The Blade Trilogy Retrospective – Part 1 – Blade

ORIGINAL DATE: October 12, 2011

Hello, I’m MAK2.0 aka HybridMedia and I just figured out something. This is October. The month of Halloween. And I got a special review project to show all of you. Then again, you know what I’m about to review judging the post title. I’m going to a review of the Blade movies (and only the movies, that TV series is a distant memory of mine.) for the next 3 weeks starting now.

(Might contain spoilers. You were warned.)

and the first one I’m starting with is none other than Blade.

The year is 1998. The year when the vampire craze progresses with Buffy The Vampire Slayer generating its’ fans, but it was still a bleak time for comic book movies, after the year that brought us Batman & Robin ,whose reputation now is being the biggest failure among comic-book movies, and by failure, I meant everybody thought and said it sucked and after Steel & Spawn failed to be an successful comic book movie with an African-American lead, has studios given up on that?

Well, New Line Cinema (who also made Spawn) has something up its’ sleeve and it was Blade.




Blade is based on the Marvel Comic created by Marv Wolfman & penciled by Gene Colan. The project is at the hands of director Stephen Norrington & writer David S. Goyer and the title character is played Wesley Snipes. You know Snipes was one of the choices to play Spawn. Fortunately, he passed on that.

What I like about the film: This film came out when I was 8 years old and I briefly had nightmares about vampires biting my neck but when I become older and wiser, I had a huge fan of this film and the franchise. I’m not much of a comic-book reader but I tend to dig comic-book movies at that time and as of today, I still do. The fight scenes and action sequences in the movie are really intense and quite stylized. Wesley Snipes is a badass as Blade. This is what vampires (or half-breeds) should be modeled after, a vampire who can not only fight and kills vampires left and right, but be righteous, shows some likability about them, an interesting back story of the character, and most importantly, they don’t fall in love with the girl they rescued from certain death or better yet, for no reason at ALL!!  The relationship between Blade & Karen Jensen (N’Bushe Wright) isn’t the “hero gets the girl” type of relationship. It’s strictly partnership. That is all. Abraham Whistler is one of the best characters in the series, played by Kris Kristofferson. Whistler is a weapons expert, creating and designing Blade’s weapons, but he does appeal as Blade’s voice of reason whenever Blade feels the need for the thirst; however, he created a serum to suppress his blood lust and basically, Whistler is like a father figure to Blade and it really shows when Whistler shoots himself in order to not turn into a vampire. The soundtrack and score is pretty top-notch, too. Especially the soundtrack CD and as I mentioned in my other article, Blade combines my favorite genres of music: hip hop and electronica. I also known the first Blade movie only features electronica & trip hop music that’s not in the soundtrack but like I said, I enjoyed the music.

What bother me about the film: There are some elements of the movie that bother me but I didn’t completely hated. There is Deacon Frost (Stephen Dorff) and what does Frost wants to do? Wipe out the humans and have vampires rule the world!!!! (Insert Raul Julia Street Fighter reference). Actually, that isn’t a bad plan but Frost seems like that whiny rich kid that does whatever the fuck he wants. The vampires were fine with the compromises and the deals but Frost really want to be Top of the Food Chain and like any other villain, he usually has minions to do his deeds for him but he actually does fight him……near the end. Also, you can tell some of the special effects was murky, although it was ’98 and effects wasn’t as crafted as today.

Final Verdict: The first effort wasn’t near perfection but this is what the comic-book genre needed. The film did mostly everything right. It was a hybrid of action, horror, and comic-book movies wrapped up in one. Hell, the reason why I named myself HybridMedia was because of Blade. It succeeded where Batman & Robin failed. Also, why would RT rate this at 55%, it should have been 15% higher, thankfully audiences rate it 78%. It also didn’t do too bad at the box office making $70 million……and that’s just domestic. $131 million worldwide out of a $45 million budget.

My final score: 9.5/10

My Spill rating: Solid Full Price.

and this get my special honors: THE KING SEAL OF APPROVAL!!! (APPLAUSE!!!!! or else…………naw, I’m just kidding.)

and I am finished………..for today.

Next Week:

‘Til then, I’m MAK2.0 aka HybridMedia. Bringing out the elements all in one format.

Blade (the characters, trademarks, copyrights and logos) –  courtesy of Marvel Comics

Blade (1998 movie) – New Line Cinema.


Music shown on clip:

“Confusion (Pump Panel Reconstrucion Mix)” by New Order

“Dealing with the Roster” by Junkie XL

Blade 1 score by Mark Isham

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