Anime Discovery V2: Mezzo DSA (Danger Service Agency) – #29



I’m stuck in one of the worst cities in an hour from the hospital and yet I don’t know how I gotten there. I get the Blue Leaf is supposed to phase and transport you to the next area within two minutes distance but is this batch of Blue Leaf that Paradox cooked up is more advanced than what he knows but yet, he should know. He made the formula and I’m sure Jumper tested it out but then as I walk toward a restaurant, I asked to see if there was a pay phone available and why I ask for a pay phone? I don’t have a cellphone, that’s why. People said I never go anywhere and yet here I am, a long way from home. I went to call everybody I knew from the mansion as I call towns and cities in Florida, California, United Kingdom, Puerto Rico, South Africa, and Illinois and yet there was no response from either of them. My guess is that they are still on the run and don’t want to be on the grid, and suddenly, this guy tried to knock me out with a broken beer bottle and quickly phase and broke his arm. He seems to be defeated but as I stared and mostly ran, he quickly got the feeling of his arm back and chases me from the restaurant and threw knives at me and then remembers I can phase out of there but before I can, he took a needle and drugged me…….that reminds me, this master assassin seems to remind me a lot of this character in the next anime du jour and let’s say it’s a return to something known……This is MEZZO DSA.

Hey, remember when I did the review of Mezzo Forte or if you see the anime? If not, then I suggest you stop where you are now, watch Mezzo Forte, then read my review of that and Kite (the double review) because there will be spoilers that are only for Mezzo Forte in this review that connect throughout most of the episodes in DSA, although they never use it enough to make it a good continuous storyline but I’ll get to that in a while.


I would say this show has a plot and/or storyline but most of the time it is the typical “bad guy or assignment of the week” episodes and they do have their biggest case that serves as the main plot of the story and it’s finding out why someone wants Kurokawa, the bitter ex-cop and head honcho of the DSA, assassinated.






To recap on the main characters, Mikura is the brawns of the group that can kick a lot of ass and have a short temper when it comes to doing her job. Harada is the brains and the technical expertise of the group that handles all the robot bodies, just like Forte.


All three main characters are pretty decent like last time but here’s one thing that bothered me: when has Harada shown interest in Mikura because in the series, there were some hints at that although like the first Hentai scene in Forte, it felt very unnecessary and unneeded but then again, I didn’t mind the Hentai scenes in the first one. Also there is a new character introduced in the series and her name is Asami and you first see her appear getting beat up by grade school girls who are getting her lunch money or something like that and then she met the DSA and I thought The Boondocks illustrated that point where grade school girls are never to be fucked with. Anyway, Asami wants to be just like Mikura because of how skilled a fighter and a gun-toting girl she turned out to be. Thankfully, she isn’t up to Scrappy Doo levels but she still doesn’t feel that useful but only to add some cuteness into the show and that goes double for Mikura’s new design. Yeah, the animation in here is slightly inferior to Forte due to the fact that Forte did have the budget for 2 episodes and DSA has 13, it shows and it seems a little big off. Some of the original character designs were altered with different colors and face expressions. I also feel like they should have used some storylines from Forte to give the show more into a continuing plot like (SPOILERS AHEAD):

Remember the psycho insane girl, Momomi Momoi, which Mikura fought and killed? A longtime friend of hers named Sakura met the girl Momomi when she was about to get gang raped and Momomi rescued the girl and since then, they became lovers after that and when she is killed, Sakura swore revenge against the people who murdered her. I would have like to get more into that storyline and see how it progress instead of the Kurokawa assassination plot because the assassin hired to kill Kurokawa has got to be the most blandest characters in that show. He’s a very typical hired hand, mother was murdered and killed his father for murdering the mom and so on and so forth.


The dub wasn’t half bad although I kind of miss having Melissa Fahn as Mikura but instead they got Luci Christian to do her voice, mainly to the fact that this is an ADV dub and this actress does associate herself with that company and its successor, Sentai Filmworks. She was good in her role but it wasn’t a stand-out. The music is hardly noticeable and doesn’t stand out in my opinion and the opening song was alright and the ending song was something I would just skip just like the other ending songs in the past.


FINAL VERDICT: To me, this is the diet version of Mezzo Forte. Now I don’t miss the Hentai element in the series at all but as a regular action anime, this was a decent and relativity OK series but as a successor to the first OVA, this is very bland and it doesn’t leave much of an afterthought when you finished it.  I make it sound like the first OVA was the masterpiece of anime and it wasn’t. The OVA was a stupid but very fun anime that I whole-heartedly enjoy. The series was OK but it should been tweaked a little bit more. Would I recommend this? Maybe to those who saw the first one and I recommend that you see the OVA before seeing the series.


Sadly, I have to give Mezzo DSA…..


Planet Tyro rating: Vanilla



I wake up to find myself tied to a chair and my feet nailed to the floor and luckily, nobody stripped me naked like in Casino Royale and use a ball of rope to hit me in the nads but they would soon do worst things than that. The guy with the mask started to question me about the mansion incident and I responded to nothing and remain silent. Then he question me about the people take were with me at the time and said to spill names. I told the guys one of the guys’ names is similar to one of the cheating & scandal celebrities and I said names like Eric Benet, Michael Vick, Tiger Woods, John Edwards and they knew I got it wrong and kept beating me. They ask about the rabbit-based character and I said I don’t remember Bugs Bunny being at the mansion and hit me again. Then they questioned about the beast, the scientist, the experiment, the guy whose name is a MLP: FIM villain which I think you know by now, and the two ladies that was with him at the time and they were really getting to be too personal with the latter and then I demanded him to show me his identity and he was reluctant to do it and then that is when the shit hits the fan. The masked assassin happens to be…….me. But it wasn’t really me. He looks to be like a clone and then after that reveal, he punched me in the face and knocked me out cold again with a swift sucker punch and speaking of punch, here’s a peek of next time’s review.





And until then, I’m MAK2.0 aka HybridMedia, bringing all the elements in one format.


MEZZO DSA – animation by ARMS / distributed by ADV FILMS

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