Anime Discovery #19: TEKKONKINKREET


“Now do you understand my drift? Do you know all about my cause? Did I explain this purpose? The reason why that Dirty South slacker has to review this? Now get your asses together and find that motherfucker because you don’t want me to find him and you don’t want me to find you” The shadow figure said. Then the Anime Gods conveniently popped in his place. The Hybrid asked why they are here and they warned him about the Blue Box package and said that if you don’t review it soon, the worse is yet to come for him and the Hybrid didn’t believe a single they said and was still convinced that they only appear to make his life a living hell and then he stormed off outside his house and just run as far away from them…..but what does this have to do with this review of TekkonKinkreet? Not a thing but yes, this is……well, that title.

Once again, I have entered the domain of Studio 4°C with this psychological tale of two orphan boys in the city of Treasure Town, based upon a three-volume seinen manga series by Taiyō Matsumoto and was adapted into a feature length movie directed by Michael Arias, who previously was a producer on The Animatrix, making it his directorial debut.

The main characters, Black and White, have shared alliterations toward the concept of yin and yang. Black is a streetwise punk who embodies all that is wrong with the city and White is an innocent and dopey kid, who is out of touch with the world around him. Together they are known as the Cats and their quest is how they deal with the local yakuza from taking over the city and turning it into an amusement park.

When they are together, they are an unstoppable force to be reckoned with as they take down many assailants, such as petty thugs and religious fanatics but when they soon separate, they are hopeless without each other and it really shows that point during the middle of the movie.


The animation design and art is up to par with the other works of Studio 4°C. It’s very unique and endearing but at some times, it can be disturbing at a few times but not overall. The innovation works At first, the character of White started to annoy me with his constant spacey state but soon, he’ll annoy you less as the story goes on and Black, as cool as he may be, is one disturbed and f***ed-up kid but it is true that Black and White do really have shared chemistry throughout the film. It feels like they can’t live without each other and once again, the concept of yin and yang applies to this movie. As for the music, the electronica score courtesy of British group Plaid was remarkably decent but I didn’t really pay that much attention to the score and I usually do. Although during those parkour-like sequences, the music did embrace that a bit further than before.


FINAL VERDICT: Well, the positives of this movie do outweigh its negative aspects but it is a perfect film? Not really but it’s still a very good movie to watch from its unique art style to the contrast of the main characters and yes, I would recommended this to anybody who likes this kind of anime.


TekkonKinkreet gets the rating of….


Tyrocasts Rating: Solid B.



As I ran and ran so far away, I started to notice something from this chase. Why am I running from them? Aren’t they Gods? Can they just poof out of nowhere and stop me at my tracks? But then, as I continue to ponder those thoughts, I took a shovel to the head and got knocked out pretty cold.


A few hours later, I find myself tied up in an uncompromising position with a gun to my head and a knife to each sides of my stomach. Something tells me that the Gods were forced into this and if they defy a bigger power than them, they will become mortals like me.

Then the dark shadowy figure finally reveal himself (or should I say herself to me- her identity, BTW) and she said that her name is (CENSORED FOR A CERTAIN AMOUNT OF REASONS) and she really insisted that I opened that blue box or else, she renounces the powers of The Anime Gods, but then I remember why should I? They are the ones that got me in this but then she responded, “Well, suits you. But if they lose their powers, that means you can’t do anime reviews anymore and you’ll be banned from going near one again.”  I was caught in a binder of a problem and decide whether by helping myself, I would be helping an enemy (well, not enemy, just a pin needle on my foot) out of trouble and I decided to risk it all and do the review of this mysterious anime.


She slowly revealed the DVD title and as my darkest nightmares came true; this title has been an example of fandom gone insane and many people calling this franchise overrated because of its prior entries (especially on their second outing) and guess what? This time I’m not telling you the name of this title. IT IS A…..



So if you are disappointed, don’t worry, the suspense can build up your excitement.

And until then, I’m MAK2.0 aka HybridMedia, bringing all the elements in one format.


TEKKONKINKREET – courtesy of Sony Pictures Worldwide Acquistions Group and the TEKKONKINKREET Production Committee(Aniplex, Asmik Ace Entertainment, Shogakukan, Beyond C., Dentsu, Tokyo MX & Studio 4°C)



It is what you think it is but it is not what you think it is.

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