Anime Discovery #14 (Animovie to the Max): The Sky Crawlers


  • pre·ten·tious/priˈtenCHəs/
Attempting to impress by affecting greater importance, talent, culture, etc., than is actually possessed.



Previously on ANIME DISCOVERY………..

I reviewed Battle Angel Alita and then got the shit kicked out of me for some reason and now they drugged my drink and suddenly……I woke up to the sight of the sky and I try to remained calm. “AAAAHHHH!!”, I screamed panicky. “Why am I flying a jet?!?! I don’t know anything about flying a jet. Who can explain this?”, It was the Anime Gods’ doing and they explain that it had something to do with today’s choice of anime and how to review something under pressure, case in point, the jet. I ask why I couldn’t just do it regularly in my own facility but they said, “Just do the review as it is, you little bitch, or else we’ll make the plane crash with you in it.” And so I just shut up and began the review.


Yep, I’m once again exploring the direction of Mamoru Oshii and this time, it’s based around the Japanese novel series by Hiroshi Mori that follows the journeys and tribulations of a group of young fighter pilots involved in dogfight warfare, set in an alternate historical period, but it is never mentioned what year or century it takes place. I assume it would be in the near future, due to some notices of technological advances.


The plot involves ace pilot Yūichi Kannami is reassigned to Area 262 after the deaths of three pilots and bond with the other piloting corps, the chief mechanic, and the base’s CO. There is also a subplot with the mystery that is Kildren and they are humanoids genetically designed to live eternally in adolescence and one of these people in Area 262 happens to be one of them but I’m not going to reveal who it is. Also there is a master pilot fighter who goes by “The Teacher” and this is, by far, the biggest threat to the main characters despite it not being more important enough.


Now it’s time for a HybridMedia fun fact:  The Japanese dub version both feature actresses Rinko Kikuchi & Chiaki Kuriyama and I happen to know there is a movie “Six-degrees” like connection with them. As in, Rinko Kikuchi played the deaf girl in “Babel”, a movie which stars Brad Pitt, who was in “Inglorious Basterds”, directed by Quentin Tarantino and he did “Kill Bill” and yet…..there are double connections. Production I.G. did the anime sequence in Kill Bill Vol. 1 and Chiaki Kuriyama played Gogo Yubari.  Isn’t learning fun? (Gets shocked). “OW! Dammit.” I said, “JUST GET ON WITH YOUR OPINION, JACKASS!” The Anime Gods said.


But…….both the Japanese and English dubs sounded like they were either drifting off to sleep at some parts, especially from both actors that played Yūichi Kannami. It is very slow-paced and if you wondering about any dogfight scenes, they exist but I felt like I missed an interesting part of the movie and only see the ones not worth mentioning.  Also, the CGI is really not a good idea (in my opinion, of course). It felt more liked a computer game rather than a movie and Production I.G. is no stranger with CGI, counting the opening of GiTS: Stand Alone Complex, 1st season & GiTS2: Innocence but the animation is still standard.

Now, I get some people call this movie “pretentious and slow”, and they are….


Well, they are 50/50 on this.


FINAL VERDICT: Despite some good dogfight scenes, I completely lost interest in some parts of this movie. It’s just average quality in terms of storytelling and characters but I wasn’t expecting GiTS quality but I think they tried too hard with what they got and it backfired and disappointed.

But, unfortunately, The Sky Crawlers gets the rating of (and for Tyrocasts rating, like that Tom Cruise movie, its sky is……)


Planet Tyro Rating: Vanilla


“Really?”, questioned one of the Gods, “A 5.5?”, “You are not even trying anymore, are you?”. They were not pleased with what I said about The Sky Crawlers. We argue and argue and argue and still brought out that I rated Afro Samurai more than The Sky Crawlers. “WILL YOU EVER STOP BRINGING THAT OUT?!?!”, I shouted to them and they completely ignored me but unfortunately said to me, “Look!  You either shape your dumb ass together or we could bring this to your friends on the group you do.”, Yes, they had the audacity to put my fellow friends/reviewers on the line and maybe me putting them on the line isn’t exactly helping.

Then I woke up and all of that was only a dream. I would say you have wasted your time but during the next minutes, I noticed something on my right side and noticed a little person sleeping next to me and yet she had no legs or anything like that…….but when I raised my right arm, so did she……. CAN YOU WHERE THIS IS GOING? IF NOT, WELL…….


And Until then, I’m MAK2.0 aka HybridMedia, bringing all the elements into one format.



THE SKY CRAWLERS – animation by Production I.G./ distributed by SONY PICTURES HOME ENTERTAINMENT (US Distribution) & The Sky Crawlers Production Committee (Nippon Television Network Corporation, Production I.G, Bandai Visual, Warner Brothers, D-Rights, VAP, Yomiuri Telecasting Corporation, Hakuhodo DY Media Partners, D.N. Dream Partners, Yomiuri Shimbun, Chūōkōron-shinsha, Hochi Shimbun)


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