BLOOD LAD Review: The Vampire Anime We’ve Been Waiting For?

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Source: Comic Vine

Source: Comic Vine

Premiering Summer 2013 and localized by Viz Media soon after, Blood Lad satisfyingly blends action, dark humor, and vampires in a brilliant adaptation to Yuuki Kodama’s manga series.

Although vampire media has grown exponentially in recent years, its over-saturation has caused a stagnancy of the topic. However, with Blood Lad‘s well-balanced approach, vampires just might be cool again.

The Plot

When Staz Charlie Blood — a territory boss of the East Demon World — comes across Fuyumi, an ordinary girl wandering into the Demon World, Staz falls in love at first sight. Unfortunately, she ends up being eaten by a carnivorous plant and it’s up to Staz to help bring her back to life before it’s too late.

As far as you know about the show, it really goes into the goofy aspect of things in the first few episodes and that can spells some danger to…

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DAWN of the Planet of the APES (or Things Just Went APESHIT Over Here) – HM Movie Reviews

Back in 2011, a reboot of the Planet of the Apes wouldn’t sound like a good idea at the time, especially since at the time, it’s been over 10 years since the critically and audience-savaged Tim Burton remake and nobody would’ve thought this would be a good idea at the time. However, Rise of the Planet of the Apes managed to overcome those obstacles and received praise from the critics, the audience and was helmed a financial success, enough to spawn a sequel.

The question is, can this growing reboot of a franchise manage to strike gold twice with this or will it be only a one-trick pony act?

Setting a few years later after Rise, A growing nation of genetically evolved apes led by Caesar is threatened by a band of human survivors of the devastating virus unleashed a decade earlier. They reach a fragile peace, but it proves short-lived, as both sides are brought to the brink of a war that will determine who will emerge as Earth’s dominant species.

So……did this movie deliver on its word?

Did it manage to be bigger and better in aspect?

That answer is….HELL YEAH!!!

Everything about the movie succeeds over the predecessor on every film aspect and it does accomplish more than just bringing the action components to it. Speaking of which, the action is astonishingly incredible that completely surpasses Rise. Director Matt Reeves and writers Mark Bomback, Rick Jaffa & Amanda Silver brought the intensity and the thrilling excitement of the raging war between the apes and the humans does more than just doing brainless action sequences and things explode all around. It is superbly shot and edited without any confusing hiccups or annoying jump cuts.


But what enthralled me more than the action sequences is the emotional detailed tension and development around the characters, especially the apes. I felt more attachment to these apes more than I felt any human character in a movie past and present, maybe even more than the human characters in this movie. Caesar and Koba are fellow ape brothers but whereas Caesar wants to live in peace, Koba wants to rage war with the humans due to his past with them. You understand that with both apes and humans, they only think of nothing but the negative side of them while some do still believe there is some kindness in them.

Although I’m not going to say I didn’t care for the human characters as I did show concern for the main human protagonist Malcolm, but some development for most of them actually felt like they were brushed away after one moment of them, mainly just describing it as exposition (that mostly falls on Dreyfus).

The acting all around is superb, with of course the obvious best and strongest performances being Andy Serkis and Toby Kebbell as Caesar and Koba, respectively. Jason Clarke as Malcolm also gave a great performance and also a performance I feel like most people overlook is Nick Thurston as Blue Eyes ass I thought his performance was outstanding, especially towards the latter half of the movie, which is spoilers’ territory so I won’t delve into that. Gary Oldman is…..well, Gary Oldman and he does fine in here. The man is a great actor but it’s nothing unusual about his performance. I also got to give props to the CG Motion Capture as in here it really felt like those are actual apes there but the actors succeeded to make those apes believable on screen and finally, that score by Michael Giacchino. All I got to say about that score is this could be one of his best scores in a film and I really want to listen to it again and again.



FINAL VERDICT: This could be the best summer movie of this year that’s not comic-book related, that is. Yes, I know we get a lot of sequels, prequels, reboots, remakes and adaptations but then again if they ended up winding up like this movie, then bring those in!! This movie really up the ante, making the spectacle bigger and better than its predecessor. I really must advise you that you see this movie….in theaters and also get the Blu-ray. Blue Hybrid commands you to!!


And so, I’m going to give Dawn the perfect score of them all.




And until then, this is MAK2.0 aka The Blue Hybrid, saying……APES…TOGETHER…STRONG!!



Anime Discovery II: TORADORA – #118


You know, I’m starting to lose all hope when it comes to romance / slice of life anime as they tend to either go in a certain way: they try to be outrageously funny and/or dramatic but it ends up being only one or the other and I’m left cold feeling that have doing nothing remarkable or distinctive to make me care about the characters, what they go through and the story as a whole and if you wondered what title made me like this, let’s say that I’m all out of LOVE for this genre. But, then, there’s Toradora and I have heard mixed things about the series (few either good than bad) but I don’t have the biggest expectations for the show.

Despite Ryuji Takasu’s gentle personality, his eyes make him look like an intimidating delinquent. Class rearrangements on his second high school year put him together with his best friend, Yusaku Kitamura, and his hidden crush, Minori Kushieda. Along with these two comes Kushieda’s best friend, Taiga Aisaka. Her delicate appearance contrasts with her brutal personality. Secretly in love with Kitamura, Taiga agrees to help Ryuji with his love interest as long as he helps her get closer to hers.

Now, as first it may seem like this is going to be some typical love story where the main guy tries to get with this girl by the help of the girl’s said friend and that said friend wants to hook up with the main guy’s best friend and then it turns out that those two might fall in love with each other. BUT… actually ends up being more than that. The show illustrates that love is a complicated thing and if something comes crumbling down, no one is going to be left unscathed emotionally, no matter how well you try to hide it. Originally, I was drawn by the comedic aspects of the show as I did had myself a great laugh throughout the earlier episodes but once it gets into the dramatic episodes later on, I was hooked and invested in knowing how the characters will progress throughout. One aspect of the show never overshadowed the other as both the comedy and drama are rightfully balanced without a hint of overexerted awkwardness in the writing.

I really appreciated how the characters in the show remain to be interesting and likable despite being some clichéd character-types at first but they are portrayed as realistic characters and the show equally get in-depth with them as the show goes on. At first, I thought Taiga was just going that annoying tsundere type that I loathe in anime so much, but eventually, she turns out to be an endearing character and reasons why she is what she is (i.e. coming from a broken home, parents don’t give a damn) and how she does stand up for her friends various times and is straight to the point honest. Ryuuji is somebody that isn’t a spineless male lead nor an off-the-wall perverted idiot lead, but a level-headed genuine character that doesn’t come off as Gary Stu-ish or manufactured as he does have his inner struggles to challenge through. Yusaku, to me, can be often funny and OK but he wasn’t really that important of a character to me to get fully invested but he does have a moment in that in the latter half of the series. But the ones to get me fully invested are Minori and Ami. For Minori, she does seems like the energetic best friend character with a nice girl personality that I really did like at first but she really progresses from that as she show signs of her not confronting her true feelings that she seems like a coward even though she does care for her friends. Ami on the other hand, I never would have expect to like someone as her being a bitch-in-sheep’s clothing character but honestly she wants more in friends than just having followers and admirers and while often she does pick on Taiga, she does care if anything were to happen to her.

J.C. Staff animated this production and it was a great effort from their part. However, this is nothing I would call new but more of the standard fare I expect from them as the artwork is gorgeous and the movement is performed smoothly and fluid within the context of the show. Character designs are also much to the standard of many anime characters but it is nothing over-the-top or fan service related but manageable.

For the music portion, “Pre-Parade”, the 1st opening theme performed by the main three female leads (Rie Kugimiya, Yui Horie, and Eri Kitamura) does set the mood for the series’ first half and I got to say, this is a decent track with some small flaws in it like it does sound like it’s over-produced in some areas but I actually like the track enough to not skip it. The 2nd opening theme, “silky heart”, also appropriately set the tone during the latter half of the series remarkably acceptable. The rest of the music delivers the dramatic moments spot-on as did the ending themes, “Vanilla Salt” and “Orange”, which sounds like ingredients for a cake than a song.

Now when I say this show was a surprise to me being good, there is also another surprise.


No, really. This show is licensed by NIS America and normally they do sub-only anime releases and this is their first English dub release and also with the dub being done by Bang Zoom Entertainment and with director Alex Von David on the helm. I’m also proud to say that this is a damn good—no, a damn great dub!! Mainly, it’s because BZ is doing a slice-of-life show for once since recently they have only been dubbing action anime titles for some time and I think the dub shows off the VA’s acting range a bit more. Erik Scott Kimerer and Cassandra Lee Morris give out great performances as Ryuuji and Taiga. Johnny Yong Bosch was rather fine as Yusaka, usually the standard from him but he did his part exceptionally. Personally I think the standouts goes to both Christine Marie Cabanos as Minori and Erika Harlacher as Ami. Cabanos unquestionably delivers more to her acting range as Minori during the dramatic moments as well as her comedic scenes. Most of her comedic scenes did felt like a preview of what to see her as Mako in Kill La Kill (which I’m dying to see in the English dub, BTW). Harlacher sounds very natural as Ami, maintaining both the bitchiness and reasonableness in the character without feeling too overbearing or over the top and this is practically the actress’ best role yet.

FINAL VERDICT: Toradora is a complete surprise from me. Here I was expecting to be some run of the mill cliché romance anime but I got something more from this. Everything from the characters, the basic storyline and the soundtrack was executed well despite being plain on paper. Has this made me look at slice of life romantic anime in a different light? Maybe. This show gave me hope for this genre of anime and I hope future titles can learn from this show and how to make me care for the story, the characters and how they’re able to manage that. Toradora, you are definitely a title that I recommend to people. I should’ve never doubted you.

Therefore, I’m going to give this the highest rating for me possible:




TORADORA is available from NIS America on Premium DVD and Blu-ray and was re-released with an English Dub in July 2014. Streaming options are on Crunchyroll (in both sub and dub) and Hulu.


For now, I’m MAK2.0 aka The Blue Hybrid, bringing all the elements in one format because that’s the way it’s meant to be.


TORADORA – animated by J.C. STAFF / distributed by NIS AMERICA

(Hy)Lights #26: The STRAIN (First Impressions)

Hello, folks!!

Looking for a vampire series that isn’t all about shoddy-written romance or lots of sex? (And yes, you can use a break from all the sex.) Want something more out of the vampire genre? Like tension? A surprising good story? That’s on a cable network? Then look no further than FX’s The Strain.

What is The Strain, you say?

Well, The Strain is a new TV series adapted from a trilogy of novels entitled The Strain Trilogy written by filmmaker Guillermo Del Toro and Chuck Logan. Two other books, The Fall and The Night Eternal followed after the first novel. The series does have Del Toro and Logan involved as creators/executive producers of the project as well as writing and directing the pilot with Lost producer Carlton Cuse is also involved as a producer here.

A Boeing 767 arrives at JFK and is on its way across the tarmac, when it suddenly stops dead. All window shades are pulled down. All lights are out. All communication channels have gone quiet. Crews on the ground are lost for answers, but an alert goes out to the CDC. Dr. Ephraim “Eph” Goodweather, head of their Canary project, a rapid-response team that investigates biological threats, gets the call and boards the plane. What he finds makes his blood run cold.

In a pawnshop in Spanish Harlem, a former professor and survivor of the Holocaust named Abraham Setrakian knows something is happening. And he knows the time has come, that a war is brewing.

So begins a battle of mammoth proportions as the vampiric virus that has infected New York begins to spill out into the streets. Eph, who is joined by Setrakian and a motley crew of fighters, must now find a way to stop the contagion and save his city – a city that includes his wife and son – before it is too late.

I have heard about The Strain novels for some time and wonder how will it translate into TV, considering the creature du jour is a form of vampire and I think this is the right time to release it since the vampire craze has been going on a decline since 2012 but the thing is will it be a transition for the better?

Well, from watching the pilot, I say that this is looking quite well.

First off, I like that the suspense and tension builds up so well into the mystery of what cause these people to die or convert into a vampire. The horror elements felt as they were genuinely haunting, not in the sense to scare me but more of staring at something horrifying but not put off by it.

The human elements of more of a mixed bag for me, as one hand, characters like Dr. Goodweather, Setrakian and some of the crew of the Canary project do carry some of the show in terms of the main plot. But character sub-plots like Goodweather’s ex-wife, her new man and them going through this divorce and their kid is involved with the whole “you care more about your work than you do me” shtick and this one character named Gus, who is type-casted gangbanger character who somehow gets involved in this ordeal can be meandering and mostly predictable. That’s not to say that the whole season is going to be like this… least, we hope not. Although, the second episode has improved from the pilot, expanding on how the disease has a dire effect on its remaining survivors, going more in-depth with Setrakian’s character and even the side character Gus was decent at best.

I still have hope for this series to be a great show for FX as they do carry out some great series on their network, especially their dramas (although I’m hearing mixed things about Tyrant and I’m mixed on that, too.)

As for if I plan to keep watching the show, yes, I do plan so.

I’m quite invested in this series enough to want to know what’s going to happen in the coming of weeks ahead, albeit some mishaps in the character development department. For those that want their horror fix, this could peek your interest for you.

The grade it gets so far is a High SOLID B (8.5/10).

And until then, this is MAK2.0 aka The Blue Hybrid, bringing all the effected into one huge world takeover.


THE STRAIN – courtesy of FX Productions

Anime Discovery – TIME OF THE SEASON Summer 2014 Edition: BLACK BUTLER: Book of Circus

My, oh my!

Haven’t it been a week since I reviewed this title in particular? Or more like, the first two series in particular. Yes, you already knew that I’ve gave Black Butler Season 1 and 2 the Anime Discovery review treatment, and now, this last entry into the TOTS Summer 2014 Edition, we check out Black Butler: Book of Circus.

Director: Noriyuki Abe


Series Composition: Hiroyuki Yoshino


Hiroyuki Yoshino
Ichiro Okouchi
Yuka Miyata


Music: Yasunori Mitsuda


Original creator: Yana Toboso


Character Design:
Chisato Kawaguchi (sub)
Minako Shiba

Animation Production: A-1 Pictures

Internet Streaming:, Hulu

Licensed by: FUNimation Entertainment

Plot Synopsis: In Victorian London, the breathtaking performances of the Noah’s Ark Circus have captured the attention of people all across the city. But the spell of magic and wonderment woven under the big top is not without consequences. Children have suddenly begun to vanish, and some suspect these mysterious performers are responsible. In an attempt to get to the bottom of these disturbing disappearances, the dashing duo of demon butler, Sebastian Michaelis, and his young master, Ciel Phantomhive, will infiltrate the circus and uncover whatever darkness may lie at its core!

First Thoughts: So, yes, this series takes place where Season 1 has left off as if Season 2 never existed (and also I heard a lot of people did not like Season 2 at all and they were harsher on it than me) and everything is back on status quo with Sebastian continuing being the unseen force of a butler and tolerating everybody else. This episode has a fun atmosphere that didn’t completely distract the overall plot of the series and it does retain that mystery vibe that makes the show for what it is. It is more of a set-up to what comes next into the upcoming season. Characters are still likable so far, A-1’S animation is still superb (I’ve been saying a lot of positive things about A-1 Picture shows lately) and the opening theme, in my opinion, is actually better than the first two put together.

So, all-in-all, this could end up being even better than the first season overall but I’m not willing to make too much of a bit on that. But still, this gets a solid CONTINUE WEEKLY for me. This definitely has potential to soar high in being a great chapter to an otherwise decent series.

And that’s actually it for TIME OF THE SEASON this season. Yep, this is all the shows I’m covering. Any future thoughts on that….yeah, I might tweet them as it goes along @MAK2HybridMedia.


And until then, I’m MAK2.0 aka The Blue Hybrid, being one hell of an anime reviewer!!!

Anime Discovery – TIME OF THE SEASON Summer 2014 Edition: PERSONA 4 the GOLDEN Animation

You know, I have been traveling to this mysterious TV world before in my many (but on-hold) adventures of anime reviewing and battling the strangest beings there. Although the first time I tried going inside, I ended up paying for a new TV set I didn’t want and going to the hospital to check for internal bleeding.

Anyways, here’s Persona 4: The Golden Animation.

Chief Director: Seiji Kishi


Director: Tomohisa Taguchi


Shoji Meguro
Tetsuya Kobayashi


Original Character Design: Shigenori Soejima

Character Design: Yuu Shindou

Persona Design: Shigenori Soejima

Persona Design Concept: Kazuma Kaneko

Animation Production: A-1 Pictures

Internet Streaming: Crunchyroll, Hulu, Daisuki, Aniplex Channel

Licensor: Aniplex of America

Plot Summary: In the spring when the cherry blossom petals fall, Yū Narukami moves to Yaso Inaba to live with his uncle and cousin due to his family’s circumstances. He transfers to Yasogami High School, where his event-filled school life begins. However, when serial murders begin occurring in the peaceful town, Yū is awakened to the power of his heart turned to physical form: A Persona. Within these new mysteries is Marie, a resident of the alternate world, the Velvet Room, who has no memories of her past. Together with his friends, Yū must solve all the riddles set in front of him and save Yaso Inaba from further violence.

First Thoughts: So Persona 4 rides again as an anime adaptation but with a little change this time with it being the animation studio (A-1 Pictures, as AIC is apparently R.I.P. – are they really out of business though?), the episode count being 12 episodes as opposed to the 24 the first series got and a new added character to mixed things up and I did like the Persona 4 anime when it first came out, despite some minor problems in there although I didn’t play the game nor do I care to. But as for this series’ first impression? Yeah, this is a reboot but it didn’t felt like I was watching the same thing but it wasn’t entirely too different from the first series. It does have a steady faster pace, as in, they probably going to cut some of the filler and add on more with the new character Marie and as for her, she seems……..OK-ish for the time being. For the animation, I really couldn’t tell some of the difference from A-1 to AIC as they both have the similar style and feel to them and of course, the music is still plenty great to listen to and hopefully can be as good as the music in the first series.

However, I’m going to go with CONTINUE BI-WEEKLY. Why? Because while I find no big faults in here, I’m not really much of a hurry to watch and finish it. There is some good in here but not enough to watch it on a weekly basis.

And until then, this is MAK2.0 aka The Blue Hybrid, bringing all the PERSONA into the TV World.

*tries to go inside the TV world again but TV falls on my leg*

I’M FINE!!!! Ow, my leg.

Anime Discovery – TIME OF THE SEASON Summer 2014 Edition: Terror of RESONANCE

Nothing says summer like a bunch of high schooled terrorists in Tokyo, right?



How can I transition well from this scenario? Hey, Shinichiro Watanabe and Yoko Kanno are BACK!!! (Again). This is Terror of Resonance.

Director: Shinichiro Watanabe

Music: Yoko Kanno

Character Design: Kazuto Nakazawa

Art Director: Hidetoshi Kaneko

Cgi Director: Yuushi Koshida

Director of Photography: Hitoshi Tamura

Animation Production: Mappa

Distributor: FUNimation Entertainment

Internet Streaming:, Hulu

Plot Summary: In an alternate iteration of the present, Tokyo has been hit by a terrorist attack that has devastated the city, with the only evidence of the culprits being a confusing video uploaded to the internet, which only spreads paranoia throughout Japan. Unbeknownst to the authorities is that the terrorist masterminds who call themselves “Sphinx” are two teenaged boys, who go by the names Nine and Twelve, who apparently should not exist and have decided to wake up the world with their heinous plans of death and destruction with their fingers on the trigger.

First Thoughts: I know for those who read my reviews that I’m a huge fan of Shinichiro Watanabe and I loved almost every one of his works (hell, Space Dandy 2nd Season TOTS review proved that) but I got a feeling most people might be turned off by this series due to……well……you know, terrorism, 9/11, high school kids being the terrorists……but yet, I wasn’t exactly shocked by this. I knew coming in it would be like this and as it goes on, I want to see more of the show. I know, I know, once again, Watanabe has smitten me into his stories but he has a way of drawing you in the story and characters. Speaking of characters, Kokonoe and Kumi, or “Twelve” and “Nine”, as they are called respectively are both characters I’m actually really invested in knowing about, although I will say while Nine is OK as a character, I actually liked Twelve more because he’s a type of silent but stealth character type that attracts me more and Lisa, the main girl who was being bullied in high school is also another typical character but once again, it never seems to annoy me. Then again, I have become more interested in knowing about these characters in recent anime rather than go for the action firsthand, which was done fantastically with the opening scene and props to MAPPA, the studio behind Watanabe’s other previous show Kids on The Slope, for animating it very consistently. And of course, with the music being done by Yoko Kanno, I got to say….this is a good score, I like it but it hasn’t hit me where I would love it yet, but I’m sure with 10 more episodes on the way, I can like it.

So, yes, as you expected I like the first episode of Terror of Resonance and I will CONTINUE WEEKLY with this as I think the show will continue to get more interesting as it goes along. So, basically, I’m in Watanabe Heaven with this and Space Dandy for 2014.


And until then, this is MAK2.0 aka The Blue Hybrid, bringing all the terror in TOKYO!!

Anime Discovery – TIME OF THE SEASON Summer 2014 Edition: ARGEVOLLEN!!!!!!!

I feel like every time the title of this show comes out, you just got to scream out its name like ARRGHHH VOLLLEN!!!! I wonder why this isn’t a pirate anime. *suddenly remembers One Piece* Oh, nevermind. Anyway, ARGEVOLLEN!!!

Director: Atsushi Ootsuki


Series Composition: Tatsuo Sato


Script: Tatsuo Sato (ep 1)


Atsushi Ootsuki (ep 1)
Hiroaki Yoshikawa (ep 1)



Music: Kotaro Nakagawa


Character Design: Yūichi Oka

Animation Production: Xebec


Internet Streaming: Crunchyroll

Licensed by: Sentai Filmworks

Plot Synopsis: The story takes place in a world where two countries, Arandas and Ingelmia, have been warring against each other for a very long time. Tokimune, a young man belonging to the eighth autonomous unit of Arandas, saves a girl named Jamie when she is attacked by enemy forces. In order to survive, he rides the new weapon Argevollen and fights.

First Thoughts: Wow, we just got back to the good ‘ol boring mecha anime, have we? Despite the name sounding very amusing, the anime in question is not. What we got here is just the typical mecha war story of some guy just getting into this war of something and if you felt like you seen this before, you probably already have. For some reason, I was really getting Nobunaga the Fool vibes from this….and this is not a good thing. I ended up dropping The Fool after 3 episodes and I haven’t even bothered looking back at it because it just feels so bland. The whole set-up and execution is really dull and tired and the animation is just the same and I’m surprised that this wasn’t a Sunrise anime…’s from XEBEC!!! Yeah, you remember Xebec, the ones that made Martian Successor Nadesico & LaGrange: The Flower of Rin-Ne, you know, two mecha shows that were more INTERESTING than this show.

You know what, if you want something mecha this season or any new good mecha series, just watch Aldnoah.Zero or better yet, continue on with Captain Earth. Yeah, at least that got some action and characters you give a shit about.

This gets the THE 3-EPISODE TREATMENT as in I’m giving this 3 more episodes and if it doesn’t get interesting in that time, I’m not checking back. Then again, I said the same thing about Mahouka and that’s a piece of shit and I’m still watching it due to completion.


I think I have more faith in ARGEVOLLEN!!!! Than I do with Mahouka.


And until then, this is MAK2.0 aka The Blue Hybrid, bringing all the ARGEVOLLEN!!!! Into your AGREVOLLEN!!!!!

Anime Discovery – TIME OF THE SEASON Summer 2014 Edition: DRAMAtical Murder

Um…….*checks info on show* OK, this isn’t a SHAFT anime nor is it directed by Akiyuki Shinbo. That’s the good news. The bad news is…….I don’t know what to make of this. Again, another anime has stumped me. Am I that easily confused? Or this stupid? No, really, I’m asking you.

This is DRAMAtical Murder.

Director: Kazuya Miura


Series Composition:
Kabura Fuchii
Touko Machida


Satoko Sekine
Touko Machida


Music: Yuuki Hayashi


Original Character Design: honyalala


Character Design:
Etsunobu Iwanaga (sub)
Yukiko Ban

Animation Production: NAZ

Internet Streaming: Crunchyroll

Licensor: Unlicensed (at the time of this review)

Plot Summary: Aoba lives on Hekishima, a small island to the southwest of the main islands of Japan. He lives with his grandmother Tae while working part time at a junk shop. The popular pastimes on the island are the ongoing turf war called “Libstease” and an online game set in the virtual world of “Rhyme.” Aoba isn’t involved in either, preferring to live peacefully, until one day he is forced into a Rhyme battle.

First Thoughts: OK, maybe this isn’t as confusing as I made it out to be. The anime itself is based off of a Nitro+ChirAL visual novel game and boy, does it show. The mention of the virtual world “Rhyme” does remind me of something like Log Horizon and Accel World as this aspect was the only interesting thing happening in the series as everything else just really felt unmotivated, including its characters. The main lead, Aoba, is just another male character with really feminine hair with not much of a personality and of course, there’s a whole bunch of handsome dudes that some of the girls will squeal over but who cares about them? Anyway, the show does managed to draw you in this world of “Rhyme” and what goes along it although you might need to repeat watch just to get it. The animation and artwork is a little eccentric to say the least. I have never heard of Studio NAZ, whose only other work is Hamatora and I’ve never seen that but it is pretty off about it. The music is actually one of the better things about the show as it is something more digital, more of a style that I feel like should be more appreciated in music scores, whether it be TV, film or animation.

However, I’m just gonna WAIT TO MARATHON because while the premise sounds good, it doesn’t exactly excites you to watch it that quickly.


And until then, this is MAK2.0 aka The Blue Hybrid, bringing all the Rhymes and Reason into this world.

Anime Discovery – TIME OF THE SEASON Summer 2014 Edition: Akame ga KILL!

You know, upon watching the first episode, I ask myself two things:

  1. I know some Twitter people I follow talk about this anime getting made and how much they enjoyed the manga and also said this show might have a Toonami airing in the future.
  2. Who in the hell would fight in a sweater and cardigan?!? That’d be like fighting somebody wearing what your next door neighbor might wear.

Anyway, here’s Akame ga Kill!

Director: Tomoki Kobayashi

Series Composition: Makoto Uezu

Music: Taku Iwasaki


Original creator:
Tetsuya Tashiro


Character Design: Kazuhisa Nakamura

Animation Production: WHITE FOX

Internet Streaming: Crunchyroll

Licensed by: Sentai Filmworks

Plot Summary: Akame, a girl who was bought, and raised by the Empire as an assassin. After meeting Akame, a boy named Tatsumi vows to stand up to the evil of the corrupt Empire with the secret assassin group Night Raid and special weapons known as Teigu.

First thoughts: Well, there’s blood and gore and girls! There you go! 10/10. GOODBYE!

OK, seriously, the show does have a way of drawing you in although I do see some Shonen-like trappings in there (like seeing a well-endowed woman and saying ‘BOOBS’ a lot. We get it. She’s….well, grew in some areas. That’s not really helping here and also her name is Leone in case to clarify it) and some few things that just seems rather stupid and convoluted….and also the main character Tatsumi is naïve as all hell. But however, when Akame and her group of assassins finally appear in, that’s when the good amount of action delivers and there be a lot of blood and gore and one twist that I didn’t expect, but then again for those that read the manga, you probably knew it was going to happen but I’m watching this solely based on an anime standpoint, not just an anime adaptation front so this is all new to me. Also, the animation is fairly good but not something I expected from WHITE FOX, the studio behind Steins;Gate and the poor man’s Black Lagoon, Jormungand. Music-wise, I like the ending theme more the opening theme as the OP really didn’t appeal to me to any sort of way and it sounds awfully generic.

As for it overall so far, I would still consider to watch this despite some of the problems it has but hopefully it could get more interesting in the long run since it is mostly a 2-cour show from what I heard and it doesn’t always act like a typical shounen series and actually progresses more into its story and characters (especially its characters).

So in other words, this gets a CONTINUE WEEKLY.


I’m watching this every Sunday it comes on. Please don’t blow it.



Anyway, I’m MAK2.0 aka The Blue Hybrid, bringing all the—BOOBS, I mean WOMEN!! – Oh, fuck, I’m gonna lose my female fanbase, won’t I?

Wait, do I even have a female fanbase?