Anime Discovery presents: IT’S A MAD MAD MAD MAD HOUSE, part 1: Kemonozume (or Beast Claw) – #22

INTRO: For all of this month and maybe the next month, if I decide to take a break too long, I’m going to review anime titles done by famed anime studio Madhouse. Why? Well, because I notice a few titles from Madhouse that I like (Battle Angel Alita) and titles that should not exist whatsoever (Ninja Scroll: The TV Series) and I feel the need to explore more into their catalog and see whether if most of their time is worth the time or something you need to avoid. NOW, let’s get on with the story already. (Also the following story is pure fiction and I got an easily fucked up imagination that run by TV, Movies & Video Games. But warn me if I go too far.)

One month later after the Anime Gods gotten their due in punishment, I was invited into an open house provided by the people of Madhouse made for anime enthusiasts and it looks like the people that show up so far is me and 4 other strangers. The first one to encounter me is Don, a very slick and tricky guy who works in the IT industry; Neon, a young man who dresses like a certain Madhouse character which I assume you already know; Kris the Discord, an anime insider delves into the crazy side of the experience and why he’s named Discord, I’ll never know; and finally, Nu, this girl who I swear I seen before but have no recollection of her and her past. We all have introduced ourselves to each other and the owner has introduced himself on the giant TV screen and said there was a prize in the top of the building and many of us can get it if you survive the ongoing tactics that could kill you. Those are the rules of the game and right now, the first challenge that  the 5 of us have been chosen for to do this title which involves an anime that has flesh-eating monsters and that we needed weapons…….lots of them.

This is KEMONOZUME……or if you can’t pronounce it right, BEAST CLAW.

The series’ beginning explains that since ancient times, there has existed shokujinki or “Man-Eating Ogres”, flesh eating monsters that can assume human form or live in the shadows feeding on humans. However, there is a group of martial-arts styled warriors called The Kifūken that are trained to execute these creatures. The main storyline starts with Toshihiko Momota, a skilled swordsman and chosen heir of the dojo and soon after that, he falls in love with a girl named Yuka Kamitsuki and as it turns out Yuka is a shokujinki making the sudden romance turned forbidden as when The Kifūken finds them, they will hunt both of them down and it’s not like horrible things can happen to someone like them…….


Yeah, this show is definitely not for kids, whatsoever.

Both of the main characters Toshihiko & Yuka do developed into very interesting characters throughout the series. Their love story is a bit cheesy at a few times and what to expect for a love story only with lots of sex and female full frontal nudity and believe me, there is a lot of that going on in this show. As for the side characters, they just come off as dull and come off as uninteresting, such as, Kazuma (Toshihiko’s half-brother) wants to modernize the business with high-tech gadgets but the family does not take that easily. That little subplot just sounds like something you always find in a business only doing things the old-fashioned way but it wasn’t that bad. Rie Kakinoki is the most underdeveloped character in the show as the girl who gets in between Toshihiko and Yuka, vying for his love and even compares her breasts to Yuka’s. Yeah, that happened. But as for the villain, I wouldn’t say who it is because it would be a huge spoiler but whoever it is; their coming of being a villain is never really explained why.


One thing I got to say about the animation in here: I didn’t think that was a Madhouse project at first. It seemed like Studio 4’C helped in there but it is, in fact, all Madhouse and while they used the same art style in some 4’C productions, at first, it was very bold and different but it isn’t unique at all and it can show to be very lazy at a few times. Some character designs look completely flat and unfinished and the same goes to the backgrounds and most of the fight scenes. It seems that they had a slim budget on the animation and resulted into doodling.

The opening theme used “Auvers Blue” by Katteni-Shiyagare help you prepare for most of the show’s antics and situations and the jazz score in the series is very minimalist but it doesn’t distract you from the series and it helps play its role. The ending theme “Suki” by Santara isn’t really anything special but like the music in “Sister Princess”, I just skip this song and move on into the next episode but I still always listen to the opening theme with open ears.


FINAL VERDICT: The story gets dull in the first half of the series but as the story goes along, it did alright and that’s all. I noticed many people who reviewed this giving this 9s or 10s in order to be mature to fellow anime watchers but I don’t find it that worthy. It’s an OK show with decent but tiresome animation, average characters, and a good music score.


In other words, Kemonozume gets the grade of:


????? Rating: Watchable


As the challenge begins, they supplied us with weapons to fight the Kifūken and our chosen weapons are: 2 katana swords, used by Nu; 2 sawoff shotguns, used by Don; flashbombs and grenades, used by Neon; machine guns, used by Kris; and as for me, I was handed……2 tiny pistols that almost resembles the little gun from Men in Black and in other words, I’m fucked.

So the fight has started and the shokujinki started attacking right away and so far, everybody was bringing their A-Game on the floor and every time I shot, it just looked pathetic and just as one of the beasts start to feast on me, Neon pulled me out at the last minute and blinded and bombed him. I’ll thank him later once if I don’t die. Don started to run out of bullets and melee on one of those beasts but tripped and Kris unloaded his bullets upon it and so far, Nu is not doing too badly on the frontline as she slices and dices them like the Iron Chef. She was doing perfectly until the beast grab her and start to dine on her and just as she was a goner, all of us unloaded on the beast and she take her sword and deliver the final blow.

All the shokujinki are defeated and we just finished the level and passed with flying colors and with full body movement intact. We are moving on to the next level and what I got from the next round; it gets more silly and goofy but it is still a very dangerous game.

And until then……..


KEMONOZUME – courtesy of WOWOW/Madhouse

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