Anime Discovery # 3 (OVA Madness): Master of Martial Hearts

Original Date: November 15, 2011

Do I tend to do this so I can torture myself? As you may remember last time, I reviewed Ikki Tousen & Eiken at the same time and I shared my disdain and disgust at this series. Now, I decided to do it one more time with one anime, which doesn’t bother me that much but it’s just as stupid and unnecessary at the other ones, which lead me to……..



Get It? Master of Martial Hearts? Like marital arts, it rhymes? Don’t you get it? (Laughing……) I’m an idiot.


Oh, and to save some time, No, I will not put that ridiculous theme song like I did with the Baccano! Review. Why? Because it is really f**king awful. It is mostly the singer shrieking, screeching and yelling in Japanese at most of the time. I really hated that song and the end music just shift moods after an episode ends, which isn’t a problem but you can’t really take this show seriously with that end music.


I can admit, I don’t mind a little bit of fan service but don’t just shove it down everybody’s throat. For example: girls in their underwear that I don’t mind but an extremely close-up of their privates in every fight scene? It gets too old and just becomes irritating and pointless. Not to mention that not only does the uniforms rip apart during a fight like tissue, hell, even the bras snap and break when come to fisticuffs and the animation ranges from mediocre to meh. You will see nipples alright for the fan service voyeurs but the breast size unexpectedly changes from big to small.


Okay, the plot. Well, it is about women fighting for a jewel which can grant any wish you want. Really, that’s it. It almost sounds like the plot of the 1st season of Ikki Tousen. It’s really nothing new.

The characters are, in my opinion, least annoying but still are irritating. Aya is our main character du jour. Unlike Hakufu, she isn’t an annoying ditz but albeit, a bland one at that and her best friend in the world, Natsume, as in she just talk too damn much and most likely, a cause to write fan fiction about them. Then there’s the first encounter of the show Miko or just call her Priestess (Miko does mean ‘priestess’ in Japanese). At first, she’s also bland and yet this is second girl named Miko to annoy the hell out of me.


Technically, I haven’t watch Episode 5 yet, so I’ll let you know how it’ll goes after it goes.




Okay, she won already? That’s it. The end, right?





15 more minutes later………..




Okay, what the fuck was that? At first, I was actually started to feel sorry for these characters but FUCK THESE PEOPLE!!!!! I don’t tend to spoil anything for you because of many various reasons but it pulls a twist just straight up there and it just not that, the very end, it pull a Sopranos style ending, as in, you don’t get to see what happens. They are just dicking you off.





This is a fucked-up and horrendous show. The plot is mainly blah and mostly unoriginal but it is done better than that other show. It’s not the worse anime show I watched and it’s definitely no Eiken, which is good news. It didn’t pissed me off that much and it leaves an dirty taste in your mouth.




The Huh? Award


Planet Tyro Rating: Not Feeling This


Also, for the future, I will never review an anime show about incest relationships or ones that’ll have you register as a sex offender.


Well, that all changes because coming up is the Anime Discovery review of Wolf’s Rain.


‘Til then, I’m MAK2.0 aka HybridMedia, bringing all the elements in one marital heart.


P.S., Marital Hearts or Platonic Hearts, it’s still a stupid title.


MASTER OF MARITAL HEARTS is owned by Funimation Entertainment and animation by Studio ARMS.

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