Anime Discovery V2: Eden of the East THE KING OF EDEN & Paradise LOST – #36


As the Hybrid kept on throwing the Clone back and forth to the wall and slap him around, eventually the Clone did knew when his ass is getting kicked, he grabbed some sand and threw it on his face, punching and slamming the Hybrid on the floor and kicking him while he’s down. When that happened, the others are planning a way to actually kill the Clone, although they should have planned it before Hybrid was getting a beating for his life. First, Kris grabs a lead pipe and tries to knock out the Clone but he conveniently grabbed the pipe and uses it to beat Kris (Discord) into a coma and also breaking his legs. Then Jon dog piled on the guy to distract him so everyone else would leave but then the Clone got a switchblade and he stabbed Jon over 16 times and while Jon was getting stabbed and managed to not bleed out quickly, the others escaped with Hybrid & Kris (Discord) needing medical assistance but soon the Clone did catch up to everybody, armed with a machine gun and is about to aim and shoot the rest of the others and as that’s about to happen, it’s suddenly interrupted with the review of EDEN OF THE EAST: THE KING OF EDEN & EDEN OF THE EAST: PARADISE LOST.


WARNING: This review may contain spoilers from the TV series ‘EDEN OF THE EAST’ so if you have not watched it yet, I suggest you do then return to read this review but if you prefer to be spoiled, be my guest and learn all.

For me, the Eden of the East TV series has a lot of potential to be a unique and insightful anime to watch and the production staff wasn’t exactly lackluster since Kenji Kamiyama & Production I.G. was involved but I learned since then that just because Production I.G. is involved in something doesn’t mean it’s going to be mind-blowing in many different ways (the same can also be said for Madhouse and Gonzo anime, *coughs*HIGH SCHOOL OF THE DEAD *coughs* ) and as for the two movies following the series, well, the example is clearly shown here.

ON THE KING OF EDEN: The story continues where it left off from the Eden of the East TV series, and brings Morimi Saki back to the USA in order to find Takizawa Akira. The other Selecao however are actively moving to take part in the game, and a few in particular are making dangerous moves in order to eliminate Takizawa or move towards their picture of a better Japan.

You see after Takizawa prevented the missiles from destroying Japan, he vanished for six months and once again, having his memory erased and much like the TV series, Saki tends to be a ditzy moron, which I should’ve noticed from the series and I had to watch in order to understand the movie more and for anyone listening, if you’re in the US, and you find a gun in your hand, don’t wave it around people because they think you’re about to go into a GTA-style rampage.

ON PARADISE LOST: The story of political and subversive intrigue in the series finally reaches endgame. Even as the law enforcement net tightens around Saki and her fellow Eden of the East associates over alleged terrorist activities, the complex web surrounding the mysterious Mr. Outside is finally untangled as the remaining Selecao attempt to outmaneuver one another. Takizawa’s memories and identity are also finally revealed including his association with a former Prime Minister and his request to be the King of Eden.


Once again, Takizawa has the need to erase his memory because he doesn’t want to be used as a scapegoat but that’s the only and lame excuse to do that and why did they pull this son of a Prime Minister just right out of their asses? I think that they basically run out of ideas.

But how is the rest of the movie?

It’s just the same thing as any episode but has a longer runtime and the plot is solely stretched to add in more unnecessary plot lines and points so the movie would exist.

I also wish they would have started it out where they left off instead of recapping in during the opening credits considering they might sound more intriguing and capable rather than fast-forwarding six months later and it all just passes you by.

Also both the movies are only focused on main characters Saki & Takizawa most of the time. The other characters, such as the runners of the Eden of the East are merely more than just Mission: Impossible­-like (The earlier Mission: Impossible movies) side characters. They are just there and that’s it and most of the characters in the story aren’t even that memorable even from the series (Example: The character called Sis. That’s it.)  Also the second movie where Saki has less on-screen time with Takizawa, most of the time the movie play them off as this couple was meant to be together and it looks completely contrived in some scenes between them.

As for the animation, it is some highly excellent work done by Production I.G. and it also looks fantastic in HD, which I suggest you watch it in that format because anything else, you’ll just be robbing it of how gorgeous the appearance of the characters and background designs.

But for the music, it is also very lackluster in that department. Both opening and ending songs for both movies are nothing to get excited or get immersed into. It’s nothing like the OASIS song in the series. It just leaves you at a “meh” or “just didn’t give a damn at all”.


FINAL VERDICT: Both the movies are a disappointment and very underwhelming at some parts and leave little to impress.  It’s sad because I actually thought the series was an okay show but not a great one but I can why not that many people are impressed with the movies. The plot is a befuddled mess and the way it ends leaves it like another one is coming out when we all know it isn’t. I would say to only watch the series and that’s it.


Therefore, THE KING OF EDEN gets the rating of







So the Clone begins to shoot the rest of the crew, trying to make Swiss cheese out of them and barely getting a mark, The Clone noticed Neon escaping and easily grazed him in his legs and as the Clone was about to end him, The GSXR & Lucky was distracting him by throwing rocks at him, continuing to berate and harass him and Ani & Nu was helping Neon to escape out of there. Soon, Don grabbed a chair out of nowhere and he thrashed it roughly at the Clone; Jumper snatches the machine gun from him and aims it at his head to end once and for all but there were no bullets. Then that’s when the shit hits the fan. The Clone grabs Jumper by the neck again and slammed him against the ground, then got the switchblade and cuts Don’s Achilles’ tendon, rendering him unable to walk and then Clone grab a pistol and shot him in the stomach. As for the GSXR, the clone subdued her by snatch and grab and beat down. The same was also applied by Lucky and soon, Neon, Ani & Nu was the only ones left that were to survive and then the Clone spotted them and as he did, he first began to torture Neon by putting the gun into his wounds and then as Nu and Ani was at gunpoint and if they were move, he would shoot Neon and then shoot them….or worse, he even thought about having his way with them (i.e., torture of the other kind). Then, as it looks like things are coming to an end, Neon notices a wounded but willing Hybrid coming with a sword and then he STABBED the Clone through his torso but what Hybrid didn’t know the Clone stabbed him in the exact same spot, too. Both men fall down to their knees and they each tried to twist the sword in each of their stomachs to make the pain worse but soon, Kris shot the Clone in his head, thus ending this clone’s life.




The war between the Hybrid and the Anime Gods may have ended but at what costs? Paradox’s in the hospital, Jon & Jumper are knocked out unconscious, Don is severely wounded and is losing blood, Neon’s legs are shot to shit, Kris (Discord) might have brain damage & The Hybrid suffered from deep (and I mean deep) wounds. The GSXR & Lucky are doing fine but suffered from bruises but they’ll live. With his last words (for now), Hybrid told Ani & Nu to escape with their lives and if Paradox is alive, find him and give him a card which says, “ALPHABET 4 INITIATIVE” and wants him to activate it.




But could that card lead to something more?


What did Hybrid wanted to give to Paradox, even though I should mentioned this earlier during my reviews in part of the storyline arc?


Will this storyline fast-forward into six months later and with another different storyline that will stray away from the Anime Gods plot that I established over 4 months ago?




Well, here’s one of the answers and it involves the next anime (for the whole month) and it is:





And until then, I’m MAK2.0 aka HybridMedia, bringing all the elemets in one format.



EDEN OF THE EAST: THE KING OF EDEN & PARADISE LOST – animation by Production I.G. / distributed by FUNimation

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