Anime Discovery #15: Midori Days


Previously on Anime Discovery, The Hybrid reviewed The Sky Crawlers and he was disappointed with the final product and The Anime Gods are once again fed up with him and the morning after he woke up with something unusual…….well, more unusual than before.


“AAAHHHH!!!” both myself and the attached girl on my arm screamed in panic as they find themselves in a weird bind.

“What’s going on?” the girl said, “Why am I attached to someone’s right arm again? Why does this always happening to me?” She looked frightened and scared as like she went through this before and I figured out it was The Anime Gods’ doing. I ringed them up and they told me since I been dicking with them for the last time, they give me a special assignment (go with me here), on an anime series which conveniently has a somewhat weird concept………and this is a romantic comedy anime.




MIDORI DAYS, at the beginning was a shōnen fantasy manga by Kazurou Inoue and run for two years (Sep. 2002-Nov. 2004) and was released in the States by Viz Media.  The title in Japanese, Midori no Hibi (美鳥の日々), is translated as “Green Days” since —midori is a homophone for the Japanese word for “green’, which you’ll get due to Midori’s hair. It’s green, get it?

The anime adaptation consists of 13 episodes (April 2004-June 2004) but strangely it ended before the manga series did.


The plot starts out with Seiji “Mad Dog” Sawamura, who is the toughest student in high school but he does not have the best reputation with everyone, even though, he fights for the weaker students against bullies and yet, every girl feared him and he does make him a bit sad and lonely that he suffers from a gift and a curse. Meanwhile, one girl by the name of Midori Kusagano, a shy girl who admires Seiji from afar but hasn’t got the courage to confess her love for him but when Seiji whines about not having a girlfriend and not wanting to die alone, suddenly, he got his wish……..but not in a good way. Him and Midori finally meet face to face, or is it face to hand? But I got one question about this.

HOW THE HELL DID THIS HAPPEN AGAIN? IT IS MAGIC? DRUGS?  ILLUSIONS GONE WRONG? TOO MUCH GANJA? THE POWER OF LOVE? This series doesn’t exactly answer that but it did answer that the real Midori is under a coma and has no way of waking up.


As for the characters, well, most of the time they either screaming or panicking too much, which would be a normal thing if you see a human being on your arm but it gets into stir crazy results. Seiji is a character that I could relate to with his situation and can be enjoyable to watch but he seems, at first, not to get that he got his wish but he just say it wrong. Midori has that cue Moe girl personality and it might bother most people who get easily irritated by that but for me, she was average at some times but can irk you a bit. However, two other women in the series got on my nerves a bit. First, Takato Ayase…….yeah, I don’t like her at all. First, she act snobbish toward Seiji for being a delinquent, even though it’s total bullshit, and yet after he saves her from being gangraped and even though she has a crush on him, too, she still treats him like shit (most of the time but warm up to him at some times) and his sister, O-Rin, who enjoys drinking, beating up her little brother and taking his allowance, but he spends it on porn anyway so she’s doing him a favor. At first, I didn’t like her but I eventually didn’t mind her presence. There is also Osamu Miyahara, who idolizes and the closest thing to a friend to Seiji, but he’s really not that important and the same goes to Shiori, a 10-year-old girl who also has a crush on Seiji but she might as well hold a neon sign that says “Chris Hansen can’t wait to meet you.” Also, the strangest character in the series, Shuichi Takamizawa, a doll otaku with the overall creepy obsession and becomes very interested in Midori in her doll form. Last, there is a cat in this. He’s not that important. Moving on……..


The animation is a bit appealing but it’s also clownish at a few times and overall “meh” and I hope you like the amount of fanservice thrown on, such as bare breasts, from almost every main female character (Rin, Takako and especially Midori). It can get excessively amusing but annoying at the same time. But then again, I forget that “pierrot” in Studio Pierrot means “clown” in French and yes, I know of one of their previous works, the one that ends to end already.  The music, I’m just not that much into this much saccharine J-Pop and it does fit the mood into the series and it works.

But, overall…….

Then I noticed the girl is staring at me with her teary-eyed moe eyes and was starting to cry a bit because of the way I was talking about the show. I calmed down and said, “Look, I may have pointed out a few flaws in the show but I don’t find them that annoying. I did mention you were cute and that was a genuine truth. I didn’t mean to take it personally and at least I didn’t make any cruel handjob jokes because I need it to be classy.” Then she looked at me and a smile was starting to crack on her and I briefly apologized to her and anything was cool. But since she was graceful to me, she offered to repay me with anything that I can’t mention here and as soon as she’s about to give it to me……..

I woke up. That’s right. It was a dream review inside of a dream review. I have been shafted in two visions. Those Anime Gods were crafty, aren’t they?


FINAL VERDICT: It really wasn’t the anime for me. The comedy did work at a few times, I really gotten interested in the characters but in the end, it was something you would rent but you think twice before buying.


And Midori Days gets the final rating of


Tyrocasts Rating: An Acquired Taste


Wow. I really don’t feel right about this.

But then again, the dream fucked me up major time but, at least, this time the Anime Gods did not completely cross me.

Then suddenly, I heard some wild and crazy simultaneous explosions coming from outside my room and both are caused by two young women, one who is falling from a bathroom with a large man grabbing her and another one with a guy with punk-like hair jumping from another exploding building with one guy blown up through the ceiling, then crash down and yet was still intact. Dead but intact.

What does that remind of?

Well, this is for another time. I need some sleep after this because the next review is a double feature.

So, until then, I’m MAK2.0 aka HybridMedia, bringing all the elements in one format.





MIDORI DAYS – courtesy of Media Blasters, animation by Studio Pierrot.

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