Anime Discovery #20: THE Mega Over Hyped (or not) Special SURPRISE review


Let me recap a bit for you: (Add music)

I got sick and tired of all the bullshit I went through with the Anime Gods’ bidding (from explosions all around town, a weird girlfriend on my hand, a plane shooting at me, a dream within a dream within a dream, a look into incest and the typical confusion) and now one dark shadowy figure has captured the Gods’ and myself easily and she (Yes, a woman) has ordered me to review a special select title in what she calls THE BLUE BOX and I look upon the product and it is always something I expected. It is related to a certain anime, which I personally thought it was an okay show but some people love the hell out of it……at least, until the second season but will this movie change the mind of the Hybrid, will he review it in time and—–GET ON WITH IT ALREADY!!!!!


Okay, Okay! This is …..sigh….



Like I said before, I don’t love this show that is based on (THE MELANCHOLY OF HARUHI SUZUMIYA) but I found it to be okay (My rating would be Solid B. for the 1st season; 2nd season would be An Acquired Taste) and I happened to like slice-of-life anime and I had fun with that show albeit I don’t get that who would think a bitchy 16-year-old Japanese girl would be considered a God or the universe would turn into hell whenever she’s bored and the ones who are keeping their eyes on her have to keep her ass happy. But if you are wondering why I don’t rank the show that high, well, if you can guess the second season (I.E. Endless Eight) has something to do with it, you are correct, sir.’

What bothers me about that how lazy was Kyoto Animation with their budget and why did we need to see the same damn episode EIGHT TIMES?!?!? I wasn’t mad about it, just disappointed and later episodes of that season were just as lackluster as the previous ones. But enough about the TV series, let’s get on with the movie.


The story starts off with your typical show opening for this series as Kyon (or John Smith, voiced by Crispin Freeman, who naturally gave a good performance) narrates about what’s going on with his life and it’s the same typical formula for this series as it goes along but then, one morning, when Kyon woke up and notice something very, very different with usual ritual. The SOS Brigade doesn’t exist, Yuki Nagato (the mute of the group, voiced by Michelle Ruff) is still in the literary club, has emotions and not an alien, Ryoko Asakura (voiced by Bridget Hoffman) is still in this school, even though she transferred to another one in the series, Mikuru Asahina (the fanservice moe bait…..and possibly one of the reasons why I look onto this show…and also voiced by Stephanie Sheh) is still her usual self but she’s not a time traveler, Itsuki Koizumi (voiced by Johnny Yong Bosch) and  Haruhi Suzumiya (voiced by Wendee Lee) are not students of North High School and there is no existence of the SOS Brigade or any of their misadventures. He discovers he is not in his own world and nothing is gone right at all and must find a way to return there before

Now, in the movie, it has gotten more into a serious tone than the show but still has their usual charm, humor, and even their opening song….at least, in the beginning. Of course, the animation by Kyoto is their bread and butter and they excel at it and the acting and character development (especially from Nagato, who actually show more emotion than she did previously) was actually the best thing going on in this movie. The only flaw in this movie for me is the length of the movie. I didn’t expect for it for to be 2 hours and 44 minutes but, yeah, it’s that long of a movie…..when most Studio Ghibli movies don’t last that long. I don’t know if this movie is an improvement over the first season but it is definitely an improvement over the second season, especially that one. If they would have cut it to 6 or 7 episodes and call that the second season, it would have been HALL OF FAME, but no, I’m not rating it that high.


FINAL VERDICT: This is definitely something I would recommend, but to either old or new fans of the show, it’s a maybe for casual or wandering viewers like me but everyone else…’s a 50/50 or lower chance. Like I said, this movie actually improves on the Haruhi franchise on a storytelling level and it didn’t faze me most of the time except the time length and the only thing something against it.


Therefore, The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya gets the final rating of:


Tyrocasts Rating: Low First Class



“Well,well…”, the dark figure said, “You surprisingly didn’t suck at this review. I’m suppose I can let you go your way and let the Gods keep their powers.” Then I look relieved and excited for myself and for them, too; even though it is their fault I’m in this situation and then she said, “But you got to review one more anime for me and then I will let you go”. Oh yeah, I got pissed and screamed, “ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME!?!??!? I WAS SPENT BEEN TIED UP WITH A GUN TO MY HEAD AND A KNIFE AIMED AT ME AND YOU WANT ME TO REVIEW ANOTHER ANIME OF YOUR CHOICE? REALLY AND WHAT IF I SAID ‘NO’?”

She showed me a machine gun and pointed it at one of the Gods and she shot him in the kneecaps and it does hurt like hell…..unless you are a God but she took one’s powers away for a while and yeah, it hurts.

“Will you accept my last request or will I have to shoot it out of you? Or worse, I really don’t need this gun to cause harm to you.” She really meant that last statement and I decided to do it to save my ass and next week’s show to look at is an harem anime and it is…….

Until then, I’m MAK2.0 aka HybridMedia, bringing all the elements of one format.



(On one note: I was sad that Bandai is now joined the likes of ADV Films & Geneon as defunct anime distributors considering favorites of mine like Cowboy Bebop, Eureka Seven & Code Geass were a part of their catalog. Let’s hope those get picked up by other growing anime distributors.)

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