Anime Discovery #2 : Baccano!

Original Date: October 25, 2011 (then re-edited December 11, 2011)


Get ready to handle a lot of ruckus to be going on as we about the enter into the 1920s and 1930s and back to the 18th century in “Baccano!”



Baccano! is based on the Japanese light novel series by Ryogho Narita & Katsumi Enami. The anime is told by many points of view with intersecting storylines and plot details and it is also a character ensemble anime because it really focus on more than one character. One part of the series is an elixir which can make you immortal and I already know all of you know what that means, but you can end the life of another immortal by absorbing them. Years later, the exilir is stolen and it moves around all throughout the city which leads up to the train, The Flying Pussyfoot. The storylines does intersect with one another now and then. You should really pay attention to each storyline in order to get it right and not get confused.


Like I say, this is mainly an character ensemble anime and there is a lot of characters to remember, such as, Szilard Quates, an immortal who became immortal in 1711 and wants to exploit the exilir to the world but the others disagreed and he just kills the original immortals. Dallas Genoard, a small-time thug, was the first to steal the exilir and use it as well, unfortunately, him and his gang were caught by The Gandor Brothers (Keith, Berga & Luck)  but his sister Eve has been worried about him and tries to search for him, despite being scared of the gritty NY streets. We also met the comic reliefs of the show, Isaac Dian & Miria Harvent, eccentric yet moronic (also likable) thieves/lovers and they also encounter with other characters, such as, Firo Prochainezo & Maiza Avaro, from the Martillo family mafia and homunclus created by Szilard named Ennis, btw, cute girl but has the second-most weirdest name of the show.


There is Ladd Russo, who I swear, is the most crazy-ass sadistic homicidal killer I have seen in any other media. If him and the Joker would have met, well, it’ll be fun to watch and the fact that he promises his fiancee, Lua Klein, that after he kills everybody on the train, he’ll kill her. That’s love for you, isn’t it? Also, he is part of the Russo family mafia led by Placido Russo, who can’t control the psycho motherfucker that is his nephew (Ladd). You also meet bootleggers by the identity of a shy and polite (you heard me) gang leader by the name of Jacuzzi Splot and who really named him that? Part of his gang is explosive expert and childhood friend of Jacuzzi’s Nice Holystone, who still does this business despite losing a right eye and knife fighter Chane Laforet and there is also Czeslaw Meyer, who’s been a immortal child ever since 1711 and also has been the result of getting beaten to death, stab in the eye with a hot coal and shot numerous times. You probably get sick of that, too.


The animation is really great, capturing the timeline and style of 1930s New York and Chicago and all the surroundings. The story and characters will have you curious about each episode and the music is timely appropriate and the opening theme and sequence (above me) is very well done and that includes the song, “Guns & Roses” by Paradise Lunch.


FINAL VERDICT:This is a delightful show to watch. It has a interesting plot and storyline with characters you might relate to, despite some massive violence by Shoot’ em Up Russo. I would recommend this for any anime voyeur or beginner.



My score of Baccano! :

8.5/10 = A Hardcore Trippy Time

Planet Tyro Rating: First Class


And ending on that note, what do you think of this? Say your piece below on the comments.


Oh yeah, I’m MAK2.0 aka HybridMedia, bringing all the elements in one format.

Baccano! is animated by Brain’s Base and licensed by Funimation Entertainment.

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