HybridMedia’s Top 10 Best Movies of 2011

Original Date: December 30, 2011


I got one more list to do and it is the Best Movies of 2011. These are the movies not only that I like but the ones that surprised me was well, these are the crème de la crème of the 2011 movies and what I think is the best offering of the year and usually when I give movies a top grade, I would label them as “THE KING SEAL OF APPROVAL”, which would be a 10/10 but all the movies I’m listing gets the approval, no hands down. First, here are some honorable mentions that were glorious but they are not the tier Grand prize.


Honorable Mentions

FAST FIVE – For a summer blockbuster movie that was released a week before the summer season official start, this was a great entry of the franchise that surpasses the others by a mile. I wasn’t expecting gold from the movie but it did whet my appetite for action movies.


PAUL – I happen to like mostly anything Simon Pegg & Nick Frost is in, this movie is very funny but sometimes Seth Rogen voicing as an alien really did creeped me out. The humor is really acceptable and dumb at best and I enjoyed it.


HORRIBLE BOSSES – I love the idea and premise of the movie about getting back at your asshole of a boss if only Motherfucker Jones was used more during the movie. I still liked this movie considering I didn’t see Bridesmaids (some loved it, some hated it) & I briefly saw parts of Hangover Part II, which is a rinse-and-repeat of the first one, this movie is pretty funny.


THOR – Like I said in a mini review I did, Thor wasn’t great but it was good enough. Most of the fight scenes are mostly like Iron Man 2, but yet I rated that movie a bit higher than Thor. Kat Dennings did annoy me in her role, she’s not a bad actress but she wasn’t a likable character.

SCREAM 4 – Well, horror movies don’t really scare me that much (and I was scared at the first one, but then again I was 7 or 8 when I watched it), but Scream has gone to be Meta when referencing the lousy horror movies of today and plan its moments right.

RANGO – This is one trippy-ass animated flick which gives its competition a run for their money. It is not the standard kind of animation you get; it’s very unique in its own way and sometimes that can be a good thing.




And now the top 10 best movies of 2011……are starting with…………




Remember when people dissed DreamWorks and said that Pixar will always best them at whatever they do? Well, those people must be sucking on sour grapes right now. Kung Fu Panda II has managed to out-do the original by making the stakes a bit higher. Po, the main character, has grown to a more stable but still funny character without making an ass of him, but it does occasionally happened but not to an annoying amount of it. Hopefully, KFP2 might get more accolades because it has a good movie and not because of the studio’s rep.



I got to be honest, I didn’t expect to like this movie or care about it but hey, this is a really great movie. Some of the material written there was a bit mean-spirited but it is truthful and spares you no bull. This is one of Steve Carell’s better dramedy performances, as most comedians can excel at being dramatic, and Ryan Gosling has got to play one of the smoothest characters in the movie. No wonder why he is a good actor and that reason is coming up, not now but soon.  Overall, it’s one of the better romantic comedies I seen throughout my whole life.


8. RISE OF THE PLANET OF THE APESAfter watching this, you should never ever mess with apes for the rest of your lives because they may rule the world and kick your ass and most of the time in the movie, I was rooting for the apes to take over and especially when Caesar, played wonderfully by Andy Serkis, did the one thing Harry Potter couldn’t do: Actually kick Draco Malfoy’s ass. This movie not only surprises me, but others as well, since the last time that happened, people weren’t that keen but now, there might be either a sequel or a true remake.  Let’s just hope it doesn’t go overboard or none at all.


7. 50/50  This is a very touching movie with a few good laughs and lives up to the title. It handles a serious matter without being too sappy or way off the subject. There are excellent powerhouse performances all around the cast especially from Joseph Gordon-Levitt & if you didn’t like Seth Rogen, this could change your mind for a little while but he did a pretty good job. I would congratulate Summit Entertainment but then again, they didn’t market it well enough, although it made enough at the box office out of an $8,000,000 budget. So, 50/50 is worth a buy.

6. CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE FIRST AVENGER  Avengers Assemble!!! Captain America: The First Avenger is one of the best (second-best) comic book movies of 2011. It didn’t feel too patriotic or xenophobic, it was actually good and Chris Evans did not suck at this. It is a step-up for when he was involved with the Fantastic Four movies and The Losers. Hugo “Mr. Smith” Weaving does make a capable villain and you can tell he does enjoy his work. Also, this is just an appetizer that will get you ready for the major movie event of the year……well, second movie event of the year.

5. SUPER 8 I met this girl, she wants me to duke her, and this has nothing to do with the movie called Super 8. It does feel like I’m watching a Steven Spielberg movie of the ‘80s and the movie do have some well-done likable characters and good effects for a budget of $50 million. It also appeal the filmmaker in me when they were filming their zombie movie and do you find strange that girl in the movie that the main boy has a crush on is Dakota Fanning’s younger sister?  Yes, Super 8 is just…..well, yeah, super.

4. X-MEN: FIRST CLASS  The first two were good, the third one was meh but decent, the prequel was awful in every form. So who do you call do to a great superhero movie? Matthew Vaughn, director of Kick-Ass, come on down. You done it again and made the best comic book movie of 2011 and yes, I said this is the best comic book movie of 2011.  Everything (well, except one thing) was vastly improved over the last installment. The cast, the director, Bryan Singer is back helping what he first made into a success, the effects are done way better and it just improves overall. This movie has brought back the X-Men movie franchise and it should stay that way.

3. HANNA  After seeing the disappointment that is Sucker Punch, I noticed another movie, which is not the same category as that other one but this is a better movie. At first, Saoirse Ronan did seem a strange choice but I think seeing her fight after being raped and killed in The Lovely Bones would be a step-up and it is. The fights and action are well-choreographed, the music by The Chemical Brothers is one of my favorite music scores of the year and recently, I’m starting to like scores by electronic or hip hop musicians. Point is that Hanna succeeded where Sucker Punch has failed. I would suggest this if you want art-house style action and speaking of art-house style action, guess what’s next?

2. DRIVE A Real Human Being, and A Real Hero. Yes, I’m still bringing that song lyric up over and over again.  Do I need to go over again how this movie is? Well, here’s a recap in a nutshell: the acting, the writing, the direction, the cinematography, the music are all, in fact, are outstanding and it is worth seeing. Drive knows what it is and it doesn’t fail on that and it has nothing to apologize for.  But now, I must reveal my number one movie of 2011 and let’s just say I need to go around and……..

1. ATTACK THE BLOCK Oh, Hell YES!!!! I really loved this movie. It has all the features of an excellent movie that surpasses your expectations. It makes the characters, which at first seems like douchebags, very likable and you are rooting for them. The aliens are not some generic design aliens (sorry, Super 8), the action, sci-fi, horror, and comedy elements blends well and again, yes, the score by Basement Jaxx has produced one of my favorite themes of all time and it is on my page in the music playlist. Yeah, Attack The Block is my favorite movie of 2011 and I honestly can say, I did love this one.


So, those are my top 10 favorite movies of 2011 and I’m sticking to them, although I didn’t see some movies that are released as of now, but I’m not changing a damn thing.


Well, that’s all the time I have and wish you a Happy New Year to all Spillos all there.

and until then, I’m MAK2.0 aka HybridMedia, bringing all the elements in all format.

FAST FIVE & PAUL – courtesy of Universal Studios

HORRIBLE BOSSES – courtesy of New Line Cinema (Warner Bros. Entertainment)

THOR & CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE FIRST AVENGER – courtesy of Marvel Studios Film Licensing LP/Paramount Pictures

SCREAM 4 – courtesy of Dimension Films

RANGO & SUPER 8 – courtesy of Paramount Pictures

KUNG FU PANDA II – courtesy of Dreamworks Animation/Paramount Pictures

CRAZY, STUPID, LOVE – courtesy of Warner Bros. Entertainment, Inc.

RISE OF THE PLANET OF THE APES & X-MEN FIRST CLASS – courtesy of Twentieth Century Fox

50/50 – courtesy of Summit Entertainment

HANNA – courtesy of Focus Features

DRIVE – courtesy of FilmDistrict

ATTACK THE BLOCK – courtesy of Screen Gems(USA) /StudioCanal/ Optimum Releasing (UK)

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