Anime Discovery V2: House of Five Leaves – #31

As me and the Hybrid Clone was transported into where Professor Paradox was at, Paradox was startled, shocked, and confused to see two versions of me and like anybody, he could not tell which one is the real version of me and just like that, the Clone pulled a gun out of his holster and aim straight to the two of them, demanded them to get the Blue Leaf and administered it to him or he will fill a fistful of bullets in all of us. I quickly responded with, “FUCK THAT!!” and beat the shit out of him and kept punching him, mostly payback for knocking me out several times and stomp on him like he was on fire and then gave him a horse kick and now he’s the one that knocked out. So I explain anything to Paradox, warned him about the Anime Gods sending an assassin to exterminate him and the others involved, and then he called up Jumper and we dragged out the body and plan to dump the remains at the river, which is behind the HOUSE OF FIVE LEAVES.


Funny thing about coming across this anime, I originally thought it was named “House of Blue Leaves”, and I wonder after that, how in the hell did I get ‘five’ confused with ‘blue’? I guess I got “Kill Bill” on the mind when I thought of that title. Anyway, the anime is based on the Japanese manga of the same name by Natsume Ono and serialized in Shogaukan’s seinen magazine Ikki (from 2006-2010). The series is animated by Manglobe, the same company that brought you Samurai Champloo and Ergo Proxy and this is completely different from any samurai-based anime you seen before.


The plot or storyline is focused on a samurai named Akitsu Masanosuke, a skilled and loyal swordsman who has no master under him and once again, he was been fired by his lords and start to look for bodyguard jobs and he find one working for a guy named Yaichi, the leader of the gang “Five Leaves”. As he is delve inside the world of the Five Leaves, the more he finds himself fascinated and involved with the people he associates himself with, especially some with many questionable past lives.


You may wonder if there is going to be any action, thrills, or anything that expect from a samurai anime, well, you might want to keep on looking because it does not fulfill that need that you wanted.

This is a samurai anime that is character and story driven and whiles the pace of the series does get numbingly slow in the beginning and it still gets that way towards the end and the amount of character development is adequate and well-needed but as for the story development, I never quite understand most of it halfway through the series’ runtime yet in some parts, I could make out some details of it.

The atmosphere in the series including the main character design of Akitsu comes off as depressing and unenthusiastic, especially the latter.  He really just looks like he doesn’t want to be here or just has the same emotionless, expression-less, Keanu Reeves look.  However, he isn’t that bad of a character. I’m fine with him not being an all-mighty samurai. Not every character in every form of entertainment (especially Anime) needs to be this powerful character. All the other characters (especially Yaichi) are well-developed and practically carries the show.


The animation done by Manglobe is non-traditional in character designs and backgrounds and while it looks fascinating to the eyes, it isn’t actually up to par and it can get very tiresome and I sort of gotten sick of that look during the 10th episode. The upbeat opening and ending songs really does contrast from the rest of the show’s bleak and bland tones.

FINAL VERDICT: The show does manage to get story and character development spot-on, it is different than the other anime that is close to this but it is enjoyable to watch? Well, at a time, you can but it has an unbelievably slow pace that can turn off most viewers but a bad show this is not. An underwhelming show it is but would I suggest this? Uhhhhh………I don’t know.  This is something you need to figure out for yourself but I can’t help you on this one.

However, my score for House of Blue Five Leaves is


Planet Tyro rating: Watchable


We arrived at the river and pre-packaged the body in a body bag and I, Paradox & Jumper carefully drugged the guy so he wouldn’t try and escape but when Paradox tried to drug him, he discovers that we drugged the WRONG GUY!!! That and the clone have escaped even after we opened the trunk, which was a very stupid idea in the first place, and suddenly, the clone swiped the Blue Leaf and just swallows it orally. He started to pull out the gun but realize he didn’t need a gun to take us out but grab me and threw me to the ground. Then Jumper decides to take on the clone and it is not looking good for either of them and both of them get their asses kicked and then the clone disappears and continues the rest of them. However, I think I know what location he’s going to……but it’s the place I’m worried about. His next target is located in…..somewhere in Durban.

Activate code URSA_minor_BLUE –


And until then, I’m MAK2.0 aka HybridMedia, bringing all the elements in one format.


HOUSE OF FIVE LEAVES – animation by MANGLOBE, courtesy of NoitaminA, U.S. distribution by NIS AMERICA (online distribution by FUNIMATION)

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