Anime Discovery presents: IT’S A MAD MAD MAD MAD HOUSE, part 2: Tenjho Tenge – #23


After the run-in with the shokujinki, the five of us (still intact and alive) have made way into the next round of games which involved more usage of the katana and a new element added into the situation and luckily, we have traded in our firearms for blades and katana with an extra special feature added in, such as, a high-powered laser when it’s fully charged and that is when it is best performed. So far, Neon loved the idea of laser-powered katana and everybody else was a bit skeptical and so was I for thinking that it exists but as we head off to the next round…….

Five other people was in the first stage we just passed and the first thing shown is another crazy rabbit (but it’s a real-life walking rabbit) with a chain sword, slicing and dicing every shokujinki spotted and well-executed. The rabbit was very lucky to survive and yet that is the rabbit’s name, Lucky, or LRF. Soon another person just strangled the shokujinki with his equivalent beast-like features and snapped its neck and stabbed it with his bare hands and shrugs it off like it was nothing. His name is Jon Da Beast and he was a force to be reckon with and two other guys was shooting it out with little effort as one of the guys, Professor Paradox, the genius of the group told his test subject and supernatural muscle, The Jumper, whom him and Paradox represented the Chaos section, to put this new drug inside him, which will make him capable of fighting from every angle, thus making him harder, better, faster and stronger. And last, their masked leader of the group easily took down the last round of shokujinki with her silencer and her final touch, the knife gun. Let’s just say she can be a real maniac when it comes to her battling………..and speaking of maniacs, this is TENJHO TENGE.

Everything about this title just reminds of one other show which has something to do with it being a shounen title and most of the time, I can get easily bored with shounen anime with dragged out storylines, flashbacks and stilted frames of fights instead of actual fights being animated onto there but what I heard from the manga adaptation, it has plenty of intense fight scenes, completely uncensored and outstanding artwork. But how can I compare the manga to the anime considering I haven’t read the manga and from what I know, the manga was still running at the time after the anime was finished and the manga was finished printing in August 2010……6 years after the anime adaptation. Let’s just get into the plot summary.


Souchirou Nagi and Bob Makihara (also named the Knuckle Bomb) are two delinquents who arrive at Toudou Academy with the objective of ruling over the school with their strength. But on their first day, they encountered the Jyuken Club, a martial arts group of the school. Members of the group, Maya Natsume, her sister Aya, and Masataka Takayanagi easily overpowered Souchirou and Bob. And what’s more, due to what was assumed to be their “connections” with the Jyuken Club, the two were attacked by members of the Enforcement Group, which oversees the martial arts groups of the school. Drawn into the personal conflicts between Jyuken Club and the Enforcement Group, Souchirou and Bob have no choice but to join up with Maya Natsume’s group and to hone their skills to become even stronger.

Before I began to watch this series, I did not know that it had some fan service and ecchi moments on there and believe me, if you drink any time you see panty shots when the ladies are fighting, you will get fucked up. Most of the fights in the anime are not exactly animated well. It is mostly stilted fight stills and throws and sure the animation background looks pretty but still for a fighting anime, the fights are not that exciting. Plus, you notice that every female character on this show has…….


Not that I’m complaining but two things: 1) this is a much exaggerated design on the female characters. Sure, this is to appease the fan service crowd but I think they have a bit of more variety. 2) No love for the booty lovers. We like them, too. Also, I think the plotline about the past of Shin Natsume, Maya & Aya’s brother, should have had more focus in the beginning rather than in the middle where everything would’ve been more organized and not as confusing.


For characters, I think the show Bleach has been somewhat of an influence despite Tenjho Tenge (manga – 1999-2010) being released earlier before Bleach (manga – 2001-2012) so that means Tenjho Tenge was the predecessor of everything that the first season of Bleach was before it got too annoying. Also, I think most of the English voice actors in Bleach were in this show or at least two that I recognize.

Music wise, the series’ opening theme is m.c.A.T‘s “Bomb A Head!” and while it can corny at first, it’s an enjoyable and quotable song, and by quotable I meant the “Bomb A Head” part of the song.  The rest of the music is pretty average for a shounen anime and the ending sequence is pretty awkward and weird to watch, especially the background art of the sequence.


FINAL VERDICT: While this show has mostly the same flaws as Ikki Tousen, I find this more enjoyable than that. Most of the characters in the show are likable (and some are pretty damn stupid), especially Bob & Chiaki – my favorite characters, and they don’t irritate me too much. This is also what I consider a guilty pleasure for me like how much I enjoy the movie Shoot ‘Em Up. But I think if you wanted more fights and uncensored content, then read the manga and this is coming from a guy who went in completely unknown of the manga.


But yet, I’m rating Tenjho Tenge


Planet Tyro rating: Solid Watchable.


We all heard a giant bang on the walls and the sound is getting louder and louder and then there came a horde of martial artists, street fighters, and wrestlers crowding the room anywhere. It looks like we are outnumbered but Neon had this sneaky look in his eye and quickly he made his first move by throwing Nu and Don, both of whom with charging swords, at the guys and they both took them down and Neon continuously stab the toughs and while doing that, me and Discord are getting our asses kicked by the street fighters and wrestlers with one good hit or two but when Discord straight slit the guy in the Achilles’ tendon and I just slit his throat. Yeah, it’s getting pretty dark. So more and more toughs came into the room and as it looks like we are about to end our ends, suddenly, the masked leader of the second group appears and she took down 4 guys with her gun knife. Then Neon notices the other mad-hopping crazy rabbit with the chain sword and he was impressed….and frightened by Lucky. Then, Jon, Jumper and Paradox arrives just in time to take out the toughs and all of them escape and soon I started to ask questions from the masked leader and she did answer them and reveal her true identity to everyone. This raven-haired girl revealed her name is Ani and she heard about the open house through her connections to the anime world and she wanted to be the one to earn the grand prize but suddenly me and her started to clash and argue over the prize but the others follow suit? No. They said it was a waste of time to argue over some bullshit like that and slap some sense into me and Ani, mostly me. So it is decided. We merge together and called ourselves…..The All Nation Army. Why I call it that? Well, that is something I will answer…….the next review (round) and the next one is something that I wanted to explore ever since its existence and everybody else has known about it but me and it involves…….zombies!!!!! (wink wink)


And until then……


TENJHO TENGE – animated by Madhouse/ distributed by GENEON ENTERTAINMENT (now out of stock)


Also, this………

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