Anime Discovery #4: Wolf’s Rain

Original Date: November 15, 2011

You can picture the main wolves in this show as the Lost Boys but they’re not vampires, right? Regular wolves, not werewolves, and, no, I will not make a damn Twilight reference in this review, so don’t be worried. This is Wolf’s Rain.







Old legend say that when the world is coming towards an end, Paradise will appear but only wolves will know how to find it, despite the fact that they are believed to be hunted down and are extinct but they take on by surviving in human form. There is also another side story where a flower maiden is destined to lead the wolves onto Paradise but her creator stole her from the laboratory to use her for his own gains.



For characters of the show, the main 4 consists of:


Kiba,the leader of the pack as an Arctic Wolf devoted himself to find the Lunar Flower and Paradise, but he’s disgusted by the human disguises most wolves use. Technically, he is sort of the stoic one in the group.


Tsume, the rebel of the group as an Grey Wolf, one of the stronger fighters of the group and only join because he was kind of bored. Also, he is also a bad-ass and always quarrels with Kiba mostly all the time and that also reminds me…… Note to self: Never read any Wolf’s Rain fan fiction.


Next up is Hige, the comic relief of the group As an Mexican wolf who likes where he is at. He reluctantly agrees to go search for Paradise, but he isn’t all that serious about it and possibly has amnesia, but that happens later throughout the series.  


Toboe is the 4th member of the pack as a Red Wolf and he is the youngest and the friendliest of the group, which means he is mostly the wimp. He is also protective towards most humans….especially ex-Sheriff Quent Yaiden, although he has a deep hatred of wolves and spent his life hunting them down and killing them with his own dog named Blue, who keeps him company and aid him and once Blue changes into her human form, she is pretty hot in a way, but that would be weird since she is half human and half wolf and I don’t think committing bestiality would help me and……damn it , I’m not making a damn reference of that.



Cheza is the aforementioned flower maiden and artificially made girl under the care of Cher Degré, a scientist who studied her and is fascinated by her…….oh yeah, she is also divorced from her husband, Hubb Lebowski, a police detective, but they later reconciled. Also, Cheza is created by Lord Darcia the 3rd and using her to revive his lover and it didn’t work well, which means he has gone insane.



The animation is really top-notch, leaving little or no mistakes in production and most of the voice acting in here was very impressive, especially the English dub. The music by Yoko Kanno…..well, how can you not love it? The themes of the show, “Stray” (conveniently when I heard this song, it always sounded like “Strange”) and “Gravity” really fit the tone of the show. Character development is existent here and is done wonderfully and you can get emotional for these people but don’t get too close because there are a lot of deaths in this show, especially from the main characters and the tone is very dark in the show, especially during the last 4 episodes.




This is an emotional and well done anime series. It can pull your heart strings at some parts, but most shows should do that……..if it is a drama. This is actually a must-see, an must-buy and/or just get the damn series either by physical or digital media. We will not regret it.




My final score:


The Gold Star Award


Tyrocasts Rating: First Class


So, tell me, what do you think of this show? You like it or not and do you think liking the character Blue makes you a little weird?


You can comment below on the bottom.


‘Til then, I’m MAK2.0 aka HybridMedia, bringing all the elements in one format.



Wolf’s Rain – courtesy of Bandai Entertainment / Animation by Studio BONES

Next Time: Xam’d: Lost Memories

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