CHRONICLE or The movie that actually resembles Akira a bit Review

ORIGINAL DATE: February 11, 2012


A long time ago, there was internet buzz about this movie and people have said that it did a bit of resemblance to Akira. Now I happen to like the movie Akira but let me tell you something………it is kinda like that, but only in some scenes I can be able to catch any similarities to it and also this movie is awesome.

As you may know from the plot, three guys discover something underground and after that, they gain superhuman abilities and use it to do whatever the hell they wanted, until one of the guys decides to use it for more darker mischief and it starts to get out of control.

I never did had any high expectations or low ones either and I also didn’t expect they were to put actual likable characters in the movie, instead of frat boy dicks that would use it to do stupid shit. Albeit, they did, too; but they know the consequences of their powers. All the performances from Dane Dehaan (Andrew), Alex Russell (Matt) & Michael B. Jordan (Steve) as the main characters really got me to sympathize them and not to annoy me, especially Steve (They made the black guy actually a cool character. Finally…….) If I had their powers, I would probably f**k around things, too. I just won’t go overboard, but I can’t guarantee myself with that power.

And for an movie that cost $15 million to make, the effects are actually good but somewhat hokey. I really think Warner Bros. needs to take note if that Akira remake is gonna happen, but I doubt that it will. Seriously, most studios spend over $90-300 million to capture some essence to Akira and yet this movie did it for what is consider to be chump change in Hollywood.

But yeah, my final verdict is that this is one of the best films this year………so far. It’s a bit early to determine which movie didn’t suck considering The Avengers, Dark Knight Rises, Django Unchained among other movies that I can’t think of coming out this year. But, hey, why am I talking to you for? See it already if you haven’t. If you did, good for you.

Chronicle gets my rating of:




Wow, into the new year already and it got some good movies coming out. I can’t think of an single negative thing to ponder abo—

Oh, fuck me sideways.

Well, I’m MAK2.0 aka HybridMedia, bringing all the superhuman elements in one chaotic format.

CHRONICLE- courtesy of Twentieth Century Fox.

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