Anime Discovery #9: Elfen Lied

Eflen Lied comes from the production company Studio ARMS, who unfortunately made one anime OVA Series that really was beyond stupid and I really don’t want to be reminded of that. This is an horror-theme dramatic anime with some elements of an harem anime at later episodes. The plot is based on a teenage Diclonus (a different human being with different genetic levels, especially with short horn-like protrusions) girl named Lucy, who escaped from a facility built for experimentation and when she escapes, she shows no mercy with the guards, although they kept shooting at her and they don’t get the idea that bullets can’t kill her that easily and also there are these invisible CG hands that will rip your body into shreds and there is no escaping her power, even a secretary met her end with Lucy, although it would have been better if she wasn’t introduced like a main character and it is kinda pointless showing off a character and 2 minutes later, she’s dead. Hell, she wasn’t even brought back up until the 10th episode in a flashback.

After that, she was injured in the process and now has a secondary child-like personality named Nyu, which does sound like a Pokemon reject. There she meets Kohta and his cousin, Yuka, whom both of them are the most annoying characters in the series for different reasons. I’ll start with Yuka, she clearly has affections for Kohta (I don’t know why, I’m confused, too.) but every time Nyu is attached to Kohta, she gets uncomfortably jealous and she really pleads for attention too hard and it makes hard for me to actually like or relate to her. Kohta…… a f***ing idiot. That’s it. That is all I got to say about him……also (A LITTLE SPOILER!), but, hell, he is the reason why his sister and father is dead. Yeah, I said it. I really don’t blame (SPOILERS!!!) for their deaths. There is also another Diclonus named Nana, who came up to capture and contain Lucy/Nyu and get side-tracked by Mayu, a 13-year-old homeless girl, who also befriends the main characters and she has a PUPPY!!! YAY PUPPIES!

As you already guess by now, I have a slight problem with this series. Yes, it is a very original concept and that gets points although I get kinda grossed out by the naked little girls covered in blood and some gore was a little unnecessary but it is nowhere near as gory as those Saw movies or shit horror remakes. It either becomes a horror anime or a bit of fanservice anime or harem anime. Studio ARMS didn’t fail much this time, although this is one of the earlier works and they have deterred as far as I know. The characters are either complete unlikable jackasses or not that bright in the head. The animation style is vibrant and colorful and you will see lots of red. The theme song “Lilium”, while sounding very beautiful is mostly played throughout the series and the closing theme song, that is a skip. Actually, the theme song does manipulate you thinking you’ll watching something different.

“AAAAWWWWWW!!!! This is kinda sweet…maybe it isn’t that…….”

“AAAAAHHHHHHHH!!! Dammit!! You tricked me! You sons of bitches! The horror the HHOORRRRROOORRR!!”

FINAL VERDICT: This show had potential to be an good anime but it didn’t fulfill it all the way. However, it did not suck at all but it is still creepy all the way.


The rating measures in:

5/10 – Try Harder

Tyrocasts Rating: An Acquired Taste.

…And that’s it?

Really, that’s it. The Romeo X Juliet review will still be here come February but I will still review anime that people recommended to me. Also, my sister recommended the anime to me. She meant well and always will.

ELFEN LIED – animation by STUDIO ARMS, distributed by AeSIR HOLDINGS (formerly ADV Films)

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