Anime Discovery #17: Koi Kaze


Okay, let’s cut to the chase here. After The Hybrid mostly reviewed titles that involves a weird right hand for a girlfriend and two OVAs that has either crazy over-the-top explosions and yet people called these Hentai even though the sex was minimal, he wanted to review a normal anime (Yes, those actually do exist!!) and what he got was…….

“Oh, Hell!” he said, “I should have been clearer when I said what I said.”

“Well, you did said an anime that doesn’t have big explosions or weird elements and this one is the most normal of them.” one of the Anime Gods said, then I reiterated, “You think this anime is normal!?!?!?OH, REALLY? THIS PIECE OF WORK IS A NORMAL ANIME?”

Then I said f**k it, I seen worse things before. What can go wrong?


SIX and a HALF Hours (13 episodes) LATER…….



Without any more distraction, this is KOI KAZE.


If you may or may not already know, this is one anime that has been controversial for many, many, many………many reasons but that part is going to come up later in the review. The series are adapted from a manga series (running from September 2001 through October 2004) by the same name written and illustrated by Motoi Yoshida. Also the name “Koi Kaze” is translated English to “Love Wind”, which do happen to occur during the series’ run.

It starts with Koshiro Saeki, a 27-year-old man, who just been dumped by his girlfriend of 2 years because she claims that he always too cold around him and I happen to agree with her on that and the fact he just has this bored look on his face all the time. Then, one morning on the train, he meets this 15-year-old high schooler Nanoka Kohinata as he went to return her wallet after she accidentally drops her wallet. Soon, the two have been talking to each other about their past relationships (her being rejected by a boy she likes; the same story I just told you about Koshiro earlier) and they have begun into a mutual attraction, which doesn’t seem that bad at first. Okay, the age difference is…….well, out there, but if you are wondering that subject I brought up was the controversy, then you thought wrong considering most people date outside the age range nowadays.


The real controversy of this is that…………they are brother and sister.

Biologically brother and sister. Yeah, this is an incestral relationship show

There was been a few anime series about this type of subject, which can steer away most American and some Japanese audiences from considering watching it. However, most of these shows either have the brother and/or sister adopted, as in; it would be okay for them to have sex to their heart’s content. Now, most guys would like the idea of that but it’s either the guys who have no older or younger sisters and I’m pleased to say that I am not one of those guys. But on the other hand, Koi Kaze is not really a fan service show. The amount of that is actually bar none. They don’t try to do the upskirt panty-shot bullshit or the big breasted little sister thing or the very horny but weenie guy trait. They are mostly what average or above average people look and act like…..some of the time.

But, they are some very “squick” moments into this show and I would reveal them to you but most of those moments fall onto the spoiler territory and I don’t give any spoilers on here.


As for characters, what I said about Koshiro (voiced by Patrick Seitz) is that he is very bland and a bored character. Not boring, bored. He really doesn’t look too interested or he can sometimes be a hardass to Nanoka and as for her, she is either sweet or naïve, but what else is there? She seems like any normal teenage girl and I can’t find any problems to her nor have any doubts about her. Either that or I have an obvious crush on the English voice actress for Nanoka (Stephanie Sheh, or one of her alibis, Tiffany Hsieh, in this dub.) The dad, Zenzo Saeki, is mostly there for worry about his two offspring and Koshiro’s supervisor Kaname Chidori (voice of Michelle Ruff), who Koshiro should have try to hook up with IMO, is more like the girl who is more level-headed than the others.

The animation is really lackluster from what I saw. I never heard of Studio Adenine Cytosine Guanine Thymine, or Studio ACGT (DNA Joke, get it?) but it isn’t that impressive. The backdrop art images are very good but their most noticeable and nitpicky flaw in the design of every characters’ mouth. It looks like they just said don’t draw any teeth, tongue, or anything resembling a human mouth. Look, I’m sorry if this comes out too picky but that did bug me for a while in the series. The music have a very high-brow setting as it mostly consists of piano and it plays at most of the very awkward scenes in the show. It’s not that bad of a thing to do and the theme song is listenable and the ending is the same but with lower results.


Also, at every end of an episode, there is some scene where one of the main characters is confessing to some lady and some humiliating moment happens to them.


FINAL VERDICT: On the one hand, it is a very sweet anime that touches on a complicated and controversial subject and doesn’t have any obnoxious tones but unfortunately, the disturbing elements and scenes from the show makes it too creepy to even enjoy it on a stable level. This would be a vanilla title but it’s more cocoa than vanilla and ……


My final rating for Koi Kaze is…..


Tyrocasts Rating: Watchable


Also would I consider buying this anime? I have no idea and that’s mostly due to the fact that Geneon Entertainment, who distributes the anime, is no longer in business and the series are out of print and the only to get that is mostly eBay.


“Well, that’s another anime reviewed, signed, sealed, and—“, Then I got interrupted by one of the Anime Gods and said, “If you say ‘delivered, I’m yours’, I’m striking your ass over and over again. Anyway, kid, you actually did a decent job with the review and you obviously improve somehow.”

I don’t believe it. No strikes, slaps, beatdowns, threats, or anything and they give me a gift of appreciation but they said not to open after the next anime review and this time, this one is a surreal anime, in terms of story and visuals.



And until then, I’m MAK2.0 aka HybridMedia, bringing out all the elements in one love wind.




A dark silhouette came before the Anime Gods and said to them, “Did he get the box?” They answered yes and said he has no idea about the special surprise and finish with, “Once he knows about the True Anime God, he will bow down to me and soon, his little group is next, too. Be warned, Hybrid, be warned. This is where it begins.”





KOI KAZE – animation by Studio ACTG/ courtesy of GENEON (now out of print)

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