Anime Discovery #21 (Volume 1 Finale): Sister Princess

So it all comes down to this: The Anime Gods are finally at their mercy and I could just walk out of here and be on my merry way but if I do, I will end up in the same position as them and this woman is no joke. She would tear me down and stomp on me when she got the chance and so, I agree to do this review for her and she’ll let me go and this one wasn’t a hard target but let’s just say that if this anime were a sweet confection and it tasted oh so nice, leaving you wanting more and more and then when you ate too much, you might become sick too quick.


This anime was the case and that case happens to be named SISTER PRINCESS.

The anime is based off the popular Japanese seinen series written by Sakurako Kimino and illustrated by Naoto Tenhiro. It began as a serialized light novel series and spun into manga and a bishōjo videogame. The show is categorized as a harem (with moe elements) anime but it’s not like one guy + lots of girls = HOT SEX TIME!!!! ; considering the fact that all the girls on this show happens to be the guy’s sisters. That’s right, the main character of this show, Wataru Minakami, has 12 younger sisters (or in the anime case, 13 sisters). Imagine yourself in that position (brothers or sisters, your pick) and wonder about that.


Anyway, the synopsis of this show is when Wataru fails an entrance exam and left behind by his old friends, he is suddenly enrolled him in a school in Promised Island and upon his arrival, he happens to find out that he has 12 sisters who actually is very ecstatic and looking forward to meeting and spending time with him. That is mostly the synopsis so far in the series. Most of the episodes consist of him doing the aforementioned spending time with every one of his sisters doing various things. At first to me, it just seem kind of repetitive and mildly tedious but later on, I actually started to enjoy some of the episodes quick.


The 12 (or 13) sisters consist of (in alphabetical order): Aria, the soft-spoken and sleepy-voiced French sister who has a tendency to cry whenever there’s trouble; Chikage, the mysterious and gothic sister who is an accomplished practitioner of dark magic; Haruka, the German sister who aspires to become a perfect Japanese lady; Hinako, the youngest of the sisters and shows her affection accordingly; Kaho, the clumsy sister despite that she’s on her school’s cheerleading team and loves to cheer for her brother and loves to grow flowers with and for her brother; Karen, the skilled pianist and whose personality seems suited for an older sister; Mamoru, the athlete of the group and always trying to get her brother to play sports with her; Marie, the one who has an weak constitution and spend time in the hospital various times; Rinrin, the gifted one in the fields of science and technology and always building things; Sakuya, the one who behaves like a modern teenager and would like for her brother to see her as a woman and not just a sister; Shirayuki, the cook of the dozen and always tries out new recipe and Yotsuba, the English-hailed sister who fancies herself as a detective. Plus, there is Mami, who poses as Wataru’s sister after he mistakes her as that and as she tries to break him away from his sisters, her stay there has given her a second opinion about them overall, learning why the sisters love him very much and I could reveal more but like I always said, this is something you have to see for yourself.


The sisters themselves are actually very likable. At some points, they can get overly too cute and saccharine and sometimes you can go “AAWWWW!!!” but still they could be characters that you can stand being with. Although, one of the sisters did claim in their previous lives, they could be lovers and the other one expresses her desire that she might marry him. On a positive note, it doesn’t go too far with that and she agrees that it would be impossible when in his presence, so don’t worry, no incest sex (I’m looking at you, Koi Kaze) in this one.  However, with every decent character, there is one annoying character and it is Yamada. I really hate Yamada. He’s that kind of character who is hyper and annoying as hell and constantly sniffing around and is jealous of Wataru and the affection his sisters are giving him. Mostly, he’s like the friend that only hangs with you to score with your sister and fuck all. Also, what’s also the word to describe him?

Yeah, that’s it.


The animation by Production Company ZEXCS (weird name, by the way) is very colorful and has that paint backdrop look to it and it doesn’t feel that it aged to me. Maybe by a year, it will, but that’s just me. The music is decent for the show as I didn’t mind the beginning and ending songs but I do skip those once I gotten into the show and the background jazzy-like music is one of its musical highlights, even though it sounds almost like music from The Weather Channel.


FINAL VERDICT: At first, I thought this was going to be a borefest with too many girly elements but it was an alright show. I enjoyed most of the episodes, characters, themes, elements and I think this show is actually one of the harem titles that don’t apply the element of lolicon and other Hentai-related things. It’s something I would recommend to watch or give it a try.


Therefore, it gets the rating of:


Tyrocasts Rating: Solid B.



“Okay, Okay. I did it. I did the review. Can you let me go now? I’m begging you.” I asked the woman and she was thinking about it and what she decided that she will let me go and walk out of here in one piece but she asked if I wanted The Anime Gods to either walk free with me or should they suffer more for their abuse of me and guess what? I chose the latter. Why? Frankly, I had enough with their bullshit and they pushed me too far and I wanted to torture them some more and she look at me and we happen to think alike about this situation and I told her to get some chains, whips, a lighter, an wax candle, and a MP3 of Soulja Boy’s song Anime….all of them combined is the perfect torture machine and I got her some earplugs so she won’t hear that damn song.


So as I hear the screams of them getting what they deserve, I decide on my next anime venture on my own and fortunately while going home after that, I received an invitation to look inside several different anime series and an anime movie all made by one studio and this is that one studio that did made on my favorite OVA based on a manga that I happened to enjoy that I check out earlier this year and let’s just say…..It’s a MAD MAD MAD MAD WORLD out there….or should I say…..

That’s right.

Until then, I’m MAK2.0 aka HybridMedia, bringing all the sister princesses in one family.


SISTER PRINCESS – animation by ZEXCS, distributed by ADV FILMS (now AeSIR HOLDINGS)

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