Anime Discovery #12 (Animovie to the Max): Angel’s Egg / The Restaurant of Many Orders (Chuumon no Ooi Ryouriten)


In Anime Discovery, I now have storylines in these blogs. Weird, isn’t it? Okay it is.


Today, the Anime Gods have assisted me into finding anime outside the mainstream and gave me a mission to watch these pieces of work and review it, proving in order to find more anime unknown to you, you have to dig deeper in order to find it and they said if I mess up and blow it, they were going to force me into watching Eiken on a continuous loop and I don’t want to stomach that show again, so today I’m going to explore some of the earlier works of Mamoru Oshii and a 20-minute anime short based on a short story by Kenji Miyazawa.


First up, it’s Angel’s Egg.


As I may already said in my previous entry, this is Mamoru Oshii’s work prior to Ghost in the Shell released in 1985 from Tokuma Shoten, but he had actually had other works he helped with like Gatchaman II, Yatterman, Ippatsu Kanta-kun, & Urusei Yatsura (both the series and the movies).


The plot consists of an unnamed young girl, who is the keeper of a mysterious egg and collects water in jars, then she met a mysterious man and they discuss the world around them.


If you are expecting any character development throughout here, there isn’t much to find. They are more geared as a plot point and even though every character is basically nameless, it doesn’t mean they’re uninteresting. Also, the dialogue is very minimal or none at best, but it means that the movie is more into visual storytelling rather than give exposition just like that and I will say this: the visual imagery shown here is actually spot-on with its dark tone and eerie atmosphere throughout the movie and its music score really does contribute alongside with the surreal symbolism and its outlandish weirdness and I will give kudos to Studio DEEN on the animation.


But……….if you are going to see this movie, don’t see just for entertainment value. This is one of those movies were it should be valued more for its artistic imagery and surrealism rather than just being entertained. It may have a 71 minute runtime, but some parts do tend to drag, especially with some long pauses but sometimes I do like using my brain to detail what is going on in a scene but I was still left wondering, “What did I just watch again?”


FINAL VERDICT: While this can be a confusing clusterf**k to watch sometimes, I can enjoy see myself giving this movie multiple views not just to understand beyond the symbolism throughout the movie but it is actually a decent watch when you’re bored. I would recommend this for people who are looking for anime outside the mainstream.


And now, let’s enter The Restaurant of Many Orders (or Chuumon no Ooi Ryouriten).

Based on a short story by Kenji Miyazawa, it tells a tale of two British hunters getting lost in the woods and discovers a strange restaurant. Mainly, it is a situation of Man vs. Nature or hunters becoming the hunted.


Like Angel’s Egg, this short doesn’t have any dialogue at all. I’ll admit that no dialogue did bother me a bit, but I was completely OK with that. Sometimes it takes more than dialogue to do any story right. Once again like Angel’s Egg, it has that eerie atmosphere but this time, it doesn’t give away that it’s haunted. Once you enter the restaurant, the realization of it being haunted will come to you sooner or later.


Instead of the typical Japanese look, the animation has borrowed the European pastel style and it did work……at a few times. For me, it can look very lazy at some times but then again it feels like you are inside a storybook….albeit a short storybook.


However, I’m not judging it by its looks. It did have a genuine eerie look but it worked only 50% at the time. But the music did get frightening for a little time but kind of whimsical at some parts.


FINAL VERDICT: For a 20-minute short, it can be a riveting storybook tale with a few spooky moments. However, it wasn’t much of a masterpiece but I never had any high expectations from it. But I would still watch it.


ANGEL’S EGG – 8/10 (Tyrocasts Rating: Solid B)

THE RESTAURANT OF MANY ORDERS – 7/10 (Tyrocasts Rating: Watchable)



Okay, I’ll admit that the latter part of this review was underwhelming short but I must report to the Anime Gods.


But what’s going to be of my next review? Time can tell and I could just flat out tell you but where is the fun in that?


The Anime Gods were somewhat pleased with my reviews and I didn’t suffer the wrath of EIKEN and now I convinced them into reviewing something that I wanted to get into for a long time. It is based on a manga and there has been much talk about a live-action adaptation from a certain director of two of the biggest box-office hits of all time, but no one knows when it’s going to be released. What is this anime that I speak of?



Until then, I’m MAK2.0 aka HybridMedia, bringing all the elements into one format.


(P.S., If this storyline thing seems weird to you, please comment about that, I just wanted to try something new to my style of reviewing anime. I really appreciate it.)


ANGEL’S EGG – courtesy of Studio Deen/Tokuma Shoten/Pioneer (or Manga Entertainment)

THE RESTAURANT OF MANY ORDERS – courtesy of Sakura Eiga-sha/Echo/Herald Ace

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