Anime Discovery presents: IT’S A MAD MAD MAD MAD HOUSE, part 5: Kaiba – #26


Everyone is still in very perilous situations and it seems like it spells the end of our fellow protagonists. Either they are chained up, strapped in, water boarded, forced to work and test or die, getting beat up relentlessly and violently, wandering aimlessly after a brush of death or suffering through a virtual reality program that messes with your psyche. Then, at the room where The Hybrid & Ani is still unconscious from the Euphoria, a lab assistant named Rahman was starting to clean up around the area and then all of a sudden, Hybrid was starting to get his sight and the use of his arms and hands again but he is still immobile of his legs and he took off Ani’s helmet and see if she regains consciousness and she’s starting to come around and they was spotted by Rahman and as he began to call the Anime Gods, Hybrid threw a metallic paper holder at him, only breaking the phone. Hybrid slowly limped to him and tells him if he has a weapon, give it to him and he won’t hurt him, considering he was saving all that for you-know-who, but since Rahman doesn’t want to die, he reluctantly gives them something for getting the quick feeling of their legs back and soon Ani & Hybrid searches for the rest of their friends and the first one they find is Jon and he is still woozy from that fall, but they give him something to energize his being and should be up in a while and as they look for the others, another trip to the surreal and strange begins again with KAIBA.


Yup, this is another Madhouse production with the surreal imagery and animation used again like in the previous entry, Kemonozume, and it is also from the same director Masaaki Yuuki, which debuted on the WOWOW network in the spring of 2008 in Japan. Despite the Dr. Seuss-lite appearance of the show, the show is a science-fiction romance story which in the series, it’s now possible to store memory data into a body so the death of somebody wouldn’t really be a “death”, they are just transferred to new bodies but because of that discovery, or “memory trading”, it is now become very illegal to steal memories and trade them for others. The society in that world is being degenerated; authority is losing its grip towards the state of having the rich and powerful beings to barter others’ bodies and memories for their own enjoyment and longevity while those who have various money problems have to struggle finding a good body for themselves or a loved one. The main plot consists of a boy named Kaiba, who woke up in a smashed room and has no memories of his own and he find a pendant with a picture of an unknown woman named Niero inside of it. Then after being attacked, he escapes into space and meet all sorts of people and starting to regain most of his memories and still be of worry of the problems of the world, especially of why does he exist?


One of the important features in the series is the ability to store memories inside of a body and like in the real world, where we use flash drives, memory sticks, and external hard drives, memory chips are exactly like that but with minor differences. It is a great convenience and advantage but prolonging their ego can make them vulnerable to an extent putting them at the attacker’s mercy if it’s removed.  Also there is the use of memory tanks, as in when a person dies or is killed, their memories are released as small yellow-orange beans floating away, creating rivers of dead people’s memories out in space.

As for the characters in the show, they often jump into every different character throughout the whole run of the series and there is a lot of deeper characterization within them, mostly from the title character and Niero. Popo, the public voice for Issoudan, the anti-memory chip organization, is a decent and perfectly flawed character but as for Vanilla, the sadistic sheriff who also has a weakness for extremely kawaii girls (which Chroniko, a girl who sells her body so the money can support her family, comes in) wasn’t actually needed for the show. I feel like he is just there for…..something but he felt useless to me.



Now for the animation and its surreal imagery and strange surroundings, this is miles ahead and completely surpasses Kemonozume in that department. Yes, some of the characters do look like little children but this is another world we are enchanted in and it felt more finished and not at all rushed before production was finished. The soundtrack for this has an more ambient feel in the background music and it enhances them well together and the opening and ending songs “Never” & “Carry Me Away”, both sung by Seira Kagami, are very welcoming and comforting to listen to and what’s weird about it is that the songs are in English but yes, there is no English dub of this.


FINAL VERDICT: This is one anime that had some good things about it going for it and originally I thought it wasn’t going to be excellent. It’s a great anime that’s also good for the mind in your anime diet and also requires all of your attention whenever but at some times, you’ll tend to drift off a few times if you are a casual/rising anime fan like myself but give it a try if you can handle reading subtitles.



And so, Kaiba gets its well-deserved rating of:


Planet Tyro rating: Solid B (Finally!!!!)


Soon as we continue searching for the people, Lucky suddenly pops up looking all bloody and beaten, but the blood is from the dogs that had the unfortunate end of that quarrel and then Ani borrows Lucky’s chain and slam into the door where Neon is forced to watch Bucky Larson: Born to Be a Star in repeats and he is not having that as he start to break away for the chair but is too strong to break apart and it seems like he is doomed to watch Nick Swardson acting like a dumbass over and over again and then…we just unscrew the chair and freed him just like that. Oh yeah, and Neon lit a match and burn every reel of that movie and laugh like he was in Inglorious Basterds. In the next room, as Don and Discord was getting too wet from the waterboarding (that and their eyes are turning red from the lemon scent they put in) and as they were beginning to crack, Don told one of the guards to look down and kick him square in his jaw and Discord helped out with him sneaking a gun from one of the guards and shooting them in cold blood but one of the dying guards shot Discord in his ass but he still lived. Then Prof. Paradox couldn’t do any more work for another miracle drug like Blue Leaf which if they tested it on Jumper one more time, the results could be fatal for him and then, they dragged Nu and said to test it on her even though humans can’t handle it well. Paradox refused to do it and would rather die than harm a human for his success and then one of the Gods pointed a gun at him and shot his shoulder. Jumper looking worried, he started to knock out one of them but they threw him to the wall like he was a sack of potatoes and then pointed the gun at Nu and said if you don’t work on that formula, she will get shot. Sick and tired of the useless threats like every Bond villain, Nu got a hidden knife and just stab him in the gut and clear out as fast as she can. They soon to approach her and then all of us was reunited and now this looks like it can be the start of the beginning of the end for everybody. Will they survive against the Anime Gods? Can they succeed or will they fail at maximum levels? Will The Anime Gods just give It up?

Okay, I guess not. But be prepared for the final entry as the Madhouse saga concludes the fight of the century or should I say the fight for the Millennium?

And until then…..


KAIBA – courtesy of Madhouse/WOWOW

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