Anime Discovery V2: Sweat Punch – #30


Once again, I’m still got my lights punched out and this time the person that knocked me out with in fact…..a clone version of myself. I started to wonder how did a clone of me get made and why was it made in the first place.  Then he told me the whole story about his existence when the Anime Gods first started to look over me as I do my anime reviews and the top-notch researching I always do (i.e., Wikipedia or some shit) and one day I felt a slight nerve at the back of my head and as it turns out, one of them snatch some DNA (hair) from my body and created a baker’s dozen of clones in case I started to turn rogue against them and it couldn’t come at a perfect time like this. Now, I don’t know much of his plans to do with my image and what he or did after that is inject another drug to put me to sleep because I guess punching someone in the head too many times can damage the brain but what kind of punch can knock you out without lifting a finger……..and the answer is SWEAT PUNCH.


Another day, another dime, another anime brought to you by Studio 4’C and again this is an anime collection of short films but this time it is only 52 minutes in total length and only 5 shorts, but only 4 had been previously featured in the 4-volume DVD magazine series, “Grasshoppa!”, and upon the collection and release of 2007’s Deep Imagination, a fifth one was added later and unfortunately for me, I didn’t know there was a fifth short prior to this review but I did manage to finish all the shorts…..12 minutes later after finding that out.

Professor Dan Petory’s Blues

The first short is a musical number or something close to that about a hand puppet name Junior controlled by the title character in his drunken stupor and explains via puppetry the answers to the many questions concerning the world like why the Earth is blue and any other subject involving relativity. The beginning did confuse me for a bit because I originally thought it was going to be some professor frustrated with his wife. The animation and overall image presentation is below average in visuals and disturbing at a few time especially the puppets  and their musical scenes and I thought the puppet idea should have been ditched for the better and animate the puppet sequences. Aside from the dialogue, it got have been better but everything else was a bit of a letdown.


End of the World

The second short is a science fiction story about a young alien girl named Yuko as she escapes from the world of humans. After returning to her own world with Kazumi, a human girl she met at a rock concert on Earth, Yuko wages a retaliatory campaign against hordes of S&M monsters, and the evil queen of Yuko’s world and yet this one particular short is very tedious to watch and most of the time I didn’t care for this one. Some of the animation is very choppy and mediocre at best and most of it is very tedious to watch until the middle or very end of the short and not because it was near the end. The middle part of the short actually was interesting to watch.



The third short is based on Shubert’s “Lucifer,” and details the adventures of a pale young girl and her interactions with the mysterious “Black Knight” who has the power to utterly decimate entire armies. This is actually the best of all the five shorts on here. The story is better improved and one to pay attention, the animation didn’t look like a rush job and look like a finished painting that aged well, there is more character development in this short than the other ones and we barely learn any characters from this short but it is quite superior in animation and story to the others.


The fourth short is a mecha piece set in a battlefield.  The story revolves around three soldiers in mech powersuits who are engaged in a fight to the death against two mobile tanks. This one has the “what would happen if this were the last moments of your life” element thrown there and it isn’t much of a story but it’s the recap or playback of past scenes and the dark and ambient visual style fits into this short and it was the second best short in this compilation.


Junk Town

The final short (the one I forgot to look at until now) is a sci-fi story of a young boy who discovers and befriends a small robot and as he becomes hungry and eats, he grows in size as he devours machines of increasing size. This is pretty straightforward and it gets the point instead of just spreading itself very thin in order for you to decipher it. It’s a similarity to a “kid and pet” story. It’s a decent story and the animation for this one is also great here, too, and it doesn’t feel clunky and out of order at all.


FINAL VERDICT: While it may be a good thing to go beyond into these kinds of shorts, most of them did not work at all or they are too much of the same thing that any other better anime director would do. The first two shorts are the first examples of that, it tries to be deep and surreal but it turns out to be very pretentious and too much for its own good. The latter three shorts were an okay to good watch and I would suggest you watch those shorts and just skip the first two. Overall, these shorts try nothing new and basically, it’s been done before.


In other words, Sweat Punch gets the rating of:


Planet Tyro rating: Vanilla


More and more, I’m starting to get tired of being knocked out and drugged, especially since I spent my time in the hospital mostly being that and this time, we’re outside and the clone is getting his silencer, ready to shoot me in the head and as I explain if he kills me, he will never get any info about me or the team but he already got the information from my head and knows where the others are located at. Then I thought to myself, oh wait, I got the Blue Leaf and then I activate it and jump on the guy and grab his gun and aim for a clear shot of his head but he quickly makes it hard for me and threw it toward the river and we began punching and stomping each other in the stomach and other areas and as we reach for that gun, the Blue Leaf kicked in and transported us to another location and unfortunately for me, we transported into the location where Professor Paradox is located and it is the first one on the clone’s list to hunt and interrogate……this is going to get ugly and the epic fight begins at the……


Until then, I’m MAK2.0 aka HybridMedia, bringing all the elements in one format.



SWEAT PUNCH – courtesy of Studio 4’C.

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