Horrible Bosses (or The Three Stooges ’11: MurderGame) Review

ORIGINAL DATE: October 13, 2011

Yes, I know the parentheses title sounds kinda stupid but yes, this is my review of Horrible Bosses.

Here is our three main protagonists: Nick, Dale & Kurt and their problem is that their bosses are either an asshole, a dickhead, and an sex-crazed nympho woman.

Nick (Jason Bateman) has been working at this financial firm, longing for a promotion from his boss Dave Harken (Kevin Spacey), who practically just wave the promotion in his face but Harken gave the promotion to himself, then you met Dale (Charlie Day), who is a dental assistant and a faithful boyfriend to his future wife but his boss Julia (Jennifer Aniston) always playing Grab-Ass with him and she won’t stop with that unless she gets that sweet Charlie Day dong. Now, Kurt (Jason Sudeikis) is an accountant but he enjoys working for his boss, Jack (Donald Sutherland), who seems pretty alright but he has this coked-up dickhead of a son named Bobby Pellitt (Colin Farrell in a crazy hairpiece) and suddenly Jack dies and Bobby now runs things, making Kurt’s job a living hell. All three guys thought of a plan to kill each others’ bosses along with the help of an murder consultant named MotherFucker Jones (Jamie Foxx), although I felt like he didn’t do shit throughout the whole movie.

Well, I can say this, the movie lived up to its’ title. These are some of the most douchebaggery I ever seen in those bosses and I haven’t been in the working force that long. Kevin Spacey’s character, Dave Harken as an psychotic, abusive and possibly homicidal person and Colin Farrell’s Bobby Pellitt is in fact, a coke-head, dipshit, disgraceful looking bastard. I felt like I really hated those motherfuckers. What a bunch of arrogant pricks and I really did felt sorry for both Jasons in the movie. I didn’t feel bad about those bosses.

Charlie Day, on the other hand, I can see his point. His boss is Jennifer Aniston, who is not like the role she usually plays. Maybe I like her as a brunette. Any man would want to…..you get the idea, but you realize she wants to sex up Charlie Day and don’t get me wrong, I think Charlie Day is a very funny guy and I do like It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and I did understand that in the film he has a girlfriend so he would be worried about messing that relationship up or she ends up sabotaging that herself but I wouldn’t want to kill her, just pay somebody to give her the satisfaction.

Like I said, Jamie Foxx’s character didn’t have much to do in here. His character’s name is still one of the best character names in 2011.

Final Verdict: In the end, I like this movie. It’s not much of a laugh-out-loud comedy but it is something that most people around the world can relate to that. Most of the performances are pretty good, although Charlie Day’s role in here seems like he has gotten more stupid than he usually is in IASIP.

Spill.com score: HIGH MATINEE  


My Rating: 8/10


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Horrible Bosses courtesy of New Line Cinema/Warner Bros. Pictures.

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