was trapped under here and the guy explained he was going under stress therapy, meaning he had to perform many activities (either physical or mental) that would make him calm under pressure, such as hit by rocks, beaten with umbrellas, slapped by sumo wrestlers, watching Sucker Punch in a repeated loop and this girl named Kitty who threw mayonnaise on him. Neon had that weird look wondering is Jumper into that stuff and then Jumper outright defended himself and said, “NO!! You think I like having mayonnaise dumped on me? Beaten with umbrellas and rocks? Slapped around? And worst of all, having to watch that abomination known as Sucker Punch? I just went in here for some therapy, not be a contest in Fear Factor!!! Can I go home now?”

So, they went home and by home, I mean, back to the apartment. They came just in time after Nu injured Jon and was shot by Tron who was shot himself and Ani was wondering where the hell Neon has been, although she assumed that Nu easily handled him but I think Neon would rather say that than him being knocked out and kidnapped for no apparent reason. Then Hybrid and Lucky came back to the apartment with Hybrid eating shawarma like no other business while everyone stares and he offers some to anyone and everyone eats…..and eats…..and fade to black.





Okay, that’s enough storytelling there. So, next month in Anime Discovery, there is only going to be 1 review mainly because I have college classes next week and real life does conquer my reviewing time. Although, for my other blog (Hy)Lights, I will try to do another music review (if somebody could give any suggestions and look into “Gravity Falls” because I kept on hearing so much about it mostly via Tumblr gifs and maybe a movie review of “The Hunger Games” and so until then, this is MAK2.0 aka The Hybrid, and I speak for my damn self.


Also, next time, it’s Samurai 7……

JYU-OH-SEI: PLANET OF THE BEAST KING – animation by BONES / distributed by FUNimation

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